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Model of Supporting Office for DV Survivors


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Model of Supporting Office for DV Survivors

  1. 1. Model of Supporting Office for Domestic Violence Survivors Nguyen Van Anh – Director Center for Studies and Applied Sciences in Gender – Family – Women and Adolescents (CSAGA)
  2. 2. Introduction of CSAGA We are proud to have helped improving Vietnamese women’s lives since 2001 CSAGA is a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization with extensive experience in gender equality promotion and the prevention of gender-based violence
  3. 3. Mission Our mission is to promote the implementation of the rights of women and children affected by violence and discrimination in Vietnam using innovative approaches
  4. 4. Vision By 2016, CSAGA will become a pioneering organization initiating social movements to promote the implementation of the rights of women and girls through creative psychological impact processes
  5. 5. Working Areas Gender equality Domestic violence AREAS OF WORK Human trafficking Violence against children Sexual minorities (lesbians)
  6. 6. Impact Directions Prevention Protection IMPACT DIRECTIONS Advocacy
  7. 7. Supporting Office for DV Survivors Hotline Trusted Address Clubs for Victims Oct 2012 Medical Support Legal Aid Livelihood Established since 2012 under the sponsor of UN Trust Fund
  8. 8. Counseling Hotline for DV Survivors • Established in 1997 - This is the initial activity of Supporting Office for DV Survivors, merged from the current operation of CSAGA Center • Received and handled problems related to domestic violence from the insiders
  9. 9. Counseling Hotline for DV Survivors • We’ve received and consulted for thousands domestic violence survivors and perpetrator via counseling hotline as:  In 2012: 5,171 calls with 14,627 counseling minutes  In 2013: 3,208 calls with 1,1559 counseling minutes
  10. 10. Clubs for DV Survivors • To create a safe environment for members to share their feelings and experiences, then they can find their confidence and support from community
  11. 11. Clubs for DV Survivors • Conducting lots of activities to provide clubs’ members knowledge and skills to prevent and fight against violence The 1st CLUB of Supporting Office The karate class Drama performance “Inviting myself to hope”
  12. 12. Clubs for DV Survivors Giving Loans for members of STAND-UP Club
  13. 13. Clubs for DV Survivors “Women Sharing” Clubs have been applied in all CSAGA’s project sites  25 clubs are now operating  37 clubs operated in 20 cities and provinces
  14. 14. Medical Support • In 2002, CSAGA collaborated with Duc Giang Hospital to establish OSCC (One Stop Crisis Centre) • OSCC has welcomed more than 1000 domestic violence survivors for during 07 years Duc Giang Hospital
  15. 15. Legal Aid • Cooperated with domestic lawyers, journalists, poli cy makers • Support survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence of the law enforcement
  16. 16. Livelihood • Under the sponsor of Atlantic Philanthropies, we’ve organized 09 training courses of making candles, oil and soups for 89 DV Survivors
  17. 17. Livelihood • And created jobs for more than 20 DV survivors
  18. 18. Livelihood • Cooperated with World Bank, established the Laundry mastered by DV survivors
  19. 19. Trusted Address We now have more than 200 Trusted Address provided mental consulting, clothes and place to sleep for 1 night for domestic violence survivors and their children
  20. 20. Challenges • Difficulties on raising fund to maintain Supporting Office • The discrimination of community and the threat of perpetrators to survivors • Human resources limited, lack of professional knowledge and skills to facilitate Supporting Office
  21. 21. Donors and Partners • Supporting Office for DV Survivors has been supported by donors and partners in and outside Vietnam
  22. 22. Conclusion • Supporting Office is practical, economical and easy-to-apply model for all cities and provinces all over Vietnam • Each survivor needs to get comprehensive support: Shelter, legal aid, occupational support… It means they need support from the whole society