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Dr. Farish Introduction


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Dr. Farish Introduction

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Dr. Farish Introduction

  1. 1. Implant Case Planning Format Sam E. Farish, DMD J. David Allen Family Professor OMS Emory University School of Medicine
  2. 2. Implant Case Planning Template • 1-Chief Complaint / HPI • 2-Past Medical History (Implant Treatment Specific Only)
  3. 3. Implant Case Planning Template • 3-Oral Examination (c Clinical Photographs & Mounted Models) • -Maximal Incisal Opening • -Jaw Relationship -Class I -Class II -Class III -Cross bites?
  4. 4. Implant Case Planning Template • 3-Oral Examination (cont.) • -Alveolus dimensions/characteristics -B/L width (undercuts?) -Vertical Height (Inferior/ Superior Height) -Anatomic considerations -IAN / Mental nerve -Maxillary Sinus -Nasal Floor -Incisive Canal Position -Bone Type? (Radiographic and Tactile) -Tori/Exostoses?
  5. 5. Implant Case Planning Template • 3-Oral Examination (cont.) • -Periodontal / Restorative Situation of Remaining • -Dentition -Occlusion (c Mounted Study Model) -Opposing? -Residual not affected by implant occlusion -Interarch Restorative Space Adequacy? (c Mounted Study Models) -Alterable?
  6. 6. Implant Case Planning Template • 4-Imaging -Panoramic -Periapicals and occlusals -Cone Beam • 5-Virtual Planning Considered?
  7. 7. Implant Case Planning Template • 6-Fixed vs. Removable Restoration -Edentulous/Partially Edentulous Removable • -Bar clip vs. Locator, etc. -Edentulous/Partially Fixed -Screw Retained -Cemented
  8. 8. Available on GAOMS Website • Download if you would like as a reference-SEF