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  1. 1. Project Name: KASPERSKY SECURITY CENTER IMPLEMENTATION 1. Project Overview This project is mainly focused on enforcing tight security/control on end point devices(such as desktops, mobile devices such as smart phones) and centralized threat protection management. Kaspersky Security Center is a major advance in protection management. It’s a central management solution that enables installation and administration of corporate anti-malware, plus monitoring and reporting on network and application infrastructure. By providing comprehensive manageability, Kaspersky Security Center enables you to pre-empt risks to your IT environment and also helps to reduce the total cost of protection using Kaspersky Lab product. Kaspersky Security Center v10 will be installed on existing server to manage 2 separate internal network A & B to individually manage & enforce separate policy & tasks (See more detail information on Private & Public Desktop Sectin), Then Endpoint security v10 software package will be remotely distributed over the existing network. Weekly or Monthly Report will be generated automatically to keep up the health status of internal network. 2. Work Breakdown Details Prepare & Plan & Design Stage Date Gather network information 7/30/14 Review & Plan deployment schedule & plan 8/7/14 Documentation 8/18/14 Implementation Phase 1 Preparationtion Migrate or Fresh Install(If required) Kaspersky Security Center 10 on Current KAV Windows Server (Version 10.1.249) Download All the necessary updates (Packages, Signature files), Enumerate existing private network to check if same local administrator account has been setup, Check Host name, IP address, Default gateway. Uninstall previous antivirus program from Private computers (AhnLab V3 Internet security Center, MS Security Essential) Install New License Key under Repositories Configure Updates for Private & Internet Network Desktop Statement of Work Page 6 Create Endpoint security package(Kaspersky Security Center Network Agent(10.1.249), And Endpoint Security 10 for Windows Create tasks to remotely deploy Network Agent & Endpoint Security Create Specific policies for Private & Internet Desktop Phase 2 Implementation Remotely deploy Network Agent & Endpoint Security package to Internet Desktop Create Weekly Report
  2. 2. 3. Kaspersky Security Center screenshot protection