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True Love = One Family at A Time


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True Love = One Family at A Time

  1. 1. True Love :3rd Nov 20112 GPYC. Indonesia
  2. 2. Dream Big? Vision = Wawasan It gives clear goal and mission Source of imagination, creativity & inspiration source of Zeal and Drive Source of Team work
  3. 3. We endeavors to bring our human family togetherwithin every level of society. When we heal the family…. we heal the world.
  4. 4. The traditional family is the cornerstone of society andthe first school where love is learned.Moral standards exist to protect us andpromote the health of our families.
  5. 5.  Family is the very base in providing character education training and leadership education.
  6. 6. A life of true happiness Logic of Building ideal Family LoveMorality, in search of ideal, truth, beauty &goodness Value SpiritualHuman behavior 、 eg : attire 、 food 、 Social & creationshelter 、 manners… culturalBiological law in control , eg : Bio Biologicalbreathing 、 heart beat 、sleep 、 sex….. lawPhysical law govern every thing: eg: PhysicalJump from high building – injury or die Human Dimension Joy & happiness has many level
  7. 7. Relationship are Interconnected individual to Global Indivi dual EducationPoliti Social Cultural c Media & Artistic Religi Famil Econ on omic y World Media Natio Environ n ment
  8. 8. The Challenges: The Feeling About SEX, sexual organ & sexual things • Por n • Shy distorted• Yucky view •T • aboo • Bed & B ad Pleasure
  9. 9. Many kinds of unhappiness & problems.. Out of wedlock AIDS OrphansDivorce Single Parents Wars
  10. 10. Family Breakdown 10
  11. 11. What Is The Most Important To You?FamilyLove KnowledgeMoney Special someone power House
  12. 12. Building Nation of Prosperity,One Family at a time  Individual happiness  Family stability  National strengths
  13. 13. The Most Important things1.Family2.Love3.God4.Money5.Education6.Friends
  14. 14. Character —Foundation for Strong Marriage
  15. 15. Are They Balanced? Career Marriage Preparation Preparation
  16. 16. Where to Nurture our Heart? FAMILY
  17. 17. The School of Love Ideal Leader & societyBegins from an ideal family
  18. 18. Spiritual Moral - Ethical• Experience Gods Love • Character Development• Learn Principles of Life • Live for Others
  19. 19. 4 realm of Heart ( 4 Spheres of Love) in the Family : Parental Heart Conjugal Heart Sibling’s Heart Children’s Heart
  20. 20. Natural Order in the Family GrandVertical parents Individual Order Order Parents Brother Sister Brother Sister Children Horizontal Order
  21. 21. Natural Order in the Universe
  22. 22. Natural Order in the Universe Center of GalaxyVertical Order Individual Order SunMercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Horizontal Order
  23. 23. The Four Realms of Love  Child’s Love  Sibling’s Love  Spouse’s Love  Parent’s Love
  24. 24. Culture & Tradition Trust • Commitment • Aspiration Love • Principle & value WorldFather Mother Nation Grow of Heart ・・・ Society Selfish Heart mind Family
  25. 25. Building a High Trust Culture Trust • Commitment Integrity • Aspiration World • Principle & value Leader Member Nation Transformation begin s ・・・ Society Self-interest Heart & mind Family
  26. 26. Live for others = Way to maturingcharacterMatured Expanded capacity to give and receive loveCharacter Stage ThreeMaturing Stage TwoCharacter Stage One
  27. 27. Live for others voluntary is a process…Parental Expanding the heart Heart Parental Conjugal Maturing Sibling Heart ChildrenUnwilling Servant $$$$$ Heart Slave Prisoner
  28. 28. PURE love in family Parents Younger Sibling 4 great love 1. Children‘s Love husban P.L Wife d 2. Sibling‘s Love Elder 3. Conjugal Sibling Childre Love n In the center, There is Pure Love Based on 4. Parent‘s purity between husband and wife. Love
  29. 29. Every love & Only Love 100%? Love for Everyone Love for Only one Marriage Love for Everyone “ “ Love for Only one “he more you sharehis love, the happier This love should not beou are. Shared.. Brothers and sisters husband & wife. Children - Centered on pure love. Parents
  30. 30. True Love & False Love Unconditional  conditional Live for greater good  Selfish individualism Eternal  temporarily, false Unchanging &  changeable, Responsible Irresponsible Unique  Give and remember Absolute greed Give and Forget  Vengeance, enmity Bring peace & Happiness  Discriminate  Bring pain and sorrow True Love False Love
  31. 31. Pure Love & True Love Unconditional Giving and forget Getting bigger TRUE LOVE For sake of others Love for everyone The greatest love PURE LOVE Starting point of True love Love for only one The most important love
  32. 32. Question : What is the most precious thing in yourlife? Why / For what you were born as a man or women? What is the most important / significant organ in your body?
  33. 33. What is the most important organ ? Love organ• without love organ, where would truelove blossom and be perfect ?• where would new life form ?• How could blood lineage be passed on ?
  34. 34. Love LifeUM ASIA Lineage
  35. 35. Absolute Sex & True Family The most Love important organ organ in our body Who is the owner of our sexual organ? It’s our spouse ! Pure love is the Best gift we can offer to our spouse Husband & wife give 100% pure love to each other mentally, spiritually and physically From there , we can build an ideal family which accomplish 4 Great realms of Heart.
  36. 36. The Significance of Sexual Love With freedom comes responsibility ConscienceIndividual
  37. 37. The Significance of Sexual Love With freedom comes responsibility Conscience SpouseIndividual
  38. 38. The Significance of Sexual LoveWith freedom comes responsibility Conscience SpouseIndividual Child
  39. 39. Sex is linked to the deepest aspects of our Life Love HOLY SacredConscience Sex Life HOLY LineageSacred
  40. 40. Question : Why? Why ? Why ? Why your love organ is in your spouse hand ? If so, then what is the relationship between you & your love organ ?
  41. 41. Freedom & Responsibility:Individual • Without restraint • To be responsible… to fulfill the greatest
  42. 42. Responsible means No complains – criticize – contemn Find solution Take challenges & difficulties as an opportunity to grow That’s the character building
  43. 43. Private victory before Public • Self -Governance• To be responsible… to fulfill the greatest
  44. 44.  Every entity has its purpose of existence If we don’t use it as it was intended…. Sex in Marriage =>Bring Birth, Happiness Mature Conjugal Love, Right Create Lineage UseLoveOrgan Wrong Sadness Use Prostitute, Bitterness Sex affairs Problems Premarital Sex
  45. 45. Importance of Abstinence & Keeping Pure Love Before Marriage The most precious gift offered at time of marriage. The gift of pure love has the highest value The most important point in the education for young people
  46. 46. 貞潔 婚前性行為Sex Pure Love Premarital把那一個給最心愛的終身伴Which one you will choose for your侶呢? most loving spouse ?
  47. 47. True love power bring true happiness Physical Spiritual Body Mind growth growth Mature character
  48. 48. Mature man & women Spiritual LoveBody Mind Body Mind 心與體合一 Happiness 遵守真愛的法則 Instinctual Love
  49. 49. Spouse’s SphereDraws on Other Spheres
  50. 50. Qualities Most Valued by Married Couples  Caring  Honesty  Trust  Fidelity  Commitment  Willingness to sacrifice  Sense of humor
  51. 51. Selecting a Marriage PartnerLess SuccessfulOuter Traits focus Attractiveness  Character Wealth  Beliefs Status  Ability to love
  52. 52. A life of true happiness Logic of Building ideal Family LoveMorality, in search of ideal, truth, beauty &goodness Value SpiritualHuman behavior 、 eg : attire 、 food 、 Social & creationshelter 、 manners… culturalBiological law in control , eg : Bio Biologicalbreathing 、 heart beat 、sleep 、 sex….. lawPhysical law govern every thing: eg: PhysicalJump from high building – injury or die Human Dimension Joy & happiness has many level
  53. 53. Parental love – Should be True Parents love Heaven Father Mother True love True life Children True lineage
  54. 54. Character Developmentthrough Four Spheres of Love Higher spheres —  Founded on lower spheres  More unselfish & responsible  Require effort
  55. 55. Life, Love and Lineage in Family Son & Daughter Husband & Wife Birth Getting Marriage older...death Blessing and after lifeChildhood(brother & sister) Mother and Father
  56. 56. “4 Great Realms of Heart” * Parental Love * * Conjugal Love ** Love ** Support Fundamental* Sacrificial * Trust* living together in harmony * LoveUnconditional* Believe * Respect* Rely * Serve* Help * Sibling’s Love * * Childrens Love *
  57. 57. Nation’s Future: Based on Family Jonathan Edwards was the first president of Princeton University and one of the key religious leaders during the "Great Awakening" in America. Max Jukes. Jukes was a Dutch immigrant that arrived in New York in the early 1700s. He was an atheist, an alcoholic who couldn’t hold a job, and married a prostitute.
  58. 58. Nation’s Future: Based on Family JONATHAN EDWARDS(1,394 descendants traced) 13 college presidents 65 college professors 30 judges 100 lawyers 60 physicians 75 army and navy officers 100 pastors 60 prominent authors 80 public servants in other capacities including governors and ministers to foreign countries 3 United Stated senators 1 Vice-President of the United States
  59. 59. Nation’s Future: Based on Family MAX JUKES ? ? (903 descendants traced) 310 delinquents who never finished school and died in poverty 145 confirmed drunkards 190 public prostitutes 285 had sexually transmitted diseases 150 spent an average of 13 years in prison
  60. 60. Nation’s Future: Based on Family • Strong Family, marital fidelity • art, science • Rise of • culture Civilization • creativity Family breakdown, pre-marital, extra-marital sex Decline & Death of Civilizations (within 3 generations) NO EXCEPTIONS! Prof. J.D. Unwin’s Study of 88 Civilizations 61
  61. 61. ConclusionOwner of my Love Organ is my Spouse(keeping purity of mind and body)The value of Love organ:Palace of Love, Life, Lineage, and conscienceRule of LOVE that brings us Happiness:True love for everyonePure love for only one Make it sure, Keep it pure!
  62. 62. ConclusionTherefore, the proper use of conjugallove, is not only central to the well-being of the family, it is critical forsocial harmony and world peace. OneFamily Under God can be establishedby creating ideal families centered ontrue love.
  63. 63. Pure Love Pledge The pure relationship of love between a man and a woman is a sacred gift, to be cherished and honored for the sake of building a true family, a healthy society, and world peace. Once that love is consummated, it should never be broken. Therefore, from now on, I commit myself to:
  64. 64.  Respect and honor the purity in myself and others; Practice true love as a child, friend, sibling, and parent; Sharing my pure love only with my future spouse (Keeping purity); Refrain from all sexual relationships before marriage; Dedicate myself to absolute fidelity within marriage; Encourage others to do the same.