Vauban and stairs


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Flood contournment and strategy. It is similar to fighting foes. This idea is not to go against the flood tide. Instead circling it with apppropriate means, like for instance inflating buoys or using water pumps to weaken flood flow energies.

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Vauban and stairs

  1. 1. VAUBAN L'INTELLIGENCE DU TERRITOIRE Martin Barros, Nicole Salat et Thierry Sarmant Nicholas Chaudun (Service Historique de La defense) My viewpoint: I am considering here flood as an intermediate energy that can contourne and avoid obstacles like a wall. Because of the fluid plasticity, there is a need for having a real strategy that matches this contournment by creating conditions that are analogous to the threat with flood defence technologies that are shaping the flood prone regions with the same contournement and deviation infrastructures, in real time (or anticipated) to match the water adversities. The metaphore is like an infantry troop on the battle ground encircling opponent/foe with the goal to reduce its size, constrain it to surrender or cut its part from it supply source. In this kind of flood fighting, the Vauban architecture may put some milestone in the planning of these infrastrustrure: adaptation strategies/mitigations that are trenches and walls. The other part of the adaptations is by using modern material like inflatable buoys that can really contourn the flood and also building canala and using pumps to drain excessive water on land. 2 applications of these principles could be found? In Vietnam and holland with drying estuaries for farming or separating slted water from inland water and also control drainage
  2. 2. Sambre inundation Wall Plan de Charleroy avec les attaques 1-batterie de 6 mortiers ... p.132 L'invention du grand homme Baffe Ville Village Darmay Attaque Darmay Les travaux d'attaque de Charleroi se concentrèrent sur le front est de la place, la plus vulnérable . Attaque de la Garenne Installation de olace d'arme dont les batteries protegaient les troupes sous les feux de la place
  3. 3. La ceinture de fer (Iron belt) Water flow Piloti architecture Land
  4. 4. PLAN D'ATTAQUES DU SIEGE DE LA VILLE D'ATH (Page 55) Profile of the trench Profile of the 1rst and 2 nd armed sites Can be a stair, here
  5. 5. The body as a tool 1 coudée 5 4 3 Egyptian triangle: 12 coudées Pythagore 25 = 16 +9 12 coudées 1 coudée La corde « à 12 noeuds » Page 41
  6. 6. Stair rules : 60 cm < 2H +G< 64 cm Verification: flat stairs e.g. no step is a foot 0 + 62 = 62 Or Public garden: H=10 G=24 2x20 + 24 = 64 Or Stair under the roof (sharp stairs): H= 20 G= 24 2H + G = 64 Or The ladder against the wall: Space between the ladder rim: 2x30 + 0 = 60 Or Stairs in the house: H = 17 G= 29 -> 34 + 29 = 63 Page 48
  7. 7. Intervals to climb with a stairs: how many steps? Elevation is 2.72 m -> 16 steps of 17 cm will be fine! Length of the stairs depends on the room left for it
  8. 8. 2.72 m 1.60 3.90 4.50 (2 x 22.6 + 14.8 =60) = 64 =60