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Theme 3-2-1 Yen-Chi Ting (Taiwan)_Shelter Strategy & Organization Management (English Version)


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Theme 3-2-1 Yen-Chi Ting (Taiwan)_Shelter Strategy & Organization Management (English Version)

  1. 1. The Application of Resilience and Empowerment In Good Shepherd Women Shelter Services 1
  2. 2. We are Good Shepherdone person is of more value than an entire world 2
  3. 3. Services for Children and Youths Services for Since 1987 Services for Anti-Human TraffickingAboriginal Family Since 2003 Since 1987 Services for Service forWomen and Children Foreign Spouses & Their Families in Crises Services for Since 2003 Since 1991 Single Parent and Adoption Since 2001 3
  4. 4. 38 centersAround Taiwan 4
  5. 5. The Beginning of Shelter Service forWomen Victims of Domestic violence Find out women suffered from domestic violence (1987-1991) Anshin Shelter -The first women shelter (1992) Expand our services of women shelter from Taipei to other counties around Taiwan ( 1996 ) 5
  6. 6. The Development of Good ShepherdServices for Women and Children in Crises Shelters for Women & Services for Children in Crises Women and Children In Crises Follow-up service for Women & Children Since 1991 left Shelter Services for Children who witnessed violence Court Services for Domestic Violence 6
  7. 7. Challenges for Woman Shelter Services • Services for vulnerable women are limited within shelter • The relationship between Government and Shelter has been changed • Services are provided on the basis of individual needs • Shelter’s living regulations are questioned and confronted • Human resources – recruitment and training 7
  8. 8. Our Reflection Do the services we provide comply with Good Shepherd mission and values? 8
  9. 9. Good Shepherd mission and valuesMission:We work to serve women and children, themarginalized and disadvantaged to restore theirdignity and resilience, thereby to improve theirlives. We also work to promote a fair and justsociety for all people.Values:Compassion, Dignity, Reconciliation, Respect,Zeal 9
  10. 10. Concept of Resilience1.The concept of resilience consists of two important components To confront difficulties with courage To construct life with positive thinking2. Resilience factors Risk factors Protective factors Risk factors + Protective factors = Results of Resilience 10
  11. 11. Application Structure of Resilience1. Resilience Cottage : Abilities of Social Skills and Problem-Solving Discovery of the Meanings of Life Community Support Network Sense of Humor Self-Esteem2. Grotberg I have, I am, I can I have - Having external resources I am - Intrinsically excellent and powerful I can – Attain knacks of social and problem solving skills 11
  12. 12. Structure of Empowerment1. Concept of Empowerment2. Fundamental Elements of Empowerment Dialogue Discovery Development3 Hepworth and Larsen (1993 : 496-497)•Strengthen self-esteem and partnership, identify existingstrengths•Intensify self-efficiency, provide information and skills trainingprograms to increase abilities of adapting changes 12
  13. 13. Empowerment strategies based on Resilience1. Build up relationship based on equality and cooperation Justice Respect Partnership2. Provide services based on non-instructive approach3. Avoid blame or diagnosis in resolving conflicts4. Build up confidence5. Accumulate successful experience6. Build up protective factors7. Identify risk factors 13
  14. 14. Application and Practice (I)1. Human Resource•Formation of Good Shepherd mission and spirit inthe yearly Empowerment Workshop.•Resilience workshop•External supervisors•Case study on the point of resilience•Professional training session•Site supervision 14
  15. 15. Application and Practice (II)2. Professional servicesConstantly review whether there is mutual respectand cooperation ( 1 ) case work ( 2 ) team work ( 3 ) shelter living regulations 15
  16. 16. Application and Practice (III)3. Facilities and environment Decorate the environment with the images of resilience Display the energy of life Service receiver’s participation4. Liaisons with Other resources Public sector Private sector Local community Service receiver’s personal supporting system 16
  17. 17. Thank you!! 17