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Presentation of Tserenbaljir Mandakh, winner of the 1st Asian Girl Rights Award


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Presentation of Tserenbaljir Mandakh, winner of the 1st Asian Girl Rights Award.
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Read a moving and powerful monologue, written by Tserenbaljir Mandakh, winner of the 1st Asian Girl Rights Award.

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Presentation of Tserenbaljir Mandakh, winner of the 1st Asian Girl Rights Award

  1. 1. • Tserenbaljir Mandakh /TSEENEE/ • 18 years old • Have 1.5 year old daughter • Undergraduate student at the National University of Mongolia and study History and Chinese language • Was one of the clients of the “PRINCESS” center • Joined the “Young mothers’ club” • Elected as a Coordinator of the club
  2. 2. • was established in 2012 under the initiative of the Princess center for the protection of girls and young women’s rights • young mother-led and participatory club • consisted of 56 teenage and young mothers based in Ulaanbaatar city aged 15-20 years old • aims to make an activism for protecting teenage and young mothers’ rights by way of empowering them and developing their leadership skills • organizes various activities such as discussions, educational trainings and community events fortnightly for the empowerment of club members • runs awareness raising campaigns and implements projects for the protection of young mothers’ rights
  3. 3. • 44% of total pregnant teenage girls choose abortion • about 56% of them give birth Every year, approximately 8000 teenage girls aged 15-19 become pregnant in Mongolia.
  4. 4. Becoming pregnant and giving birth is not only women’s CHOICE and their RESPONSIBILITY. Unfortunately, teenage mothers are bringing up their children by their own. Where are fathers?
  5. 5. o Some of us drop out of their secondary schools due to early pregnancy. o Some of us cannot continue their education due to the lack of public child care service. o Some of us live in vulnerable condition because of unemployment. o Some of us cannot receive equal reproductive health service because of unfriendly relationship. o Some of us become a victim of unwanted pregnancy due to sexual abuse. o Some of us unable to walk-out with their children because of discrimination against them.
  6. 6.  being a strong and powerful voice of teenage mothers I believe that anyone cannot delegate us. I believe that we can be our own voice.  expanding membership of the Young mothers’ club through online and offline initiatives  ensuring active participation of members (teenage mothers) into club daily activities  contributing to ensure sustainability of a Club I believe that we can be strong and empowered in order to fight for our rights.  helping teen mothers to be confident, powerful and active in social life  providing human rights education with the collaboration of Princess center and other NGOs  uniting club members for girls’ rights
  7. 7.  will organize The First Forum of Young Mothers in the beginning of 2014 with the collaboration of the Princess center in order to make teenage and young mothers’ voice heard to policy makers.  will work for raising awareness of “Age of consent” amongst teen population in order to prevent unwanted and early pregnancy.  will focus on decreasing abortion rate amongst teenage girls and young women by way of organizing friendly trainings and awareness raising activities based on their sexual and reproductive rights.  will work for creating a friendly environment for girls and teen mothers
  8. 8. First… to make a strong activism of teenage and young mothers at First the national level Second… to become a good and successful example of Young Second mothers’ Activism at the regional level Third… to call teenage mothers of other Asian countries to be a part Third of our activism Fourth… to organize the Regional Forum of teenage and young Fourth mothers and share experiences Fifth… to establish a network of regional teenage mothers Fifth