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Indigenous tribes, the Orang                                                   !980s Borneo was world’s                   ...
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Threats malaysian trf


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Threats malaysian trf

  1. 1. Indigenous tribes, the Orang !980s Borneo was world’s 9000 Kenyah people Asli have also been displaced Clear felling was used leading largest exporter of tropical forced to leave. and when they protest some to total destruction of the wood. Poor, cannot pay for have been arrested (Penan forests. Community 2003) new homes, depression and Malaysia has a protection policy but Recently selective logging. Less alcoholism are illegal logging still takes places. damaging in terms of numbers it common. Particularly in unsafe areas, leading reduces biodiversity and needs to soil erosion. large machinery and roads. The 2009 $2bn HEP Bakun Dam in Sarawak will flood Slash & burn farming can 1000s of hectares of lead to uncontrolled forest. wildfires. An estimated Logging 230km2 of primary Fires forest has been cut Energy down. Common in Borneo, some natural; Threats to Malaysian TRF TRF has been cleared for lightning storms, Resettlement widespread tin mining and smelting plants; including Mining mining operations and roads. Rubber & Palm oilBetween 1956 & 1980 Plantationsan estimated 15000ha of TRF was cleared. Mining itself Deforestation is pollutes the land widespread and and rivers To relieve overcrowding threatens the survival cities people were Drilling for oil of the orang utans encouraged to move to & gas started rural areas. in Borneo. Widespread Rubber plantations = large areas cleared. As rubber demand declined plantations During the 1970s owners have been abandoned. received a 10yr tax break to Malaysia is the world’s convert forest to palm oil., largest exporter of palm oil. increasing the land cleared.