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Greenawalt creative portfolio


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Examples of Greenawalt work, Marketing Communications, promotions advertising

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Greenawalt creative portfolio

  1. 1. Professional Endorsements
  2. 2. Greg GreenawaltProfessional Endorsements“I have had the pleasure of working with Greg throughout the years with Hilton Hotels Corporation aswell as serving on various hospitality associations together. Greg is an ultimate professional andhospitality marketer. He is very focused on the big picture and has always led the way to spearhead andsupport new marketing initiatives for the City of Charlotte. His hotel and hospitality knowledge andexperience are extensive and I am pleased to offer this recommendation.” March 21, 2011 Joanie Kastl, General Manager, Doubletree Guest Suites Charlotte Southparkworked directly with Greg at Hilton Charlotte Center City, Charlotte, NC“Ive known and worked with Greg for a number of years, always with great respect for him and his work.Greg was always someone I could count on when we had clients in town to not only step up to the platewith customer service, but truly go above and beyond each time. He is a confident, likeable andtrustworthy colleague. I only hope that Ill have an opportunity to work with him again!”t Molly Hedrick, Senior Director, Communications, Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority“Greg is one of the most talented, hardworking and technically savvy managers I have ever worked with.I had the privilege of working with Greg for a number of years when he was Director of Sales andMarketing for the Renaissance Nashville Hotel. Greg is a very creative thinker to market and promote ourhotel with various organizations throughout the city and region. His direct sales approach was extremelyeffective to push our group rooms and total occupancy to exceptional levels. It was a pleasure to workwith Greg and would be delighted to do so again.” John Fleming, General Manager, Renaissance Nashville Hotelmanaged Greg at Renaissance Hotels
  3. 3. Greg GreenawaltProfessional Endorsements “I have had the good fortune of working with Greg the entire time he has been in Charlotte, but ourbusiness relationship extends as far back as the late 1980s and early 90s when we both worked theChicago market. Greg is the proverbial Director of Sales and Marketing. He is absolutely passionateabout bringing his product to market, elevating it above the competition, intuitively overcomingobstacles, whether perceived or real and has an intense discipline for following a game plan to fruition.He is an out-of-the-box type thinker and can turn difficult situations into workable solutions. He thriveson competition. I have always admired the intensity that Greg brings to the job. When he steps into theoffice in the morning, it is game on until he decides to go home. Greg is also a 24/7 marketer. He learnsfrom and garnishes ideas from everywhere he goes. He is not afraid to take risks and can certainly takedirection and run with it. Greg has raised the thinking bar in the city regarding how to measure profitablepieces of business to pursue. Since his intensity is part of his make-up, he can readily take and apply it toany job he pursues. Quite obviously I give Mr. Greenawalt a five star endorsement.”Bill Maguire, General Manager, Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel, Charlotte, North Carolina was withanother company when working with Greg at Hilton Cha rlotte Center City,“"Greg Greenawalt has been a Hospitality sales executive in Charlotte for 8 years and has alwaysbeen very involved in our community and looking for new ways to help sell the city forconventions and tourism . After some consultation with community leaders Greg took on theendeavor of designing, publishing and funding Destination Charlotte the book a new colorphotography book that captures the spirit of Charlotte and some of the surrounding PiedmontRegion. Greg’s marketing and sales ability, entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to step out ofthe box has helped to make him a hospitality and destination sales leader. His new book does aexcellent job of showcasing Charlotte and is successfully being used by many of us who sellCharlotte as a Destination."Ronnie L. Bryant, CEcD, FM, HLMPresident & CEOCharlotte Regional Partnership”
  4. 4. “I have the personal and professional privilege to know Greg since 1985 when I was involved in thehiring process to have him join Stouffer Hotels and Resorts. The decision to hire Greg was a solid choice.Greg is the consummate professional. He brings a unique blend of skills and talents from strategist,creative director and trainer to a sales team and organization. Greg is driven and motivated to not only to"make the sale" but to develop others to be the best they can be in doing the same. I remember distinctlyhis solid organizational skills, "best practice "philosophy and his attention to detail. On a personal note Iknow that Greg has immense initiative and passion for projects he undertakes.” Joe Zion, Director of Marketing Stouffer Tower City Plaza Hotel -managed Greg at Stouffer Hotels“"Destination: Charlotte the book", is a wonderful collection of photos that express both Greglove of Charlotte, along with the essence and vitality of the Queen City. I would highlyrecommend this book.” Mike Andrea, Publisher, Morris Visitor Publications“Destination Charlotte is an outstanding publication that shows off the greater Charlotte regionin a most colorful and attractive package. The text and the photos are incredibly bright andbrilliant and offer newcomers and residents a clear picture of Charlotte and its people, itsbusinesses, its parks and its quality of life. This book belongs on the coffee table of everycompany in this region. It should also be a great tool for attracting many meetings andconventions as well as people seeking a new start in a new town. I highly recommend it you.”1st John Galles, Publisher, Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine
  5. 5. Creative Portfolio