mAgri Webinar: Exploring the Nokia Life Agriculture Service


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These slides were presented by Nokia Life representatives during a joint webinar with the GSMA mAgri team on 15th January 2013. The webinar covered key facts about Nokia Life and specifically, the Nokia Life Agriculture Service.

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mAgri Webinar: Exploring the Nokia Life Agriculture Service

  1. 1. Mobile based Agriculture Services for the Millions….. Nokia Life Jawahar Kanjilal, Vice President & Global Head of Nokia Life Bhanu Potta, Global Product Leader - Learning & Knowledge Services for Nokia Life GSMA mAgri Webinar - 15th Jan 2013.#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  2. 2. Livelihood and Life Improvement Services PortfolioHigh appeal and daily relevance in the lives of the Next Billion users Nokia Life #NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  3. 3. Nokia Life: #1 Life Improvement Service Globally Nokia Life#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  4. 4. Consumer Insights on Agriculture Information Needs • Timely & Actionable Information from Trusted Sources • Best Practices, New Methods & Developments • Locally Relevant & in Local Language • Storable & Referenceable • Access to Experts#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  5. 5. Nokia Life Agriculture Services Portfolio Empowering Farmer with access to Actionable Hyper-local Information Crop & Crops & Commodity Tips Commodities • Yield enhancement • Choice of THREE items Grow from a large list of crops Sow Sowing Fertilizer • Pest prevention & techniques Control and/or commodities Information Personalization prices Seed prices Crop protection • Best Practices & practices Advise Techniques Location • Agri News Pesticides & • Choice of Location at a prices Trends granularity feasible forPre-Sowing Weather Govt. Market Prices hyper-localization Schemes Market prices • Daily prices from Harvesting practices three nearby markets Language Sell • Choice of Local Languages Harvest Weather to receive information in • Agro-Met Information with Advisory #NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  6. 6. User JourneyRich User Experiences & Social to Farmers across a wide range of phones #NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  7. 7. National Scale - Deep - Hyper-Local Country Crops Markets Languages /Commodities INDIA 275 7000 12 CHINA 100 2000 Chinese INDONESIA 150 201 Bahasa NIGERIA 35 111 3 TOTAL 460 9312 17#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  8. 8. Co-creating with the Ecosystem of Partners 18 Operators across 4 Countries#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  9. 9. Empowering a wide range of Consumers I earlier had to leave my day work and travel so far to check rates and sell crop I am learning better for my family who was farming methods to growing it in the village. improve yield of the land Now with this I get rates of to enable me to become three nearby areas and I prosperous when I start now sold my crop at a my own farm. profit of Rs. 70/- per quintal” ….Farmer Farmer Worker As a small town People now come to me to ask for insurance agent most of my customers are information on where to sell etc .. I Farmers. I subscribe to want to continue using this service…I agriculture information like it that people come to me and I as I see it as a means of don’t want them to stop asking me for helping my clients, and potentially I may advice” become middleman. “I share the information with everyone around so feel proud & good Grain Trader Insurance Agent#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  10. 10. Co-creating Value for Ecosystem Players is Key Knowledge/ Editorial Desks Nokia Network Expertise End-Users Operators Owners Ecosystem Anchor Identify Opportunity Co-Create Value Co-Develop Offerings Co-direct Ecosystem’s Focus and Future#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  11. 11. NABARD in IndiaAgriculture Bank Engages & Empowers Consumers via Nokia Life Nokia Life Service in collaboration with NABARD (Govt. Agriculture Bank) to empower the Bank’s Loan Customers with up-to-date information and increase quality of Loans for the Bank. Daily Market Prices, Yield Improvement • Better Crop Yield • Higher Profits Margins methods and Weather information to • Better loan repayments hundreds of Lead Farmers. May 2011 to April 2013 #NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  12. 12. Nokia Life Vision: Inform. Involve. Empower. Putting relevant, timely & personalized information in the hands of consumers Inform.Involve. Knowledge Partnerships with local Government, NGO’s, Universities, Developmental Agencies, public & private sector enterprises Bridging the digital divide, Empowering communities towards economic and societal progress Empower.#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia
  13. 13. Nokia Life: Scalable Platform to Reach & Engage the “Next Billion” Nokia Life#NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta Nokia Internal Use Only © 2012 Nokia 2013
  14. 14. Thank #NokiaLife @JawaharK @BhanuPotta © 2013 Nokia