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GSR - Sierra Leone Letter of Invitation


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In July 2013, the government of Sierra Leone entered talks with GSR about setting up a project in their country.

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GSR - Sierra Leone Letter of Invitation

  1. 1. GOVERNMENT OF SIERRA LEONE OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL ADVISERS STATE HOUSE FREETOWN SIERRA LEONE Date as postmarked David Dawes Chief Executive Officer Green Self Reliance, Inc. Dear Mr. Dawes, I write to extend the Government of Serra Leone’s welcome and support for Green Self Reliance, Inc. (GSR). GSR’s rural development model is highly complementary to the Government of Serra Leone’s long standing commitment, placing an emphasis on encouraging local economic growth and agricultural development in rural areas. Your model is socially inclusive, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable. There is a great potential for growth in Serra Leone’s agricultural sector necessitating the need to develop long term strategic partnerships with companies that have the expertise to help engineer and guide sustainable rural growth. In view of the above, Government of Serra Leone is completely supportive of GSR’s development model and ready to offer every cooperation necessary to make the proposed GSR development project in this country a success. We understand that the GSR project is uniquely suited to our developmental requirements for the following reasons: 1. Village Focus 2. On-site master plan development 3. Empowering traditional leadership 4. Connecting cutting edge appropriate technology with local expertise 5. Cooperative marketing 6. Reinvestment of profits I hereby extend to you an invitation to Sierra Leone as a guest of the President so that you can engage with His Excellency and other Senior Government Ministers and Officials with a view to expediting your company’s investment proposals in this country.
  2. 2. Please present this letter to the Sierra Leone Embassy Washington DC so that you can be accorded the necessary cordialities appertaining to this invitation. You will then need to confirm your travel plans immediately thereafter so that all necessary formalities for receiving you and your team can be put in place from this end. We look forward to working with GSR to bring economic prosperity to our country. Please accept our very best assurances Hon. Ibrahim B Kargbo Special Presidential Adviser