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Analyzing the urban functions to prioritize urban flood resilient actions Damien SERRE


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Analyzing the urban functions to prioritize urban flood resilient actions Damien SERRE

  1. 1. Analyzing the urban functionsto prioritize urban flood resilient actions 4th International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2012 "Integrative Risk Management in a Changing World - Pathways to a Resilient Society" 26 -30 August 2012 ¦ Davos, Switzerland
  2. 2. 1. Research Drivers & A Scientific Response2. Methods & Tools3. Conclusion
  3. 3. Research Drivers & A Scientific Response
  4. 4. How to improve the performance of flood defences?Xynthia storm, 2010, France : 53 casualties, 1 b Euros
  5. 5. How to limit the propagation effects of flood inside the urbanenvironment? Des enjeux économiques le coût des inondations représente 250 millions d’euros par an (MEDD) Major issue for urban resilience Soutenance de thèse – 09/12/2005 6
  6. 6. Towards a « new » concept for flood risk management A management Increasing focused on uncertainties hazards A management Analytic and towards Economic vulnerability approachesTRANSITIONING APPROACH Integrating urban systems Concepts? functionning in the Methods? response
  7. 7. Scientific needsA scientific response1. Proposing methods to assess the resilience of urban technical systems2. Designing SDSS to better decisions for resilient cities a systemic approach of the technical urban functionning through the concept of resilience flood defence strengthening dam age m itigation Accepting flood water in cities m ixed strategy Capacity of the city to function in a degraded mode Optimizing recovery
  8. 8. Problematic and scientific axes Risk Analysis GIS Graph theory MCDA Geography Spatial analysis Problematic Designing flood resilient city using adapting the concept of resilience to urban engineering : • how to assess the resilience of the urban technical systems? • what useful tools to set up to for urban resilience? Assessing the resistance capacity of the A SDSS for the capacity of resistance of technical urban systems with a risk levees based model A SDSS for the urban networks (3 Assessing the absorbsion and recover capacities) capacities of the urban networks with specific indicators A SDSS for a resilient governance of the urban technical network
  9. 9. Methods & tools
  10. 10. A methodology for urban resilience assessment Urban Resilience = maintening urban functions during the event and recover Resistance Absorption Recovery Capacities Capacity Capacity Capacity Assessing damages Assessing Assessing alternatives accessibility Objects Levees and Networks Networks Networks Disciplines Risk Geographie Geographic based Graph Information analysis Theory Sciences
  11. 11. Assessing the resistance capacity of urban technical systems Risk based methods Steps for designing a failure model Functional analysis ⇒ Looking at functions FMEA ⇒ Looking at failure modes and effects Causal graphs ⇒ representing the failure mechanisms
  12. 12. Some Results Modelling the failure mechanisms of the urban network and their interactions (Serge Lhomme PhD) Soutenance de thèse – 09/12/2005 18
  13. 13. Assessing the absorption capacity of networks Graph theory and « structural Graph theory and « The Structure and dimension » of risk (Gleyze, 2005) Dynamics of Networks » (Barabasi, 2006) + risk analysis - no connexity + all networks - no risk - only for + connexity - no distance transportation (clustering) networks assessing network redudancy with indicators combining these 2 approaches
  14. 14. Some results Tests on the Orléans road network (Lhomme et al. 2011)
  15. 15. Tools for resilience based decision Tools for resilience based decision SDSS Levees SDSS Networks Tools Decision based on the Decision based on all resistance capacity the capacities Disciplines GIS GIS + + MCDA Technologies Web Towards a SDSS for urban risk governance (Marie Toubin PhD – Implementation of WSUD #2 session) Participating methods + GIS + Urban Engineering
  16. 16. • Some results (1) The SDSS Levees Damien Serre PhD Marc Vuillet PhD 16
  17. 17. Some results (2) The SDSS Networks Serge Lhomme PhD
  18. 18. Some results (2) Networks importance for city functioning
  19. 19. Some results (3) Base for a collaborative research of problems and solutions Marie Toubin PhD • Representation of interdependencies
  20. 20. Some results (3) Case study: parisian transportation network Marie Toubin PhD
  21. 21. Some results (3) Spatial analysis Marie Toubin PhD • Local assessment of interconnections 21
  22. 22. Conclusion
  23. 23. A need for transdisciplinarityDevelopment of a transdisciplinary approach for more resilient cities Disciplines mobilized for this research Geography urban/land planning Urban Engineering Risk analysis, Civil GIS EngineeringFrom Geography to urban/land planning,From urban/land planning to GIS,From GIS to Risk Analiysis,For a urban engineering research.