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Human Performance improvement for the Turkish Energy Sector

  1. Human Performance Improvement for the Turkish Energy Sector
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  3. Who’s going to fill those boots?
  4. 4 Reality Check! • How concerned are you about the availability of key skills? • What do you expect to happen to headcount in your company over the next 12 months? • Based on survey conducted: 57% of Turkish employers are concerns about the availability of key skills. • The global average is about 35%. SO, WHAT WILL YOU DO?
  5. 5 Talent Management Boards Give Their Companies an "F” What is top of mind for corporate boards? Corporate directors identified talent management as their single greatest strategic challenge. Source: by Boris Groysberg and Deborah Bell | 12:00 PM May 28, 2013
  6. How can you make him an expert?
  7. Solving Your Operations & Engineering Talent Challenge with Performance Improvement Solutions
  8. 8 Energy Demand vs. Your Talent Requirements Who can fill the shoes? How? With what? Sources: ExxonMobil, The Outlook For Energy: A View to 2040, 2013 Center for Energy Workforce Development (CEWD), 2009 Global energy demand up 35% by 2040 Technology: No barrier Investment: No barrier Trained resources: Big barrier Growing demand for skilled operators and process engineers Highly competitive environment 30% turnover “Boomers” retiring Imperatives Improve employee sourcing Speed up onboarding Increase up-skilling effectiveness GLOBAL ENERGY DEMAND QUALIFIED ENERGY OPS & ENGINEER TALENT
  9. 9 Talent Management Not Addressed in Traditional DCS Vendor Approach Focus on engineering lifecycle Enter lifecycle early Gain mindshare/acco unt control Image courtesy of Statoil
  10. 10  Create a digital learning environment SIMULATION & TRAINING TECHNOLOGIES What You Can Do E2E Life Cycle Simulation & Training Technologies  Improve design accuracy  Reduce “Time to Autonomy”  Reduce attrition  Reduce time to assess design cases  Determine control variables with greater effectiveness  Reduce turn- around times  Develop control strategies in virtual plant setting  Increase production performance  Operate process safely with greater confidence  Improve process understanding  Improve operator effectiveness  Increase knowledge transfer  Improve ability to handle process upsets  Enjoy faster production start-ups  Improved testing of modifications to controls/ process  Reduce operational risks  Reduce environmental incidents  Experience less equipment damage  Increase plant availability
  11. 11 Plus… Pre-Employment Assessments Smart Operator Assistants Bridge the Talent Management Gap Experience, Process, Technology Process Fundamentals Self Paced Tutorial Applied Learning through Generic Simulation Instructor Led Real World Knowledge Transfer Mentoring Unit Specific Experiential Learning Custom Operator Training Simulators Process Control Self Paced Tutorial
  12. 12 Representative GSE Energy Industry Customers
  13. Demonstrations
  14. 14 6 Important Questions On the journey to develop employees into autonomous decision-makers (i.e., make them Experts) how much is 1 less day of training worth to you? What does it cost to bring in an “outsider” SME versus advancing someone from your own “bench?” How much is a 1% improvement in operator effectiveness worth to you? How much would you save if you could eliminate 1 day of commissioning and startup? How much would you save if you could eliminate just 1 unplanned shutdown per year? How much is 1 less reportable incident worth to you?
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