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Life After Restructuring - Pamela Truitt


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Life After Restructuring - Pamela Truitt

  1. 1. Pam Truitt, Initiative
  2. 2. TPF is a ‘New Realities’foundation that works toencourage and inspirephilanthropy throughcommunications, financeand technology.
  3. 3. New Realities emerge whenentities collaborate ininnovative ways, sharing whatthey learn for the benefit of all.As a result, TPF operates in thespace of possibilities, or “What can be.”
  4. 4. Collaborative Restructuring InitiativeEncourage and support long-termcollaborations among nonprofitsworking in the same area in order toincrease efficiency, reduce duplicationof efforts and maximize impact throughthe application of sound businesspractices.
  5. 5. On a typical day…..• Facilitations• Seeding Florida with strategic restructuring consultantsAnd…….
  6. 6. Collaborating with others to leverage and learn • La Piana Consulting • Lodestar Foundation • Foellinger Foundation • Forbes Fund • Foundation for the Carolinas • Greater Atlanta Community Foundation • Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Center at Rollins College • Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida • Nonprofit Resource Center, Sarasota • Others?
  7. 7.