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Grabameal World Presentation


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Decentralised Peer to Peer Dinning on Blockchain

Published in: Food
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Grabameal World Presentation

  1. 1. GrabAMeal World GrabAMeal is the first decentralized meal-serving network built on top of a set GrabAMeal collaboration and trust processes that connects meal providers (Sellers) with guests (Buyers). GrabAMeal enables a diverse ecosystem that allows heterogeneous stakeholders to transact on the platform and adding value to their own business and to the network. GrabAMeal introduces “tokenization” of transactions through the “GAM token”, that enables security, trust and value for all participants Visit us at :
  2. 2. ECOSYSTEM Financial, Traders, Suppliers, Retail, Logistics EXPERTS Auditors, Technology, Support BUYERS Travelers, Students, Professionals SELLERS Home Kitchens, Eateries GrabAMeal Participants 1 2 3 4 GrabAMeal implements a decentralized network of meal sellers and buyers along with many other stakeholders, such as investors, independent auditors, suppliers and logistics partners. Visit us at :
  3. 3. GrabAMeal : Value Propositions The Decentralized meal sharing ecosystem of GrabAMeal delivers compelling value to all participants. 1234 Enforcing trust trough a set of protocols and tokenization of transactions using Blockchain based smart contracts. GrabAMeal Trust Value creation and redistribution among participants is an important aspect of the platform GrabAMeal Value Token GAM token for transactions Users Identity & Reputation Management Disputes Audit & trace mechanism for fairness & quality Rewards Incentive mechanism to redistribute value. Events Events & promotions online and locally 5 Visit us at :
  4. 4. GrabAMeal : Token-Commerce Process for token accumulation and exchange on GrabAMeal GrabAMeal Token commerce Account Tokens will be the primary driver of value creation on the GrabAMeal platform. GAM Tokens Transactions Review & Rating Rewards Purchases & Trading Token-Commerce activity through token accounts and redemption of tokens on exchange Buying or Selling Meals Events & Promotions Bonus & Incentives Dispute Resolution Token Exchange Visit us at :
  5. 5. GrabAMeal : Problems of Buyers Buyers of meals are the backbone of the demand economy of online meal servicing. Buyers are compelled to eat out of the limited options at a higher cost and typically do not have any redressal mechanism for quality issues. Lack of information regarding food items, preparation and servings cause serious agony to the buyers globally. Healthy Food Buyers are forced to eat food which is elaborately prepared without any concern for hygiene or quality of ingredients. Regular consumption of such food has health impacts High Cost Prices are usually higher that one can afford reasonably owing to higher overheads and other costs passed on to buyer. Intermediary commissions are charged to buyer. Transparency Buyers typically consume food in cities or countries where the menu items are unfamiliar and not much information is provided. Dispute Resolution Typically buyers are helpless in case they are dissatisfied or find the food quality unacceptable or other issues with the meals served. Not only do they have to pay, buyers suffer consequences of a poorly served meal. Buyer issues are addressed through the trust based transparent meal searching and ordering system of GrabAMeal. Buyers pay a lot less due to tokenization and disintermediation that reduces overheads. The review and rating mechanism, along with the dispute resolution protocol of GrabAMeal addresses buyers concerns comprehensively, while ensuring maximum value for regular participants. Visit us at :
  6. 6. GrabAMeal : Problems of Sellers Sellers of meals face many environmental issues in business leading to frequent failure and discontinuance. GrabAMeal resolves the seller’s problems effectively by : 1. Decentralization & Tokenization– minimal commissions 2. GrabaMeal Identification Protocols that identify customers and rate them continuously in a transparent manner. 3. GrabaMeal Reward Protocols to reward and promote sellers consistent with quality and trust 4. Tokenization and Incentives – early participants create token balance that represent the value of the network. Commissions to intermediaries Sellers pay high commission to network aggregator and financial intermediaries increasing cost by 10 to 25%, lowering profits Quality Based Merit Sellers are unable to differentiate based on quality and services and struggle to compete with low cost sellers Knowing Customer Sellers undergo risks of customers not known to them, leading to high rates of return, negative publicity and scams. Not knowing customer leads to suboptimal business performance. Value Harvesting Most Value accrued to the business is usurped by founders and investors. Actual participants are left out to toil for meagre returns from business. Visit us at :
  7. 7. GrabAMeal : Problems Solved Visit us at : GrabAMeal – Transforming the meal servicing industry 01 Decentralized marketplace to eliminate intermediaries to the extent possible with minimal commissions charged. The participants will be required to pay platform gas charges as per the transactions.. 02 Accurate identity management and continuous reputation rating of the participants as an ongoing process based on Block-Chain 03 An advanced set of protocols, GrabaMeal Identification, GrabaMeal Dispute and GrabaMeal Reward, based on AI and ML allows users to undergo self regulation through continuous feedback and review based on automatic rewards and penalty. 04 The participants will be distributed the value accrued from the growth of the network. Tokenization of transactions and rewards will enable early participants and investors to reap maximum benefit from growth. 05 The Sellers and buyers exchange information about each other and the quality of food/meals. Sellers are required to ensure compliance through system of self audits and benchmarking to ensure accuracy and transparency. 06 The platform provides a democratic mechanism involving participants to resolve conflicts fairly and transparently. Major disputes involve external experts as dispute arbiters to resolve conflict. 01 02 0304 05 06 Affordable Food Increases Trust Self RegulationValue for all Transparency Dispute Resolution
  8. 8. GrabAMeal : SOLUTION COMPONENTS Visit us at : Identification Identify buyers and sellers accurately with location, profile, preference and menu details. Meal Finder Transparent Menu from sellers assisted by search options for buyers . Rewards & Incentives Earning reward points for transactions and for submitting accurate review for buyers or sellers. Dispute Resolution Democratic process of dispute resolution through arbitration and information based voting by participants. Token-Commerce Buy or sell tokens accrued in the user account, redeem higher token value from exchange transactions. 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 Review and Ratings Accurately Review and rate buyers and sellers and transparent reputation management. Payments Ordering and delivery of meals paid for by GAM tokens or Fiat currency.
  9. 9. GrabAMeal : Business Process Visit us at : GAM Protocols Receive Payment Review & Rating. Search Meals. Place order Payment Order Received Identity Verification Rating & Review Menu Description Promotions & Discounts Seller Listing Identity Verification Review and rating Ordering history Buyer Listing Review and rating Resolution of Disputes Reward & Incentive Token Account Balance Reputation Rating update Dispute resolution Ordering & Profile history Profile Update Receive Delivery Delivery of Order The following sequence of business process flow for buyer and seller interaction and transaction on the platform
  10. 10. GrabAMeal : MODEL OVERVIEW Visit us at : The buyer and sellers control the business transactions through a system of trust and rewards Seller Listing • Identity Verification • Rating & Review • Menu Description • Promotions & Discounts Buyer Listing • Identity Verification • Review and rating • Ordering history Seller Profile Update • Review and Rating update • Resolution of Disputes • Reward & Incentive • Token Account Balance Buyer Profile Update • Rating update • Dispute resolution • Ordering & Profile history
  11. 11. GrabAMeal : PROTOCOLS OVERVIEW Visit us at : I GrabaMeal Identification Seller and Buyers listing process with initial rating GrabaMeal Identification Continued updation of profile rating of buyer and sellers by rating and reviews received II GrabaMeal Reward Allocation of Reward points and conversion to GAM tokens in User account III GrabaMeal Dispute Dispute resolution by engaging buyers, sellers and independent auditors AI Engine AI Engine
  12. 12. GrabAMeal : Identification Protocol Visit us at : The GrabaMeal Identification Protocol is used to onboard buyers and sellers by a listing process. Initial rating is given based on the information provided and verified. An advanced ML algorithm assesses multiple profiles and onboard users with the initial rating.. Dining facilities, kitchen and delivery capacity Facilities GrabaMeal account opened GrabaMeal Account Participation in special promotion events online Promotions Qualifications, prior experience, awards Specialization Government Id verification, other KYC from reference Identity Proof Location , address, type of cuisine Basic Information 1 2 4 5 6 3
  13. 13. GrabAMeal : Identification Protocol Visit us at : The GrabaMeal Identification protocol kicks in after the user is registered and starts transactions. The review and ratings received is combined with the ML algorithm that benchmarks review and ratings of other sellers and provides a dynamic rating for both buyers and sellers 02 01 Rating received by user for current transaction Immutable Review and rating repository on Block chain Encrypted data for ML Algorithm Encrypted and committed to database and input to Algorithm. Combine current rating with all ratings in the system to compute rating adjustment for user ML and AI based Algorithm USER RATING Combined with previous rating of user 88% current 66% Overall 2
  14. 14. GrabAMeal : Identification Protocol Visit us at : The individual user rating for a transaction determines the overall rating of the buyer or seller in combination with ratings of other users. The individual user ratings for Sellers is depicted below. Food Quality Quantity Value Presentation The buyers review for sellers delivery of meals is the most important component of GrabaMeal Identification protocol. The user may submit detailed comments and specific scores. User Review: Seller 95% 60% 20% 80% Buyer fills in review and rating for the Seller after delivery. Token points allocated to buyer and seller, based on: 1) Rating from ML Algorithm 2) Reward token budget allocation Buyer and Seller both receive reward points based on the review submitted ML Algorithm based Rating Reward Token allocated
  15. 15. GrabAMeal : Reward Protocol Visit us at : The GrabaMeal Reward protocol combines multiple factors and allocated reward points to user accounts to maximize value of trusted participation User Account Composite user rating from GrabaMeal Identification Protocol 1 2 3 Review and Rating given for current transaction Token allocation budget and logic for distribution GrabaMeal Reward combines 3 elements to determine reward points GrabaMeal Reward Process GrabaMeal Reward combines the composite review and rating score of the user with review and rating submitted and allocates points to users. Buyer Submits rating for seller Seller Submits review for buyer
  16. 16. GrabAMeal : Dispute Resolution Protocol Visit us at : Disputes between buyers and sellers on multiple areas are expected to arise. The GrabaMeal. Dispute protocol is designed to manage disputes in a fair and democratic process. GrabaMeal Dispute BUYER Buyer raised disputes Seller initiated disputes SELLER Major Disputes that may require investigation and arbitration involves independent arbitrators or auditors to be involved. The participants of the network are also involved in voting to resolve the dispute. Allocates minor and major disputes to groups of buyers and sellers and resolves through a voting process
  17. 17. GrabAMeal : Dispute Resolution Protocol Visit us at : GrabaMeal Dispute Arbitrator Selected from a group of independent auditors to oversee the voting process GrabaMeal Dispute: 1) Anonymity – Disputed parties are not revealed to voters 2) Rewards – Participants are rewarded with tokens to vote correctly 3) Arbitration – Arbitrators are rewarded or penalized with token based on outcome of voting. 01 BUYERS Selected by GrabaMeal Dispute Protocol SELLERS Selected by GrabaMeal Dispute Resolution Protocol Group of sellers presented with facts of dispute and submit their votes based on the review. 02 Group of Buyers selected review the facts of the dispute and vote for or against the claim.