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Value of the Client's Life to break the vicious cycle of violence


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Value of the Client's Life to break the vicious cycle of violence

  1. 1. GO ANOTHER MILE WITH BATTERED WOMEN AND CHILDRENThey Need Your Support! Hui-Jung Chi, CEO Garden of Hope Foundation
  2. 2. CURRENT SITUATION OF WOMEN AND CHILDREN WHO ARE VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE According to the study by Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee (DVSAPC), Ministry of Interior Affairs in 2012, the statistics shows:  Battered women and children who called hotline 113 amounts to 69,543 people (number of men are removed).  Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Committee, Ministry of Interior provided a total of more than USD1.3k
  4. 4. RESOURCE INVENTORY OF THE REHABILITATION PROCESS OF BATTERED WOMEN AND CHILDREN : Police, health care, legal assistance, In Crisis emergency safety, shelter, emergency aid and emergency life support.。 : Life Rent subsidies, living support, Rehabilitation psychological rehabilitation , child childcare / education allowance。
  5. 5. Government unequal allocation of resources  With the sum of the grant $13 million USD that DVSAPC has given to the victims of violence Government unequal allocation of resources Time 所佔資源(1:3) 所佔時間(6:1) Resource Consumption (6:1) Consumption (1:3) In 危機期 Crisis Life Rehabilita生活重建期 tion 3 1 1 6
  6. 6. Battered women and children in life Rehabilitation, their need in resource is US$80 million Battered Women (Based on 70 thousand persons Rent US$333/M × 1/4 Independence Need × 18y-30y reproductive women (100 thousand person) US$70million = Child Care US$333/M US$10million Total US$80 Million! PS : In terms of calculating the dark figure of victims 10 times, then up to $ 800 million is required .
  7. 7. Life Rehabilitation for Battered Women and Children Cry for Resources 政府提供資 源: 1億元 受暴婦幼所需資源:33億元 Gray: US$3.33 million that is invested by the 政府現投入資源333萬美元 government. Red: 受暴婦女生活重建需求資源8000萬美元 US$ 80 million that is required for battered women and children to rebuild their life.
  8. 8. The Outcome of Lack of Resources for Life Rehabilitation for Women and Children who is Victims of Violence  Government can only focus on crisis management and overlook rehabilitation.  Battered women and children are prone to falling into the cycle of abuse.  Each victim of abuse causes social loss of about US$ 10 thousands.  The annual investment of US$ 13 million by the government is not cost-efficient.  It is afraid that the governmental help and support for battered women and children will continuously stay in passive social welfare model, just like fixing a broken net. .
  9. 9. Let’s Compare the Budget Government Budget • Budget for Head of the 國防部主管預算100億美元 Department of National Defense is US$ 10 billion • Nuclear Power Plant no.4 核四投入運轉成本375億2千萬美元 Operation Cost is US$ 37.52billion • 政府協助受暴婦幼金額1300萬美元 Government’s Grant for Battered Women and Children US$ 13 million 0 1E+12
  10. 10. A Question to the Government: How to Allocate Resources to Make Citizens’ Life Better?
  11. 11. Astonishing Creation of Social Value = US$ 20,000 per person! If the society can invest in US$ 1866 more per victim of abuse, we can create a better society!
  12. 12. Study of the World Bank Investment in Women is Smart Economy- Once a women is employed, the whole family of the women take benefit from it.
  13. 13. CEDAw  Article 11: free choice of profession and employment, the right to promotion, job security and all benefits and conditions of service and the right to receive vocational training and retraining, including apprenticeships, advanced vocational training and recurrent training
  14. 14. International Labor Organization)(ILO)  A study from the International Labor Organization points out that in 2008, globally there were 6.3% female laborers there were waiting to be employed, while there were 5.9% male laborers that were waiting to be employed.
  15. 15. Ratio of Male/ Female Laboring Participation Total M F 58.4% 66.8 % 50.2 % Female labor participation rate is significantly lower than the male rate. Resource: 2013/May DirectorateGeneral of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan
  16. 16. Labor Participation Rate of Women who Has Spouse is Even Lower Married Single Woman Woman Total 49% 59.4% 50.2% Married Women’s Labor Participation Rate is Lower than Single Women Resource: 2011 DGBAS
  17. 17. How about Labor Participation Rate of Battered Women? •There’s no research on this issue, but we could imagine___ •From GOH’s experience of service, battered women are often traumatized greatly by physical or verbal abuse, and lost their self-esteem and self-confidence, which impacts their capability in employment and their ability to adapt to a work place. Hence, they might lost their work or become long term unemployed.
  18. 18. GOH Employment Program for Battered Women  With appropriate support and assistance, women who are victims of abuse can change from a dependent of social welfare and a negative influence of social productivity to become a productive worker, creating positive social productive value and support herself and her dependents. 80% Employment Rate! Negative to Postive Productivity
  19. 19. GOH Initiatives:  To Enterprises: Requests to release more employment opportunities for vulnerable women.  To Government: to release more resources to help vulnerable women become employed. Include facilities, tools, employment social worker, subsidies for salary, child care emergency aid, housing aid…etc. To reduce the obstacles of employment for vulnerable women
  20. 20. Thank You!