Pressure vessels


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Pressure vessels

  1. 1. THINKING BEYOND THE OBVIOUS Deleg can cl ates aim 2 CPD point s Pressure Vessel Applications, Operations and Maintenance WORKSHOP 30 - 31 October 2012 Global Prospectus Training Centre, 366 Pretoria Avenue, RandburgEndorsed and accredited by Southern African Asset Management Association (SAAMA) Ref no: SAAMA00469 SETA Accreditation No. 2502
  2. 2. OVERVIEWThe design of pressure vessels is a specialist task that requires a thorough understanding of topics such as: strength of materials,stress analysis and relevant design codes. Pressure vessel design also necessitates a logical, planned approach to the documentationof all relevant calculations as in many cases; these design calculations can be quite extensive. Given that pressure differential isdangerous and that fatal accidents have occurred in the development and operation of pressure vessels, standards have beenestablished and applied to ensure safety governing the design, fabrication, and inspection of boilers and pressure vessels such asthe ASME BPVC Section VIII Div. 1 (Code).It is therefore appropriate that South African engineers should be provided with an opportunity to formally receive instructionin the area of pressure vessel design in the context of the relevant South African standard. This 2-day intensive practical trainingcourse will offer insight into the requirements outlined in designing, operating and maintaining pressure vessels. Delegates willbe awarded with an opportunity to understand how to apply the standard to common scenarios they face in the design andfabrication of the equipment they work with. WORKSHOP OBJECTIVESAt the completion of this workshop, each delegate should be able to:• Thoroughly understand how strength of materials theory forms the basis of all international pressure vessel codes and standards• Understand the most commonly used terms and jargon within the area of pressure vessel design• Recognize and compare the different methods of stress analysis available for pressure vessel design purpose• Appreciate the intent and instruction contained within the most commonly employed clauses of the Code and the South Africa standard• Have a basic understanding of topics relating to: Vessel Manufacturing Methods, Vessel Testing, Marking and Qualification, and Relief Devices. WHO SHOULD ATTEND• Process Design Engineers • Mechanical Engineers• Process Engineers • Technical Engineers• Head of Maintenance or Operations • Operations Engineers• Project Engineers • Production Engineers• Line Managers and Supervisors • Plant Engineers• Maintenance Technicians • Consulting Engineers• Maintenance Engineers • Pump Sales Representatives• Inspections Engineers • Anyone who needs to select, specify, commission, install• Reliability Engineers and/or maintain pumping equipment EXPERT FACILITATORNtozelizwe Benjamin MqenebeNtozelizwe Benjamin Mqenebe, is a seasoned reliability and maintenance consultant and advisor with 8 years of solid experience inthe field. He had been invited in different maintenance and reliability trainings in South Africa, Nepal, India and USA. His portfolio ofmaintenance trainings include Maintenance Management courses on TPM, Lubrication, Tribology, Condition-Based Maintenance,RCM, RCFA, Planned Maintenance, World Class Maintenance Management, The 12 Disciplines, Oil Contamination Control, Life CycleManagement, Maintenance Indices and KPI’s, Maintenance Strategies and much more. Ntozelizwe previously worked with UmgeniWater, as Engineer-In Training, System Administrator and later Reliability Engineer. He worked for Engineering & Projects Companyas their Mechanical Engineer on the Ghana Tarkwa CIL Project, and later on the Namibian Langer Heinrich Uranium Project. Hejoined VWS Envig on the RBMR project and Madagascar project in Ambatovy. Worked as a Systems Engineer for Port ElizabethMetropolitan Municipality on their Operations & Maintenance module for EDAMS. He joined Arcelormittal Newcastle (Sinter Plant)as a Senior Engineer responsible for Reliability and Maintenance services. Ntozelizwe is currently working for Lizwe Engineers asthe CEO since 2009. GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj Pillay Johannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc. Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  3. 3. DAY 1 DAY 2 08:00 – 08:20 Early morning refreshments 08:00 – 08:20 Early morning refreshments and registration 08:20 – 08:30 Opening address 08:20 – 08:30 Opening address 08:30 – 10:30 Loads, Shells & Joints Continued ... 08:30 – 10:30 Background information • Advanced shell design – pressure and • Industry terms and jargon defined combined loadings • Examples of pressure vessel failures • Advanced shell design – stiffening rings • Tensile tests and stress-stain diagrams • End design – thickness, shape, attachment • Stresses: Primary, secondary, peak and allowable • Design of doors, stays and manholes, etc. • Failure theories • Worked example problems • Thin walled versus thick-walled pressure vessels • Roark’s, Shigley’s and Timoshenko’s formulas 10:30 – 10:45 Mid-morning Break versus Finite Element (FEA) methods • Background information to ASME Code and its rules 10:45 – 11:30 Openings, Connections, • Vessel classes Branches & Supports • Worked example problems • Design of openings – un-reinforced and reinforced • Design of connections and branches 10:30 – 10:45 Mid-morning Break • Design of vessels supports • Worked example problems 10:45 – 12:45 Layout • Pressure vessel parts and components: Shell, head, 11:30 – 12:45 Ancillaries legs, skirt, internals, etc. • Level gauges • Pressure Vessel Orientation • Arrestors • Examples of industry standard pressure vessels for • Relief valves various selected applications • Worked example problems 12:45 – 13:45 Lunch Break 12:45 – 13:45 Lunch Break 13:45 – 15:00 Manufacturing • Pressure vessel fabrication 13:45 – 15:00 Materials • Pressure vessel inspection • Materials selection and specification • Testing and documentation • Commonly used materials and their applications • Material identification 15:00 – 15:15 Afternoon Break • Materials testing • Corrosion allowances 15:15 – 16:45 ASME BPVC Section VIII Div. 1 15:00 – 15:15 Afternoon Break Comparison with AS 1210 • ASME pressure vessel code history and structure • A brief summary of design rules and equations 15: 15 – 16:45 Loads, Shells & Joints • A brief comparison between ASME BPVC • Design pressure, temperature, load factors and Section VIII Div. 1 and AS1210 combined loadings • A basic worked example problem to ASME BPV • Joint Design – Welded, Brazed, Soldered, etc. Section VIII Div. 1 • Basic shell design – internal pressure only • Advanced shell design – pressure and 16:45 End of Day Two combined loadings • Worked example problems 16:45 End of Day OneGLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates
  4. 4. Pressure Vessel Applications, Operations ONLY and Maintenance R749 30 - 31 October 2012 Per D eleg 0Registration Form Global Prospectus Training Centre, ex. VA ate, T. 366 Pretoria Avenue, RandburgGPW Marketing Fax Completed Registration Form To: +27 11 781 6044Company Name:Type of Business:Address:Tel: Fax: VAT Number:Delegate 1:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 2:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 3:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 4:Position: E-Mail:Delegate 5:Position: E-Mail:AUTHORISATION: Signatory must be authorised to sign on behalf of Company CREDIT CARDName: Cardholder’s Name: DETAILSPosition: Credit Card Number:Signature: Date: CVC No: Expiry Date:PAYMENT METHODS1. Bank Transfer - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. 2. Credit card - Please fill in your credit card details above First National Bank: Randburg 3. Cheques - Made Payable to: Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. Account Number: 62109 270372 Branch Code: 254005TERMS & CONDITIONSThe following terms and conditions will apply: Substitutions Payment is required in full 5 days from date of invoice Delegates must inform Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd in writing All payments to be made directly to Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. of any substitutions. No seats will be reserved, unless Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. receives a signed registration form. There is no charge for substitutions. Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. reserves the right, due to circumstances beyond our control, to change Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for incorrect speakers, program content, date & venue. Delegate details on Certi s, etc. in the event of substitutions being The signed registration form is a legally binding contract. made on the day of the conference. In the event of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd having to cancel or postpone an event due to circum-Cancellations stances beyond our control, delegates will be issued with a credit voucher,All cancellations will be subject to approval by the management of Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd. - which may be used at another of our events.All cancellations made 7 days prior to date of the above mentioned event will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee.Cancellations made within 7 days of date of the above mentioned event, will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee. - Global Prospectus Training (PTY) Ltd will not be held liable for travel and accommoda -The will be no refunds or credit vouchers. tion costs. The conference fee includes: conference material, lunches and refreshments, but excludes travel & accommodation.GLOBAL PROSPECTUS TRAINING (PTY) LTD. Chief Executive O er - Dhevaraj PillayJohannesburg - Tel: +27 11 781 6222 Fax: +27 11 781 6044 Marketing - Auditors - Russell Bedford SA (Jhb) Inc.Pietermaritzburg - Tel: +27 33 391 4229 Fax: +27 33 391 5722 Design - (071 018 8355) Legal - DA Morris & Associates