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Logistic considerations


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Emergency Surgery Workshop Davos 2011: Presentation by Olivier Hagon, MD, Anaesthesiologist and Emergency Doctor HUG, Medical Director Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit and Swiss Rescue, SDC Bern, Switzerland

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Logistic considerations

  1. 1. Eidgenössisches Departement für auswärtige Angelegenheiten EDA Direktion für Entwicklung und Zusammenarbeit DEZASpecialized Group medecine Logistic considerations Emergency surgery workshop Global Risk Forum 10 Dec 2011 O.Hagon MD Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
  2. 2. Warehouse Haiti Jan 2010
  3. 3. Logistics manager Haiti Jan 2010
  4. 4. Blind assessment
  5. 5. Mission cycle Preparedness Mobilization Post-mission Mission DemobilizationSource: INSARAG guidelines: International Search And Rescue Advisory Group
  6. 6. Preparedness (1/2)Specifications of material and equipment (medical, food,shelter, IT...)Tender processAwarding of suppliersPurchasingTailoring / assembling of kits as per requirements (Tags)Storage (accessibility, heat, humidity..)
  7. 7. Preparedness (2/2)Maintenance: Expiration dates, sterilization, softwareupdates, batteries, test of technical equipment,…Packaging: fit for rough handling, air transport, smallpackages up to 100 kg (manual handling)Manifest of equipment, drugs (Narcotics,…)Dangerous goods: IATA regulations, documentsOfficial authorization of export(documents, contact…)Human Resources: Passenger list,…
  8. 8. MobilizationTransport to meeting point (Airport): Personnel andequipmentUploading in the plane, Offloading on the recipient countryExport clearance: Customs (already prepare re-import),dangerous goodsTransport from local airport to disaster area: available byhost country (fuel, truck…)Specific issues: Fuel-supply to be organized locally,oxygen available for technical equipmentHuman Resources
  9. 9. Mission (1/2)Set up of the logistic base: Housing, kitchen, first aid, ITtelecommunication, management meeting room,“warehouse” for equipment, workshop for repairs, hygieneinstallation (toilet / washing facilities,…)Storage (accessibility, heat, humidity..): Big challenge,as usually only storage-tents for specific / delicateequipment, otherwise outside.Security: Basically under responsibility of host countryManagement of the material, medications: Stock control,repairs, supply of consumables
  10. 10. Mission (2/2)Catering: Auto sufficient for X days, but need forwater, fuel and fresh food iv available (fruit,vegetables)Distribution: Management of drivers/transports(local capacity), ev. translatorsHuman Resources
  11. 11. demobilizationControl of equipmentDonation in kind (food, medicine, fuel,…)Packaging: Ensure good packaging for multiplehandling and air transportDocuments: Establish updated cargo manifest anddangerous goods documentsTransportHuman Resources
  12. 12. Post missionDebriefingSWOT analysisImprovement for the next missionHuman Resources
  13. 13. ConclusionsLogistic a key elementMission cycleInteraction at every level and topicAll-rounder / specialized logisticianSometimes a nightmare!
  14. 14. Special considerationDonation in kind (2nd disaster?) Guidelines for Drug Donations Revised 1999 World Health Organization Caritas Internationalis Churches’ Action for Health of the World Council of Churches International Committee of the Red Cross International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies International Pharmaceutical Federation Joint United NationsProgramme on HIV/AIDS Médecins Sans Frontières Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees OXFAM Pharmaciens Sans Frontières United Nations Children’s Fund United Nations Development Programme United Nations Population Fund World Bank
  15. 15. “As much as you are learning as much as you areconscious of your ignorance”
  16. 16. Enjoy SwitzerlandDent Blanche and Matterhorn (Herens valley) 16