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An overview of bangkok, thailand property market 2016


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Find the detailed analysis of Bangkok, Thailand Real estate market. As an investor, get a feel of supply and demand parameters. What is the rental yield in Bangkok property market? Our international team of property advisors is available to assist you in investing in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand Real estate market. Find it all and much more...

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An overview of bangkok, thailand property market 2016

  1. 1. An Overview of Bangkok,Thailand Property Market 2016 Prepared by NirrtiGo – An International Real Estate Consultancy Email us at
  2. 2. Thailand – Supply and Demand  In comparison with the other countries in the region,Thailand still offers affordable investment opportunities.  Average 1 bedroom unit in Bangkok start at $86000 USD Email us at
  3. 3. Average Re-sale prices of Bangkok Downtown Completed Freehold Housing units Email us at
  4. 4. Lets look at 2015  In 2015 Real estate sector in Bangkok Continued to expand.  In the first quarter of 2015, real estate sector rose by 3 %, accelerated from 2.5 %in the previous quarter.  On demand side, housing right transfer in Bangkok and local areas and personal housing credit expanded by 6% and 12%, respectively.  The property sector remained fairly happy due to high liquidity in the market and pent-up demand filtering in to the system, with a large number of project completions. Email us at
  5. 5. 2015 continues  Activity has been particularly strong at the high end of the market, with record prices achieved for both condominiums and land.  But the low- and middle-income property markets have started to show signs of stress due primarily to high levels of household debt and low commodity prices. Email us at
  6. 6. Outlook 2016 - Commercial estate a leading market  Thailand's commercial real estate sector has continued growth in Thailand's tourism sector combined with economic recovery of its domestic market.The relatively competitive property prices and sufficient yields make Thailand an attractive market for investors.  Next to that,Thailand is the leading market in hotel residences, accounting for 37% of total projects, followed by Indonesia with 22%,Vietnam at 18%, Malaysia and Philippines both with 9%, 3% for Singapore.The top three locations in the country for hotel residences are Phuket, Bangkok and Pattaya. Email us at
  7. 7. 2016 - Residential uptake in the Metropolitan area  Bangkok is the economic center of the country's investment and development, and has the most population in Thailand. Demand for homes close to the mass-transit system will still grow strong. More consumers will express interest in developments towards the city's fringes, they still priorities locations close to BTS stations for the commuting convenience and relatively predictable commute times.  When the government starts to invest in infrastructure projects, that will open up new land for property firms to develop residential projects.This will challenge property firms to invest in the new locations following the new mass-transit route from Bangkok to the suburbs. Email us at
  8. 8. Existing Housing supply in Downtown Bangkok 2016 Email us at
  9. 9. Newly Completed Bangkok Condominiums Email us at
  10. 10. 2016  Investment in infrastructure such as railway double-tracking, motorways,and 10 new mass-transit routes will make Thailand a regional transport hub after the Asean Economic Community goes into effect at the end of this month.This will boost demand to buy homes in Thailand,both in Bangkok and in the provinces,as foreign companies invest in Thailand as a gateway to other Asean countries. The ratio of Income and property prices remains a big issue for the majority of the locals.The fact is that most condominium units are priced beyond their budgets,which in turn is an indicator that the majority of condominium owners along the BTS lines do not rely on the Skytrain system for commuting,and that there remains plenty of unfulfilled demand in this market….which is slowly being taken up by foreign buyers with larger budgets. Email us at
  11. 11. Supply, Demand and Occupancy Rates in Bangkok Thailand Email us at
  12. 12. 2016  The expatriate rental budget has not increased for many years,while condominium prices have risen on average by 8-10 % per annum for mid-range grades,and by 15-20 % for luxury grades.  Tenants are willing to spend their budget on smaller units with a higher per square meter rent if it is well located,well decorated and newer.  New buildings with smaller units therefore have a higher chance of being rented out than older buildings.The building facilities are also an important consideration.Going forward,a building that offers a range of modern facilities, such as attractive common areas, a well-equipped gym and large swimming pools will be the preferred choice. Email us at
  13. 13. 2016  In 2015, the average gross rental yield (before expenses and taxes) for Bangkok downtown condominiums was approximately 4.8 %, a drop from 5.4 % in the previous year.  While Sukhumvit is the most popular area because of easy access to the BTS Skytrain and proximity to schools, hospitals, retail and leisure amenities, the area also has more supply than central Lumpini and Sathorn/Silom. Email us at
  14. 14. Rental Yield in Bangkok, Thailand Email us at
  15. 15. Contact us  To invest in a property in Bangkok or other parts of Thailand,  Email at and our international property advisor will get in touch with you. Email us at