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Bangladesh Govt Policies towards VAW in Relation to Women and Shelter


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Government of Bangladesh’ Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women

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Bangladesh Govt Policies towards VAW in Relation to Women and Shelter

  1. 1. Government Policies and Legislative provisions Towards VAW in relation to Women and Shelter Presented by: Mashuda Khatun Shefali Executive Director,NUK Bangladesh. Presented at the Women’s Shelter Conference in Taiwan, Dec 2-4, 2013
  2. 2. Women in Bangladesh Bangladesh is a sovereign country in South Asia, its capital is Dhaka. It is the third largest Muslim Country in the World. Status of Women in Bangladesh Women constitute half of the population (49%),but enjoy subordinated status. Bangladesh is a gender and class segregated society. The Socioinstitutional Relationship is male dominated. The Patrilocal resident ship and matrilineal Kinship culture places as mother, wives and daughter in an inferior and dependent position that are denials of equal opportunity in every sphere of life. Gender inequality is manifested though socio-economic differences and stratifications of authority and assets between sexes sanctioned by the stratifications of the society.
  3. 3. GENDER AND HUMAN RIGHTS SITUATION The constitution of Bangladesh clearly upholds the principles of equality between men and women. However, despite the provisions, women enjoy minority status being under the permanent protection cycle of male guardianship. Hence women are systematically discriminated in terms of food intake, access to education, health, employment, freedom of choice, marriage, divorce, reproductive rights and inheritance rights, sharing assets, property and resourced distribution. Gender based violence is perpetrated at family, society and other level in many forms including wife battering, rape, murder, trafficking, prostitution, molestation and sexual harassment . Rap appeared to be the number one violence against women and girls. Acid Attack is the closest form of violence against women are increasingly growing.
  4. 4. VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN VAW defined as "Any act of genderbased violence that results in, or is likely to result in Physical, Sexual or Physiological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether concurring in public or private life” UN Definition-1993. Majority of violence occurs in domestic environment, which is characterized physical, sexual, emotional abuse, intimidation, economic deprivation and constants threats of violence by the intimate partners or their kins.
  5. 5. Laws and legislative Situation regarding VAW in Bangladesh The Govt. of Bangladesh is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities and as functionaries of the state, has ratified international conventions including CEADAW, UN Conventions of the Rights of the Child, and Social and Cultural rights. Besides, the Constitutions of Bangladesh recognizes the equal rights of women. To combat the VAW the GOB enacted the following laws: Year Domestic Violence (prevention & Protection) Act The Women and Children Repression (prevention) Acid Control and Acid Crime prevention Act 2010 2000 2002
  6. 6. GOB’s Other Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women GOB under the scope of Ministry of Women and Children Affairs (MOWCA) has undertaken massive programmes to reduce GBV. Legal Aids Service Cell Multisectora l Program on VAW The ministry of Women Affairs set up legal aids services cell both in Central and in the District and Sub-district level for prevention violence against women and children. Currently there are a central cell in Dhaka and 22 District and 136 sub-district cells. Under the MOWCA, its is joint efforts of 9 Inter-Ministries towards combating Violence Against Women and children. The project components are implementing both in Dhaka and District level.
  7. 7. GOB’s Other Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women-Continue……… The Multi-Sectoral programme on Violence Against women has five components: One Stop Crisis Centre/Cell National Forseic and DNA Lab. Trauma Coun. Centre National Helpline OCC established in 40 District and 20 UZ Hospital provides health services, legal aids, police verification and protection, DNA test, Pschycosocial counseling, shelter and rehabilitation services to the victims of violence. To track down perpetrators of various heinous and despicable crimes such as rapes, murder, paternity, maternity and identifying defaced corps and continue supporting to the law enforcing agencies. With a view to provide health support to the victims of violence MOWCA has been established the centre at the DWA Office in Dhaka. To provide nation wide 24 hours services women and children victims of violence and their families, person who related to the victims of violence DWA headquarters has established national helpline Centre (10921).
  8. 8. GOB’s Other Initiatives to Combat Violence Against Women-Continue……… Women Support and Investigation Division – Bangladesh Police under Ministry of Home. The components are as follows: Victims Support Centre To provide women friendly policing support towards VAW BD Police with the coordinated efforts of 10 NGOs Victims Support Centre has been established Tejgoan Police station, where all are staffs are women.1 in Dhaka, 1 in Hill Tracks. Other divisions will follow the same. Joint address VAW 11 Ministry and 9 UN Agencies joint programme on capacity building to Govt. staff with the assistance from NGOs to develop necessary policy and porgrammes towards protection of women and children victims of violence. Women Support Team In 6 divisions Govt. is offering training cum shelters for rehabilitation of the victims of violence for through offering employment opportunities.
  9. 9. PROJECTS ,LEGISLATIVE PROVISIONS FOR WOMEN’S SHELTER HOME Bangladesh does not formal Shelter Programmes. But under the broader scope of VAW Women Support Centre work as temporary Shelter Home for the tortured women have been set up in 2009 in order to support to vulnerable , destitute women who have been the victims of torture. Services: •Receives Complaint; •Mediates conflict resolution through Counseling; •Settlements of financial Pledge (Den Mohaor) for wives and Children; •Counseling; •Legal Aids; •Safe Shelter Services of Safe Shelter According to their operational Manual, victims required safe living can stay for a maximum of 6 months with maximum of 2 children not exceeding 12 years. During their stay in the shelter home medicine, food and other essentials are supplied free of costs. The Shelter also offering skill training with employment opportunities for victims economic and social rehabilitation.
  10. 10. PROJECTS ,LEGISLATIVE PROVISIONS FOR WOMEN’S SHELTER HOME 2) SAFE CUSTODY FOR WOMEN, CHILDREN AND ADOLSCENTS: During trail, women and Children used to keep in prison as safe custody, which was very inhuman and rather more unsafe. During the time the victims used to psychologically and physically exposed to sate of being inflicted with. In this context, BWA has set up a 100 bed “Safe Shelter” for the women , children and Adoslcents, victims of violence required safe stay until the trial is over. Other Services of Safe Shelter For street children Govt. and NGOs are providing safe day/night time shelters and Shorter tem residential home for children in need of protection from abuse, exploitation and trafficking. Some NGOs, set up safe home cum schools for street children or brother based sex workers.
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