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GREY Food Trends 2/2013


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GREY Food Trends No. 2/2013

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GREY Food Trends 2/2013

  1. 1. Food Trends 02 /13 NEWS FROM April – JUNe
  2. 2. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Page 01 Eggs on a skewer, rolling refrigerators, racy pizza delivery cars and blow-up dolls. Our current issue of Grey Food Trends strikingly proves that Food doesn’t always have to be dead-serious to be successful. Consumers seem to get tired of hearing about more healthy ingredients, another exotic recipe or the next convenience offer. Modern food needs to be much more than just nutrition. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to come up with imaginative and fun ways to reach consumers and not only satisfy their rumbling stomach but also their hunger for excitement. The cases we found show how “a touch of entertainment” has become a growing trend and can actually make a difference in consumers’ purchase decisions. Emotional engagement is key and can spark conversation. Who’s in?
  3. 3. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Contents Page 02 Egg-on-a-spit 03 Don’t blow off lunch. Blow it up! 04 Rolling refrigerator for the summer 05 Let SoupCycle deliver to your door next 06 Rescue your taste buds with Joulies 07 Share a can of Coke 08 Kellogg’s new breakfast-to-go range 09 Heroic eggs for charity 10 Harris Farm takes farming to the next level 11 Remote control your beer to go anywhere you like 12 Robotic artists create absolutely unique vodka bottles 13 Sausages are no longer grilled, they’re toasted! 14 Deliver your pizza with style 15 Nostalgia meets Easter 16 Have a smell of Dunkin Donuts 17 Butcher’s Shop in Spain offers meat around-the-clock 18 Wonderbag relieves fear of high electricity bills 19 GoHealthy with GoVeggie! 20
  4. 4. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Egg-on-a-spit What looks like ice cream is actually an egg on a skewer. Everyone knows how messy it can get when eggs are made in a pan. The “rollie Eggmaster” solves this in an ingenious way. Page 03 The eggs are cooked in a device with a cylindrical shape. You break the eggs and pour them into the Eggmaster, then add spices and press start. In only a few minutes you can pull out your eggs on a spit. The snack is ideal for home, the office or on the road due to its size and practical form. The Eggmaster has been on the market since early 2013 and is only available in the U.S. Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Trends der Zukunft BRAND: Rollie
  5. 5. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Don’t blow off lunch. Blow it up! The American restaurant chain Applebee’s created the insane idea of offering “Lunch Decoys”. Their goal is to encourage office workers to take a proper lunch break – preferably at their restaurants – instead of skipping lunch or eating at their desk. Lunch Decoys are inflatable dolls which could be easily used as stand-ins, whilst the employees enjoy a sit-down meal at Applebee’s. A variety of models are available at a price of € 5.30 from Page 04 During the first month, all Lunch Decoys were sold out online. Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Springwise BRAND: Applebees‘s
  6. 6. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Rolling refrigerator for the summer The Japanese company Joybond introduced a new accessory for the summer. Tama-chan is not only a mini-refrigerator but a heater as well. It can keep drinks and foods cool or warm while you take a stroll in the park or the city. Page 05 The designer created the container large enough to fit anything you want but small enough to travel with it everywhere. Even a watermelon can be kept cool on a hot summer day. It might have the function of an ordinary icebox or a microwave but the Tama-chan combines both in one device. Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Trnd BRAND: Joybond
  7. 7. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Let SoupCycle deliver to your door next Those with little time on their hands to make healthy and delicious meals for the day can easily turn to SoupCycle. Page 06 SoupCycle is not an ordinary food delivery service. It offers different organic soups which are delivered by bicycle each week to their subscribers. The meals can be completed with fresh bread and a salad. The types of soup vary weekly and can be enjoyed by buyers who live or work within the company’s delivery area. SoupCycle delivers to two cities in the state of Oregon (U.S.): Portland and Corvallis. Relevant Trends Mobile Food, Fresh Food SOURCE: Trendwatching BRAND: SoupCycle
  8. 8. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Rescue your taste buds with Joulies It’s a familiar problem: Often coffee is too hot to drink, or you have to wait too long for it to cool down. In the end, it’s too cold to enjoy. Page 07 With the help of Coffee Joulies you can cool your coffee to the optimum drinking temperature and keep it warm for hours. The stainless steel beans contain material that melts at 60° Celsius when coffee is poured into the cup. In the process the beans absorb a lot of heat while cooling the coffee down. As the coffee reaches the right temperature the material starts to solidify again and discharges all the energy back into the coffee keeping it at an adequate drinking temperature. These shiny beans are suitable for other hot beverages as well. Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Trends der Zukunft BRAND: Joulies
  9. 9. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Share a can of Coke Coca-Cola constantly tries to develop new ways to spread its message of happiness and engage consumers around the world. As part of its global “Share a Coke” campaign, Coke created a regular-size can that twists apart into two small cans so you can share with a friend. Page 08 The new can was introduced in Singapore and has become a successful project, which fuelled a lot of enthusiasm. The video promoting the sharing can received more than 1.31 million views in less than a month. Relevant Trends My Food, Food Dialogue SOURCE: Beverage daily BRAND: Coca Cola
  10. 10. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Kellogg’s new breakfast-to-go range Kellogg’s has introduced new solutions for busy adults who have no time to eat a proper breakfast before going to work. Kellogg’s new dunkable cereal contains all the goodness of a real bowl of cereal has. It’s easy to carry and can be dunked into milk or any other type of hot beverage. Page 09 Besides the dunkable cereal slices, the new breakfast product range includes toastable pockets and breakfast biscuits. These are available in France, Spain, Italy and the UK. Relevant Trends Super Food, Mobile Food SOURCE: Food&Drink europe BRAND: Kellogg‘s
  11. 11. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Heroic eggs for charity Eggs are eggs! That’s what consumers think when buying them. A major UK egg supplier named Noble Foods designed the “Eggs For Soldiers” concept to stand out at the point of sale. The green camouflage colour and the implied shape of a service medal are meant to catch consumers’ attention. As an additional purchase incentive a fraction of the price is donated to Help For Heroes, an armed forces charity. In its first year, the brand raised almost € 470,500 for the charity. Page 10 Relevant Trends Sustainable Food SOURCE: Warc BRAND: Noble Foods
  12. 12. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Harris Farm takes farming to the next level Harris Farm Markets is a fruit and vegetable store that has recently introduced a social media campaign, allowing people to virtually grow crop until it is ready for harvesting. The consumers can independently decide via Facebook on the type and size of the crop and how Harris Farms should farm it. The freshly harvested crops are delivered to the local store where consumers can buy them.The goal of the campaign was to acquire new customers, gain media attention and grow Harris Farms’ social media following. Page 11 Relevant Trends Fresh Food, Transparent Food SOURCE: Contagious BRAND: Harris Farm Markets
  13. 13. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Remote control your beer to go anywhere you like An everyman’s dream has come true. Gadget King introduced a remote-controlled beverage cooler that can move up to 60 m around the house. It is made out of special materials that keep beer chilled for up to 12 hours and holds up to 12 bottles. Page 12 It is a typical toy for adult men. Ideal for football nights or for having friends over without the hassle of getting beers for everyone throughout the evening. Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Trends der Zukunft BRAND: Gadget King
  14. 14. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Robotic artists create absolutely unique vodka bottles Absolut Vodka in Sweden developed a visionary idea to engage consumers. The brand re-engineered its production process on the bottling line to design a limited edition of four million uniquely designed bottles. The machines themselves are the artists behind each bottle as they create colour and pattern variations, even with the use of splash guns. The deliberate randomness turns each bottle into a unique collector’s item. Page 13 Relevant Trends Aesthetic Food SOURCE: Contagious BRAND: Absolut Vodka
  15. 15. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Sausages are no longer grilled, they’re toasted! The Smart Wurst Toaster roasts sausages within just a few minutes. Compared to a grill or pan, the sausage toaster creates less fatty odours as the sausages are heated without added fat. Also, the fat of the sausage itself drips into the integrated tray of the toaster. Page 14 So far this gadget is intended for commercial use but the designers of the Smart Wurst Toaster are planning to introduce it for the domestic kitchen as well. People had the opportunity to vote how their ideal sausage toaster should look during a survey on Facebook that ran until mid-May 2013. Relevant Trends Super Food Source: Trnd Brand: smartwurst
  16. 16. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Deliver your pizza with style Pizza delivery vehicles usually resemble shabby compact cars. Domino’s Pizza aims to design a completely unique vehicle concept for fast, easy pizza delivery to customers. The brand partners with Local Motors and crowdsourced ideas from an online community of car designers for the ultimate pizza delivery car. Those who submitted ideas could enter a competition, where Domino’s awarded prizes worth over € 38,600 for the best concepts. Over 1,500 concepts were submitted. One was chosen as the best and building a prototype is the next step. Page 15 Relevant Trends Mobile Food SOURCE: Contagious BRAND: Local Motors
  17. 17. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Nostalgia meets Easter A Brazilian confectionery brand named Brigaderia used vintage advertisements from the ’50s and ’60s to develop a one-of-a-kind packaging design for the Easter chocolate collection in Brazil. The chocolate egg of the special Easter edition was filled with brigadeiro chocolates. These were accompanied by gift boxes and squeezable tubes. As a result, a unique visual identity linking Brigaderia to more nostalgic times was facilitated. Sales rose by 70% during the Easter season compared to the previous months. Page 16 Relevant Trends Food Aesthetic SOURCE: Warc BRAND: Brigaderia
  18. 18. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Have a smell of Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts in Seoul has the issue that consumers perceive the shop merely as a place to buy donuts and not one to buy a good cup of coffee. Thus, Dunkin Donuts aspires to encourage people to buy coffee at Dunkin Donuts rather than at other coffee shops. Due to the large number of people commuting in Korea, an effective time to grab their attention is when they’re on their way to work by bus or tram. Dunkin Donuts introduced small machines that released coffee aroma every time the radio in the bus played the Dunkin Donut ad. The results showed success, as 350,000 people were reached and customers increased by 16% in shops located near the bus stops, generating a 29% growth in sales. Page 17 Relevant Trends Mobile Food, Food Dialogue SOURCE: Contagious BRAND: Dunkin Donuts
  19. 19. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Butcher’s shop in Spain offers meat around-the-clock The Butcher’s shop Izarzugaza, in business for over 100 years, makes efforts to adopt modern technology. In 2011, it installed a vending machine in front of one of its shops in Mundaka, Northern Spain. The vending machines operate on a 24/7 concept and offer a range of meats, sausages, sandwiches and other goods. Products are seasonal: in summer they include pasta salads, while in winter the focus is more on meatballs and sausages. Page 18 Relevant Trends Mobile Food, Authentic Food Source: Trnd brand: Izarzugaza
  20. 20. Grey Food Trends 02/13 Wonderbag relieves fear of high electricity bills The problem with making the perfect roast is the amount of energy and time used up in the process. The Wonderbag is a great heat-retention cooking bag. After the pot of food is heated on the stove, you can remove it and simply place it into the Wonderbag. The bag preserves the heat and guarantees the perfect cooking temperature without further use of electricity. Page 19 The idea behind the Wonderbag is based on an old technique whereby earlier generations dug a hole in the ground and put their pots there to retain the heat longer. They are available in South Africa, Turkey and the U.K. for around € 93 each. Relevant Trends Sustainable Food Source: Trends der Zukunft brand: Wonderbag
  21. 21. Grey Food Trends 02/13 GoHealthy with GoVeggie! 10-15% of the US population is lactose intolerant, indicating a potential group of people to target with lactose free products. Go Veggie is an American brand which sought the opportunity to sell lactose free products as well as dairy free alternatives to cheese. These dairy free cheese substitutes are suitable not only for people with dairy allergies, but also for those who choose a vegan diet. Ultimately, it isn’t only allergy-sufferers who benefit from GoVeggie, but also those pursuing a healthy lifestyle, aiming to reduce the risk of diseases. Page 20 Relevant Trends Super Food, Competence Food Source: Foodnavigator brand: Go Veggie http://
  22. 22. Grey Food Trends 02/13 If you would like to know more about our further consumer and trend studies from our Planning department, contact: Page 21 Grey Worldwide GmbH Platz der Ideen 1 40476 Düsseldorf Contacts: Alessandro Panella Chief Strategy Officer Phone +49.211.38 07-444 Christoph Pietsch Manager New Business Development Phone + 49.172.663.4927 Design: KW43 Branddesign