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GSR Crowdfund Marketing Presentation


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GSR unlocks the latest in social media innovation -- crowdfunding, which combines the age old practice of networking with the virtual online community. Combined with our vast network, we seek ways to promote other organizations' green products and raise funds for our projects to garner a win-win situation.

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GSR Crowdfund Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. GSR Crowdfunding -“Social Media Marketing on Steroids”
  2. 2. The GSR Team would like to invite you to participate ina strategic partnership in our crowdfunding socialmedia marketing or, as we call it “social mediamarketing on steroids”The Invitation
  3. 3.  Crowdfunding social mediamarketing monetizes socialmedia networks Unlike traditionalmarketing, it is highlyinteractive This is beneficial forcompanies new to socialmedia marketing as well asfor companies with anestablished onlinepresenceWhat is Social Media on Steroids?
  4. 4.  GSR’s crowdfunding social media marketing campaignsreflect a cutting edge synergy of crowdfunding andsocial media marketing it directly monetizes social media influence great promotional tool for products and services improves your company’s public image while increasingsalesIntegrating crowd funding and socialmedia marketing
  5. 5. 1. Virtually Free – no upfront costs2. Easy (don’t worry about content management or developingsophisticated campaigns – let GSR be your partner for this!3. Builds sales – earns you new business prospects throughoffering special deals as rewards to contributors4. Control – control the messaging of your brand and productscommunicated with potential consumersBuilt in benefits
  6. 6.  GSR will be running a series ofcrowdfunding campaigns on anumber of crowdfunding sites, suchas KickStarter or Indiegogo Crowdfunding works on theprincipal of getting large numbersof people to contribute relativelysmall amounts of money to worthycauses The campaigns will support GSR’sgreen economy initiatives. For moreinformation about GSR, visit ourwebsite and blogHow it Works
  7. 7. Your marketing promotion as Reward To show appreciation for the contributors, the campaign offers themrewards. A special deal on your product can be one of the rewards The rewards must be compelling – worth MORE than the contribution If the contributor likes the campaign goal AND likes your product ANDfeels that the deal being offered is compelling … they’ll go for it and you have a new customer!For you, it’s a sale. For ourcontributors, it’s a reward.
  8. 8. Reward Levels There are 10 contribution levels $10, $20, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, $5000, $10,000, and over$10,000. Each contribution level has a different reward. The rewards at each level should be worth at least double the contribution. i.e. If someone contributes $100 to the crowdfunding campaign, they will get a$200 rebate on product X, or $200 off the regular price.Everyone loves getting deals and gettingrewards.
  9. 9.  How many people will visit the campaign page? Our target is 100,000+ people for each campaign. We will accomplish this by good old fashioned networking andengaging with social media and blogging communities Even if visitors to the campaign page don’t choose yourreward, they still see your product – and your companysupporting a green cause.Campaign Marketing Goal
  10. 10.  How many campaigns will there be? Many. We hope to start a one month campaign every two weeks, usingvarious crowdfunding sites. There will always be new people seeingthe various campaigns You have the potential to market your company tomillions of prospective customersHow Long will this Last?
  11. 11. Q: What are GSR’s criteria for judging your product ?A. Here is what GSR is looking for in a strategic partner: You have made some corporate commitment to offering green products tocustomers. You like to be associated with green products in general andGSR’s “green” campaigns in particular. You have a product that has strong market potential. You are offering a “deal” that can not be found anywhere else.FAQs
  12. 12. Q. Is this a “good fit” for my product?A. Good marketing is communication that closes the gap betweenyou and your customers. Our crowdfunding campaigns constitutehighly interactive communication networks that brings youtogether with your customers in the online communityAlso, there is nothing to lose. You are not putting any money intothe campaign upfront. And supporting “green” causes issomething that is generally seen favorably by the general publicFAQs
  13. 13. Q. Do I have to take part in all the campaigns?A. No. We will give you the campaign schedule, and you can opt outbefore the start of a new campaign. Generally we’d like a two weekadvance notice prior to launch of a campaign when an organizationdecides to opt out.FAQs
  14. 14. Q. How do I take part in the campaigns?A. Let’s talk!Contact David via email: david@greenselfreliance.comor by phone: (240) 460 – 0949FAQs
  15. 15. GSR is looking forward to helping youmake that jump