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  1. 1. Donate or Recycle Electronics eCycle! 2 Recycled/Recyclable—Printed with Vegetable Oil Based Inks on 100% Postconsumer, Process Chlorine Free Recycled Paper. EPA’s Plug-In To eCycling What Can Be eCycled: Partners help give consumers more opportunities to eCycle. • Personal Computers • Hard drives • Monitors • Keyboards • Printers • Televisions • DVD Players • VCRs • Cell Phones • Pagers • Digital Equipment • Scanners • Cell Phone Accessories • MP3 players • And much more… Please check with your local recycling department to see what you can recycle in your area. e ct y o u r e n Prot vironment. hers access t e c h p ot n o l o g y. Environmental Protection Agency Hel Penalty for Private Use $300 Washington, DC 20460 EPA530-F-07-001 Official Business January 2007 United States EPA does not endorse any commercial services or products of its Plug-In partners. (5305W)
  2. 2. Clean out your clutter, help others Check with manufacturers and access technology, and protect retailers for ways to eCycle at your environment. Donate or recycle your used electronics today: Plug In To eCycling partners offer eCycle them! the following options: • Online Take-back/Trade- Protect Your Surroundings Help Others Americans routinely replace their electronics in Programs. Visit Dell, HP, every few years. What do you do when you Apple, Sony, Toshiba, and Safely recycling outdated electronics Donating your used electronics are ready to upgrade your computer, TV NEC Display’s websites to promotes sound management of benefits your community by passing or cell phone? You probably paid a lot for eCycle your computer equipment. hazardous components such as lead on ready-to-use or refurbished it when you bought it and don’t feel right • In-store Take-back/Trade- and mercury. equipment to those who need it. about throwing it away. Most people put in Programs. Visit Best Buy, used products into storage or into the trash Staples, Cingular and Office because they don’t know what else to do. Depot to eCycle your cell phone. eCycle: Staples and Best Buy also hold periodic in-store collection days for larger Make a If Americans donated or recycled all their used electronics, we would prevent 2 million consumer electronics. Difference! tons from ending up in the trash each year. • Community Recycling That amount would fill enough 18-wheelers to Events. Check your stretch from Chicago to Los Angeles. local listings for local Conserve Natural Resources Create Jobs recycling events supported What You Can Do by Intel, NEC eCycling recovers valuable materials eCycling creates jobs for Display, Panasonic, from old electronics which can be used professional recyclers and Donate for Reuse Sharp, Sony, JVC, to make new products. As a result, refurbishers and creates new Contact local charities or refurbishers to find Toshiba, Lexmark, we reduce pollution and save natural markets for the valuable out where to bring your used electronics and Philips, Dell, and resources by extracting less raw components that are dismantled. what age and type of equipment they accept. HP. materials from the earth. eBay’s Rethink Can’t Donate? Recycle! partnership provides Contact your local recycling center to find eCycling options out about community programs or collection and information at events. <>. For more information on how and where to eCycle, visit: