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QR Code Mini Workshop


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This mini workshop shares what a QR Code is, what other types of codes there are, the adoption rate of codes, how marketers are using QR Codes and how pharma could benefit from QR Codes.

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QR Code Mini Workshop

  2. 2. ABOUT IQ MINI WORKSHOPSiQ is the innovation lab of GSWWorldwide. We research emergingtrends in both how technology andexpectations are changing. Insight into new consumer/ What early-mover HCP expectations brands are doingWe use those findings to developperspectives on how our healthcaremarketing clients can gaincompetitive advantage in fast-changing areas likemobile, slate, gaming, and socialmedia. Strategies and Innovation theater:Then we model innovative tools and insights for brand A model of whatexperiences designed just for health planning could becare marketers.Mini workshops like this one includea snapshot of each of thoseelements.
  3. 3. MOST OF THE WAYS WEINTERACT WITH HEALTH CAREARE UNINSPIRINGThe interface of healthcareis broken We’re not engaging people • We give them 7 minutes in the exam room • Confront them with complicated, paper-based adherence tools • Set a lot of requirements, but give few rewards
  4. 4. WHAT’S A QR CODE?Overview, encoding data and readers
  5. 5. QUICK RESPONSE (QR) CODE• A QR Code is a type of two-dimensional (2D) code that consists of black modules that contain encoded data which can be read by a smart phone app.
  6. 6. ENCODING DATA • The black modules of the QR Code contain encoded data such as: – Text Data – URL – vCard – Phone number – Text (SMS)
  7. 7. READING THE ENCODING DATA• QR Code reader apps utilize a smart phone’s Position cameras to recognize the position and alignment marks to scan the encoded data. Alignment
  8. 8. QR CODE READERS• There are a number of QR Code reader apps available for smart phones such as: – Kaywa – i-nigma – Optiscan – QuickMark – QR Droid – ScanLife
  9. 9. OTHER TYPES OF2D CODESShotCode, Aztec Code, DataMatrix and others
  10. 10. OTHER TYPES OF 2D CODES• Although QR Codes tend to be the most popular of the 2D Codes it’s good to be aware of other types. ShotCode Aztec Code High Capacity DataMatrix EZcode Color• Please note that other types of codes may not work with your QR Code reader.
  11. 11. 2D CODE ADOPTIONUsage statistics
  12. 12. 2D CODE USAGE STATISTICS• 28% of smart phone users are already scanning 2D codes.• Percentage of users scanning 2D codes by type of smart phone: – 48% Android – 39% iPhone – 18% BlackberryCompete / Kantnar:
  13. 13. QR CODES INMARKETINGHow marketers are using QR Codes to reach theircustomers
  14. 14. COMMON MARKETING USES OFQR CODES• URL – Provide additional content specific to the scanned item or location such as: • Video describing or demoing an item • Additional content about the item (ie: reviews, rating)• Phone number – Speak to a representative• Text – Receive additional information – Sign up for an offer
  15. 15. PET SHOP BOYS Music Video• British synth pop duo Pet Shop Boys, released their 2007 single “Integral” - an electronic download only format via QR Code. Single artwork
  16. 16. BEST BUY• Retail giant Best Buy added QR Codes to their fact tags to provide customers with detailed product information.
  17. 17. GOOGLE• When Google launched their mobile marketing campaign for Google Places they sent out some 190,000 QR Code decals to local businesses across the United States that customers could scan to receive reviews, comments and coupons.
  18. 18. McDONALDS• McDonalds in Japan are using QR Codes on their products to direct customers to that product’s nutritional information.
  19. 19. AN INNOVATION THEATER IDEA:QR CODE CARDSThe iQ team creates models, prototypes andstoryboards that show how innovative applications oftechnology can solve persistent healthcare challenges.We always start with a common problem:
  20. 20. IT’S DIFICULT FOR SALES REPSTO CONNECT WITH PRESCRIBERS• Last year, the number of docs who would see most reps dropped significantly and the number who refused to see most reps increased by half. That means 8 million planned sales calls were nearly impossible to complete. REP-ACCESSIBLE DOCS REP-INACCESSIBLE DOCS 20% 50%AccessMonitor™, a report from global consulting firm ZS Associates, 5/2010
  21. 21. SO WE ASKED• What if a sales rep’s business card was a portal to his on-demand office?
  22. 22. THE QR CODE CARD• In this experiment a Physician scans the QR Code on a Rep’s business card and is taken to a custom, transactional mobile friendly site.
  23. 23. For more answers to pharma’smarketing challenges