Uncc 2013 2 nd scientific conferencebonn dldd-


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Uncc 2013 2 nd scientific conferencebonn dldd-

  2. 2. Soil is not sustainable(resource trap)Farmer outof workNoagricultureMore resourceneedsLanddegradationFig. 1: Impacts of land degradation on the farming cycleUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)BIRD CEOThe landdegradationfarming trap
  3. 3. Adam Smith theory of the Market(General principle)Goods quantity(ilimited)Small Price (p)Supply sideDemand sideFewpeoplewilling tobuyGreat numberwilling to buyGoods quantityScarcityBig Price (P)Normal equation of land pricingIf the land is scarce due to degradation: P > p(few people can buy land -except the rich )P > ppLand degradationequation change:the supply is fixing the price, so famerscan use the land.Framework forland developmentUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)Source: adapted from Joachim Von Bownlecture, Research Director (ZEF)BIRD CEO
  4. 4. Having a lot of land(arable land)No arable landTimeline(years)S : Arable landsurface size (ha)S (t2)(Limitedarablesurface)Plateau:(upper limit of resourceavailabilty, affordability)Potentialto grow -and effectivesoil occupationMaximumarable landS(t1)T initial =t1T final =t2BIRD CEOUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)Economic of land degradation20 years T=t2 + 20 years
  5. 5. Fig 2.: Symetric relationships between investment inwater resource engineering and land resourceengineringDam engineering invesment(Water resource)Land degradation investment(Commodity resource)SustainabledevelopmentLong-termism viewShortermismview ofinvestmentShortermismview ofinvestmentBuilding withthe physicalproperty ofmaterialsBuilding witha wellbeingfunctionDam ProfitorientedLand ProfitorientedUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)UNCCD 2ndScientific ConferenceLNEC -6 th International DamEngineering conferenceEconomicdevelopmentEconomicdevelopmentBIRD CEO
  6. 6. Brief of the therory: organizations are geometric figuresPathologic organizationsA BOrgnaization 1COrgnaization 2ADMINISTRATIVE FIRMBoss ProductionGoal, GoodsWorkersinteractionVectorial analysisNothing is impossibleNo resistance,Life is pinkBlocked business,Staff are slavesNo freedomNot an healthy situation,it will last 20 -30 yearsor less - Before powerchanges in the organizationUnstable organizationsStable organizationsHealthy orgnaization that live longer allows freedomOrganisation 2AdditionofFreedomA BVirtualWorldMediaCAuditorsVulnerabilitiesjudgesVirtualityBIRD CEOUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)Fig. 4: Organization change of the real world under theincreasing weight of virtual world in the business orgnaizationRealWorldSource: Ténnière BuchotA,B,C of Powers, Organization
  7. 7. Fig. 5 & Fig. 6:A case of a pathologic organization, with no justice system. Theorganisation has some stigmates-there are some challenges- thepower structure will adapt to a unstable organization to a more stableone.When the media takes the power. It is weighting more in the virual world overthe Governent (the real world)- it makes the organization rotates around themedia, thus creating a new corner oppose to the president. The justicesystem is created and weighting more while the media takes it normalproportion. In the meantime a healthy system is created with thetransformation of the power 1 (triangle of forces) into a power 2 (squarefigure of forces), which is more stable and healthyNew equilibrium of powers (the square, which stopped the pathologicorganization. But, one can see that the situation has complexify- there is aweaknessing of the oragnization, with a lowering of relationships and a riskof ministerial changes with the growing concern of the Justice cornerBIRD CEOUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)
  8. 8. Media weightMore than A and BA : PresidentB..B: MinistresAction 1:The organization rotatesAround the heaviestCorner of the triangleAction 2: the rotation stops with thecreation a new weight (justicestakeholder to stabilize the rotationTo counter balance the mediaaction.(It keeps the system healthy as thejustice will investigate instead of themedia -which act as a virtual worldAction 3 (hypothetical)The risk of new weight if the jugesare forc to act and invetigationsinvolve more ministers supected andconvicted- a new governmentalfailure is potentialFig.5: The virtual world transformation under the media actions - Choice of organization(geometric figure) and differential to choose (presence or absence of the justicesatkeholders), which can not last a longtime before rotating.Triangle organization administrative: unstableUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)BIRD CEO
  9. 9. BudgetMinistresPresidentReal worldDismissedMinisteractionWith the lies The dismissed ministre is most powerful thanthe President, which becomes independent like thejoruranalis (action 1)When the Goverment ministers of France will decide togovern (take the power) the president will judges (askministers to disclose their wealth and dissmissed one ofthem -so the justice system can start (but as it is still ajustice stop and search -investigation- the justice cornerIs weight is relative- but could increase in the future, sothere is a risk of new cahanges- anyway thisoragnization is healtheir than beforeThe real world transformationBIRD CEO UNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)
  10. 10. PresidentRe-joigning thejudgesDismissedministerPresidentending thegovernementalJob ( X is fired)OtherministersAction 3:PresidentAs a judgeTerrorising the MinistersByAsking themTo discloseTheir wealthFrench people,Workers initally inthe real world cornerFrench peopleare in the virtualworld when usinginternet to watchhow much wealthMinisters ownedOut of theGovernmentalgamePrime ministerReturnin to powerWith the pact forentrepreneurs and thenational policiesAction 1(distabilization)Action 2(Diplomacy)RealCountryVirtualcountryPresident, judgesControllers,VulnerablesChurches…..Action 4The transformation of the triangles into the stable orgnaization: the squareFig. 6: a healthier organizationthe square shape hasintroduced less freedom in theadministration, with lessconstraints on the labor sideUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)BIRD CEO
  11. 11. Budget, resource, EUcitizens, SomeministersParliament members,Some ministersJudges,...PresidentReal worldDismissedMinisteractionFig. 8: Power in orgnaization is moving from the to the leftalong the square figure.The real world transformationBIRD CEOUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)PeacemakingprocessWith an anticlockwisemovementBlocked organizations (slavery...)
  12. 12. Media weightMore than A and BA : PresidentB..B: MinistresFig.7: increase intake of power in organization- the square figure is rotating from left to rightTriangle organization administrative: unstableUNCCD – 2ndScientific Conference, 09-12th2013 (Bonn, Germany)BIRD CEOProcessusOf conflictescalationClockwise movement
  13. 13. The End – Thank you!● Business● Innovation● Research● DevelopmentBIRD-In engineering, Waterenergy, EnvironmentalManagement”Owner:● Georges RADJOU● BIRD CEO, MBA, DUPEBHComments, suggestions arewelcome at:● gsradjou@outlook.com● Also, Linkedin, Twitter andFacbook● Address: Paris● Frequent travels worldwide(The microsoft powepoint slides were a creative strategy viewpoint of UNCCD outcomes)