Social Media Context for Pharma


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Social or community context is what people learn on the social web that influences the meaning or impact of expert-created content, like brand marketing or the advice of healthcare professionals. It's part of a new, nuanced way both physicians and patients make Rx choices.

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Social Media Context for Pharma

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIACONTEXTThe conversational fuel to powerstronger brand ROI
  2. 2. Read the full article on community context and itsimpact on Rx decision making in MedAdNews:
  3. 3. ABOUT COMMUNITYCONTEXTThe new input in healthcare decision making
  4. 4. The way we make buying decisions hasfundamentally changed Prefer the opinion of “someone like me”. In 2006, we turned our collective attention to the impact of social media.
  5. 5. The way we make buying decisionshas fundamentally changed The value of peer opinion had risen to surpass that of doctors and academic experts for the first time. 2003 2006
  6. 6. The way we make buying decisionshas fundamentally changed AGAIN Today that peers-first trust number has dropped to 37%,falling behind everything from analysts to news reporting. 2003 2006 2010
  7. 7. But that’s not the whole story We haven’t turned away from peer voices. We’ve simply reached a more balanced approach, synthesizing authoritative information with peer perspectives.MEDICAL & COMMUNITYMARKETING CONTEXT Advice Materials Perspectives of Research I do from experts. from brands. people like me. on my own. RIGHT DECISION FOR ME OR MY PATIENT
  8. 8. What people learn on the social Web that influences the meaning or impact of expert-created content such as brand marketing and healthcare professional advice.Community Context:
  9. 9. Two of the most critical decisions inhealthcare start with a little slip of paperThe moments when a physician decides to write an Rx and when a patient decides to fill one.Content and context support 44% use content and As many as 22% of the docs Rx context to evaluate prescriptions go unfilled – in • ePocrates • WebMD part because of what patients • Sermo • Online HCPs and caregivers learn from • Patient communities • Peer-to-peer social context
  10. 10. The role of social is adding perspective.It’s the element of “what do people like methink?” What they find acts as a filter for all that authoritative content: Accuracy Relevancy Currency Authenticity CuriosityDoes the expert What would Does it reflect the What will it Have I askedinformation someone like latest thinking? really be like? all the rightseem to reflect me choose for questions?the experiences herself or herof real people? child?
  11. 11. Using social context for your brand Does the expert What social context will information that you’ve Does the social context people find when they created complement continue your message look up your brand? and connect with and story or interrupt it? that context? Understanding social context starts with listening
  12. 12. Brands can use community context tomake their creative even more powerful ? Answer the real questions People ask their toughest, most straightforward questions online. Using social context lets your brand answer questions people ask each other. Speak like a native Social context immerses you in the way people really talk. Complete the puzzle for her Social context lets you see across all the possible inputs in a person’s decision making. Your marketing materials can complete that puzzle.
  13. 13. Community context is about connectingbrand marketing to human conversations What What we say you find It’s how print and broadcast become interactive.
  14. 14. INNOVATION LAB 2010