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Gaston sacaze

  1. 1. Gaston Sacaze in Numbers• Established in 1998• An international and multilingual company underFrench management• 86 employees• 1 B to B marketing and sales Office in Europe,(North of France) who only serve our local agents• 1 B to B marketing and sales Office in Brasil (Rio deJaneiro – Leblon) who only serve our local agents• Annual sales : 10,5 millions USD (2012)
  2. 2. An Andean DMC ECUADOR PERU BOLIVIA CHILE ARGENTINA• 5 countries: Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile• Offices in 8 cities: Quito, Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Puno, La Paz, Buenos Aires, and Santiago• Own private boat on Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca (40 passengers)
  3. 3. Our ClientsWe are 4 fluent languages : English, Spanish, Portuguese and FrenchOur 4 main markets : France, Canada, Switzerland, BelgiumAn emergent market : Brazil ( since june 2012 )Some of our VIP Partners…• Voyageurs du Monde, Ikhar, Makila , Or Normes, Privilèges, Dessine-moi un voyage,Antares…… And final clients :•Carrefour CEO, Philips France CEO, Princes and Princesses of Belgium…
  4. 4. Our Services• Fit´s tailor made and VIP focused on: our Company iscompletely FIT oriented• Mandatory information needed about your client: clientprofile… please!• We are experienced in special interest tours (orchids,baroque period architecture, music, painting, spa and hotsprings…)• 5 Andean countries and 1 single contact and manner ofwork: US!
  5. 5. Our PhilosophyWe work with an open mind and are always flexible and adaptable• Provide each and every client with an high level service, ensuring an exceptionaltravel experience• Build sustainable relationships with our clients and service providers
  6. 6. Lima Boutique Hotel Our Diamond… 10 Suites in…… A unique locationone block from Lima main square, between thePresidential Palace and San Francisco Church andConvent
  7. 7. Lima Boutique Hotel Our Diamond… A unique Mansion
  8. 8. OPENINGMARCH2013
  9. 9. Lima Boutique Hotel Our Diamond… with a unique design inspired from Peruvian cultures
  10. 10. Lima Boutique Hotel Our Diamond… in a unique atmosphere
  11. 11. Lima Boutique Hotel Our Diamond… and a unique service
  12. 12. Our MICEWe are able to suggest travel ideas, propose original and fun activities from desert tours,flights, train, boat, privately chartered, private dinners in a various places (museum,convent…), road trips, cultural experiences and many others… The only limit will be inyour hands
  13. 13. Our MICE… enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere aboard luxury trains through fabulous scenery, taste a glass of good wine inthe middle of nowhere, down the most impetuous rivers in the heart of the Andes mountains, cook withIndians tribes in the Amazon forest, cross the highest desert in the world…
  14. 14. We organised for the French medias group ASO, owner of “Rally Dakar “ all the specialservices and events focused on the race for their VIP and sponsors Dakar 2012
  15. 15. W e said . . .
  16. 16. . . . unique
  17. 17. PERU Head Office-Lima Calle Ricardo Angulo 1258/1260 Urb. Corpac San Isidro BOLIVIA ECUADOR Avenida Arce No 2355Gregorio Munga N39-249 y Lima 27 ---------- Edificio Cobija Piso 5to Gaspar de Villaroel Arequipa departamento 501 Edificio Dinastia Of. 2"d" Barrio de Sopocachi Quito Calle Palacio Viejo N° 216 – Of. La Paz 306 Edificio Sudamérica Arequipa ----------- Cuzco Calle Garcilazo N-265 Ofi.7 CHILE Cuzco ARGENTINAGuardia Vieja 181, Of. 602 ----------- Paraná 641 - Piso 3° - Oficina 7510186 Providencia, Puno “A” (C1017AAM) Santiago Jr.Deustua 576 Segundo patio Buenos Aires Casa del Corregidor Puno FRANCE 15 rue des Vieux Murs 59800 Lille – France BRAZIL Rua Joao Lira n° 158/301-Leblon Rio de Janeiro