Delgado rameraz treasure hunter (ppt 2)


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Delgado rameraz treasure hunter (ppt 2)

  1. 1. Delgado Rameraz Treasure hunter By Gerard Schultz Press F5 on your keyboard and then Click here to beginReferences (Wide desert, 2012) (Movie Adventure, 2012)
  2. 2. The year is 1934. You are the world renown treasure hunter DelgadoRameraz.You have come to Egypt in search of undiscovered riches. After a hot andgruelling journey you find yourself in a busy market place at the end of atypical blistering Egyptian day.All around are vendors shouting, cajoling and vying for your attention. In ashadowy corner of the bazaar you notice a mysterious, veiled woman iswatching you. At first you try to ignore her, but eventually curiosity wins outand you approach her stall.As you approach her stall you notice the woman is selling trinkets.“Welcome Sir, I have been watching you. Please look as you wish”. Youcasually sort through the items on the table when you notice a beautifulruby and gold amulet. “I see you have an eye for beauty”, the womanremarks. “Please follow me there is someone I would like you to meet”.What do you do Delgado?Follow the mysterious, veiled woman – click here to continue.Tell the woman you would prefer to keep looking around, there is somethingabout her you don’t trust – click here to continue.Steal the beautiful gold and ruby amulet – click here to continue. (Cairo, 2012) (Cairo Market, 2012)
  3. 3. You decide to follow the mysterious, veiled womaninto a shadowy, forbidding alley. You are ledthrough a doorway into a cold, small room. Thedoor slams behind you. Inside the room there is aman in ragged clothing who looks like he has noteaten in days. “This is Omar Tarack, he may helpyou find what you seek”. As you look to the oldman he begins to speak. “ You are a very honestand strong man. For a small fee I can take you tothe Pyramid of the Serpents”.Do you…Refuse to pay the old man and leave the shop? Ifso, click here.Share your food with the old man? If so, click here.Pay the old man to take you to the fabled Pyramidof the Serpents? If so, click here. (Alley, 2012) (Door Squeak Shut, 2012)
  4. 4. You decide to continue lookingaround the city. After days ofwalking the unfriendly streets ofCairo, sleeping in door wayswhere you can, you begin to runout of food and money.Eventually you find yourself backin the bazaar where you notice astall selling delicious smellingfood. You decide to approach thestall.But Delgado, do you…Beg for food? – If so, click hereto continue.Steal food? – If so, click here tocontinue.Offer to work for food? – If so,click here to continue. (Doorway, 2012) (Cairo Market, 2012)
  5. 5. You are too exhausted to run. Youdecide to give yourself up but thepolice have no sympathy for yourstory. After taking everything youpossess, the police lead you throughalley after alley to a dark forebodingbuilding.This does not look good Delgado.Click here to continue.. (Alleyway, 2012) (Soldiers March, 2012)
  6. 6. “I don’t need to pay someone to showme the Pyramid of the Serpents”, yousneer. “I am Delgado Rameraz!”. Youturn to leave the old mans house butthe mysterious woman blocks your way.Suddenly, you are seized by a giant of aman with a long black beard and flowingred robes who seems to have appearedfrom nowhere. “You cannot leave nowyou have seen the face of OmarTarack”, the woman says quietly. “Take him to the dungeon”.Click here to continue. (Doors, 2012) (Scary Music, 2012)
  7. 7. This poor old man looks like he has not eaten in days. “Please Sir I don’t have much but will you share this modest meal with me”, you say. The old man looks at you with gratitude in his eyes. As you eat together the old man tells you of many things, this old man is wise and there is more to him than you first thought. You are invited to stay the night with the old man and in the morning all is revealed. The next morning you are woken by the old man. “As you know my name is Omar Tarack, but I am not a poor man. I work for the Sultan and he has asked me to find a husband for his only daughter. Will you come with me to the palace and meet the Sultan and his lovely daughter, Princess Marissa?” Do you go with Omar to meet the Sultan and his daughter? Yes – click here. No, you have no wish to be married – click here.(Omar, 2012) (Arabic departure, 2012)
  8. 8. As the sun sets you are taken to the outskirtsof Cairo. Here you are introduced to sometough, scruffy but intelligent looking men.These men seem to have all the equipmentincluding camels food and water. “We believewe know the whereabouts of the Pyramid ofthe Serpents, but we could always use thehelp of the famous Delgado Rameraz”, saysthe first man. “You are welcome to joinus, we leave tonight”.If you join the men you will have to share thePyramid’s treasure. If you go alone you mayfind the treasure first and keep it for yourself.This is a difficult decision Delgado, will youjoin the men or go on into the desert on yourown?To join with the men, click here.To go on alone, click here. (Camels, 2012) (Arabic departure, 2012)
  9. 9. You plead for food from the vendor, you are notproud but you are hungry. After gazing at youintently for what seems like forever, the vendordecides to take pity. “Here eat this, you look to meto be a treasure hunter” says the vendor. “I knowof some men who are seeking the same riches asyou. If you agree I will take you to meet them”.This may be the chance you have been waiting forDelgado. Will you…Agree to meet the other treasure hunters? – ifso, click here.Thank the man for the food but continue on? – ifso, click here. (Bazaar, 2012) (Cairo Market, 2012)
  10. 10. Trying to look casual you slowly approach the food stall.When you think the vendor is not looking you quicklysnatch two apples and a sweet pastry and stuff them intoyour dirty canvas bag.“Stop thief!” shouts the vendor and as if from nowhere aband of Egyptian police come running.You could be in trouble Delgado! What will you do?Click here if you decide to run from the policeClick here if you decide to give yourself up.Click here if you decide to try and bribe the police. (Bazaar, 2012) (Cairo Market, 2012)
  11. 11. You are in the desert. You begin to wander, thesun is beating down, and you are down to yourlast drop of water.Delgado you must decide which way to go.Will you go… click hereclick here click here click here (Navigational compass, 2012) (Very strong winds, 2012)
  12. 12. You continue to wander. There is nothing outhere Delgado. You have thirstily drunk your lastdrop of water. The end is near.Good bye Delgado. The End. Click here to return to the start. (Wide desert, 2012) (Very strong winds, 2012)
  13. 13. After a long journey with Omar through the bustling city you reachthe gates of the Sultan’s palace.Such a palace you have never seen before and as you wait to meetthe Sultan you are amazed at the riches that surround you. Thewalls are lined with priceless treasures and ornate gold statues.Finally you meet Princess Marissa, the Sultan’s most precioustreasure. The instant you meet you fall in love with each other andagree to marry. Soon Delgado you will be a Prince and haveeverything you have every dreamed of – all from your generosity toan old man. Congratulations! The End. Click here to return to the start. (Indian bride and groom, 2012) CCC (Movie Adventure, 2012)
  14. 14. (Wide desert, 2012)Once again your arrogance wins out. You areDelgado Rameraz! You work alone. Feelingrefreshed you decide to take your chances in thedesert to search for the Pyramid of the Serpentsalone.Click here to continue. (Very strong winds, 2012)
  15. 15. After many days of weary travel you have nearly reached the point ofexhaustion. You crest the top of an enormous dune and there before youis a sight that few men have seen in thousands of years. The Pyramid ofthe Serpents! This is everything you have dreamed of and worked for.Here you find untold riches, gold and jewels beyond your wildestimagination. You will now be remembered as the greatest treasurehunter in history. Well done Delgado! You are rich! The End. Click here to return to the start. (Pyramid, 2012) (Movie Adventure, 2012)
  16. 16. You are taken to meet the supervisor of a work gang in the desert.This man is angry and seems to treat the workers poorly. Afteryour first day of work you realise you are not a worker but a slave.For days you are worked beyond exhaustion and are fed very little.You are free to escape but there is nowhere to go but desert.Do you risk escaping and finding your way back to Cairo throughthe desert? Yes – click here. No – click here. (Tall desert, 2012) (Anguish, 2012)
  17. 17. You decide to stay as your freedom is notworth the risk of dying of thirst in the desertin the searing heat.As the days pass you become weaker andweaker and the angry supervisor begins tonotice you are not pulling your weight. Oneevening after a hard day’s work you arethrown into a truck and taken to ruins in thedesert.Click here to continue. (Ruins, 2012) (Anguish, 2012)
  18. 18. You are thrown into a deep, dark dungeon. Allaround you see the remains of those whohave gone before you. There is no way out. Itlooks like this is the end. Good bye Delgado. The End. Click here to return to the start. (Basement, 2012) (Horror Pause, 2012)
  19. 19. You soon discover that the only wayout of this dry, dusty city is into thedesert. You have no choice Delgado!Click here to continue. (Cairo, 2012) (Very strong winds, 2012)
  20. 20. Lucky for you Delgado, the police are corrupt. After takingeverything you have the police tell you they will deliver yousafely but Delgado they do not tell you where they willdeliver you. You are taken out into the desert.As you are thrown onto the sand the policeman in chargelaughs and says “If you can find your way out of the desertyou are free”.Click here to continue. (Wide desert, 2012) (Scary Music, 2012)
  21. 21. Alas, Delgado you foolish man you cannotresist a beautiful treasure but stealingwas a mistake.The mysterious woman shouts“Stop, thief!”. Suddenly there arewhistles shrieking and as you turn yousee police coming from every corner ofthe bazaar towards you.Do you…Run from the police? – If so, click here.Give yourself up? – If so, click here.Bribe the police? - If so, click here. (Ring, 2012) (Refree [sic] blowing whistle, 2012)
  22. 22. Omar says “You are making amistake my friend but I respectyour decision. You will be takenback to the bazaar.” With a shakeof Omar’s hand you are led back tothe bazaar to once again find yourway alone.Click here to continue. (Doors, 2012) (Arabic departure, 2012)
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