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Welcome to the Cloud!


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Welcome to the Cloud!

Published in: Technology, Business
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Welcome to the Cloud!

  1. 1. Welcome to the .
  2. 2. For IT se rvices comQuestions. “dealing’ w ith cloud panies -an Computing d organiz ations challenges. How can I manage fluctuating capacity needs? How can I shift from CAPEX to OPEX? Can I bring IT costs in line with business and more transparant? Sustainability and green IT? How can I comply to local regulations? How can I avoid Patriot Act surprises? How can I avoid a vendor lock-in? Try Infra structure -as-a-serv ice.
  3. 3. Infrastructure-as-a-Service [IaaS] =The enabler for Cloud Computing. t he art with nd st t”Key Benefits of IaaS: ...a nging frui “low ha+ Imperative to bring corporate initiatives to the cloud.+ Moving from Capex to Opex.+ Huge pay-as-you-go saving potential.+ Highly efficient for scalable solutions.+ Ideal for computing and ad hoc capacity need.+ Moving from traditional IT to Hybrid Cloud. aaS. CLOUDS I ith GREEN St art w
  4. 4. Introducing . for lter native The a l” Iaa S. iona “tradit
  5. 5. GREENCLOUDS = The revolutionaryalternative for “traditional” IaaS. ith in line wGREENCLOUDS: IT costs inging t t e] Br urce : Deloi ss. [so busine+ Aggregates surplus cloud capacity.+ Delivers a high available -and performance IaaS platform.+ With 99,99 SLA.+ Based on pay-as-you-go indexed pricing.+ Reduce of CO2 footprint.+ Local capacity, Local delivery.
  6. 6. GREENCLOUDS. Running the Cloud Together. ...with you. [Portal + CAC] ...and us. Multiple datacenters
  7. 7. The IaaS Platform =High available and High Performance. GREENCLOUDS provides more flexibility than other available IaaS offering out there. Scale up and down. The Pay-as-you-Go. ndex. GREEN CLOUDS I No contractual commitments. GREENCLOUDS pricing is based on periodic index based on the global IaaS leaders. Index guarantees below market pricing. IT services companies -and organizations can add value to this service.
  8. 8. The Platform Benefits.Key Benefits: e. . art s her+ Integration with business processes. It st+ IT stays in control.+ Self-service ordering of capacity.+ Integration with other services [API based].+ Cost optimization through scheduling.+ Cloud Application Controller [CAC] for auto scaling.
  9. 9. Interested? . S: REEN CLOUD /cont act ct G .com Conta loud sonline www. greenc