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Andreas grfohs nov2013


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Andreas grfohs nov2013

  1. 1. The Resilience of Social and Ecological Systems: An Agenda for Justice Andreas Rechkemmer GRF One Health Summit 2013
  2. 2. Evolution of the One Health paradigm: Where does it come from, where does it stand, what is missing, where is it going to?
  3. 3. Origins… Calvin Schwabe, 1964: “There is no difference of paradigm between human and veterinary medicine. Both sciences share a common body of knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathology, on the origins of diseases in all species.” -> searching for integrated health systems in developing countries -> searching to control zoonoses -> roots in the “biological proximity” of humans, animals In 1976 the concept of “One Medicine” emerged. This was gradually broadened and transformed into a “One Health” concept by 2004.
  4. 4. The evolution of a multi-disciplinary perspective… From its roots in “one medicine” and (disease) biology, the One Health discourse by now has greatly evolved and crossed boarders… -nature conservation, biodiversity, wildlife -agriculture, food safety and security -ecosystems health
  5. 5. What is missing: - a deeper reflection on human-animal connections - a more profound ethical dimension, - including behavior, norms, values, attitudes as well as (other) - cultural and spiritual aspects - a genuine social development component Strengthen: - Economic dimensions - The context of social-ecological systems - Inter-cultural perspectives, global agendas and sustainable development
  6. 6. One Health and Sustainable Development: From Co-Evolution to Integration?
  7. 7. The three main pillars of the original sustainable development paradigm include: Economic Growth Environmental Protection Social Equality
  8. 8. Rio Declaration Principle 1 Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature. Principle 3 The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations. Principle 4 In order to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection shall constitute an integral part of the development process and cannot be considered in isolation from it.
  9. 9. UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) (Rio +20), June 2012 Outcome Document “The Future We Want” Toward a new set of “Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) by 2015 Open Working Group, 2013-2014 High-Level Political Forum, September 2013 “Economic transformation and opportunity to lift people out of poverty, advancing social justice and protecting the environment.”
  10. 10. Toward a more balanced, integrated approach to SD?
  11. 11. Where is health? Where is ONE HEALTH?
  12. 12. Sustainable Development is all about the coupled resilience and well-being of social-ecological systems. Well, One Health is, too!
  13. 13. Sustainable Development (as well as Social Development, Human Wellbeing, and Environmental Sustainability) can only be achieved if the socialecological system as such is resilient (and hence adaptive). One Health can play a crucial “bridging role”…
  14. 14. Yet, for true integration (OH/SD) the dimension of justice needs to be included. One Health as a matter of Justice. Social Justice. Animal Rights. Environmental Justice. > “Social-Ecological Justice”
  15. 15. Thank you!