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@GRIAusConf_Report Quality and Assurance - Renzo Mori Junior

  1. 1. Report Quality andAssuranceChair: John Purcell, Policy Advisor Corporate Regulation, CPA Australia; Member, GRI’sAustralian Advisory Group.Richard Boele, Managing Director, BanarraRenzo Mori Junior, Researcher, University of Southern QueenslandAdrian King, National Leader, Climate Change & Sustainability Services, KPMGNancie-Lee Robinson, General Manager – Governance, Integration & Reporting, Telstra
  2. 2. GRI Guidelines for assurance ofsustainability reports: Fortune Global 500 list 2010 analyses Renzo Mori Junior PhD St d t University of S th Student, U i it f Southern Q Queensland l d March 2012
  3. 3. Outline Aims of the Presentation Literature review Methodology Situation of the Global Fortune 500 (2010) Recommendation
  4. 4. Aims of the Presentation Discuss current situation of the assurance process; p Present percentage of organisations issuing a sustainability report, following the GRI framework and report including an external assurance; Assess whether organisations which follow GRI’s guidelines tend to adopt an assurance process; Provide suggestions to enhance transparency and to contribute toward improvement of the current p assurance practices for GRI sustainability reports.
  5. 5. Literature Review Voluntary and not regulated in a majority of countries; Different assurance providers providing different types of assurance services with different types of assurance statements; t t t Some stakeholders are not able to identify those y differences and question the benefits of the assurance process in the way it has been provided.
  6. 6. Methodology gy Analyses of the organisations listed on the Global y g Fortune 2010 official website; Sustainability reports which:  Contain social and environmental performance;  Information in English;  Issued by corporative, holding or global organisations’ representatives. i ti ’ t ti 16 organisations were excluded from the analyses, resulting in a sample of 484.
  7. 7. Sustainability Reports y p All the sample p p provided some type of information yp regarding environmental and/or social performance; 85% (413) 15% (71) Without formal report With formal report
  8. 8. Sustainability Reports y p 85% with formal Sustainability Report y p 42% 85% (173) (413) 58% (240) GRI Framework Without GRI Framework
  9. 9. GRI Frameworkhout GRI Framework 42% 9% (173) (15) 91% (158) With Assurance Without Assurance Framework 58% 43% (240) 57% (103) (137)
  10. 10. ypeyp of Assurance Providers 80 60% 7 50% 6 40% 37 30% 2 20% 13 7 10% 0% Accountants Consultants M i xe d SpecialistWith GRI 58% 27% 5% 9%Without GRI 40% 13% 0% 47%
  11. 11. General Conclusions GRI recommends the use of external assurance; Organisations which follow the GRI framework tend to have their sustainability report assured; GRI plays an important role in the assurance process; GRI could suggest th use of a content index to ld t the f t ti d t provide users with a quick overview of what has been analysed during the assurance process process.
  12. 12. Recommendation Example of how the content index could be used
  13. 13. Authors ContactsRenzo Mori Junior (PhD Student)renzo.morijunior@usq.edu.auProf. Peter Best (Supervisor)Peter.Best@usq.edu.auP t B t@ dProf.Prof Julie Cotter (Supervisor)Julie.Cotter@usq.edu.au