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Davos DKP 25 08 14


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5th International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC 2014 Integrative Risk Management - The role of science, technology & practice 24-28 August 2014 in Davos, Switzerland

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Davos DKP 25 08 14

  1. 1. 5th International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2014 Davos, 25 August 2014 1 Donato Kiniger-Passigli International Labour Organization
  2. 2. “The Shadow of Desire”
  3. 3. The vicious cycle of fragility social crisis risk of violent conflict unemployment and precarious working lack of participation inequality FRAGILITY
  4. 4. The disaster response cycle stability opportunity for sustainable development employment and decent work social dialogue inclusive societies RESILIENCE
  5. 5. “Meeting on Global Warming”