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Theme 3-1-1 Shu-Fen Wang (Taiwan)_Towards the Road to Independence (Chinese …


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Theme 3-1-1 Shu-Fen Wang (Taiwan)_Towards the Road to Independence (Chinese …

  1. 1. 邁向獨立之路庇護安置經驗對受暴婦女的影響 ~以台北市蘭心家園為例 報告人:勵馨基金會台北市分事務 所 主任 王淑芬 2012/09
  2. 2. 研究動機民 90 年承接北市蘭心家園迄今疑問與好奇: 安置經驗在服務使用者生命中所造成的改變 ? 是否影響其選擇獨立生活?主管的認同支持及基金會補助本實務研究執行 經費
  3. 3. 蘭心家園 服務量: 100 年服務統計,共安置了 102 人, 64 位婦 女、 38 位兒童。 結案數: 100 年結案數共 85 位,婦女及兒少分別為 55 位 及 30 位。婦女個案中,離園後返回關係者佔 45% ,離 園 後獨立生活者或與親友同住則佔 55% 。 服務內容:  個案管理服務:支持性輔導、法律諮詢、經濟協助、 陪同服務(出庭、返家取物、就醫等)  團體方案服務:婦女支持教育團體、抒壓工作坊、 兒童教育輔導、親子團體
  4. 4. 研究目的本研究具體的研究目的如下:探討庇護安置經驗對受暴婦女對個人效能的影 響,包括強化自我功能、增進個人自我生活能力 及對自己能力的肯定。探討庇護安置經驗對受暴婦女後續處理親密關係 及暴力的影響。探討庇護安置經驗對受暴婦女選擇獨立生活的影 響。提出日後庇護安置服務未來發展與改進的相關建 議。
  5. 5. 研究設計 文獻分析 深度訪談  深度訪談對象:曾因親密暴力,於台北市蘭心家 園接受安置 3 個月以上,且辦理離園 1 年內者。  人數: 4 人。  訪談內容: 1. 基本資料:受訪者的年齡、教育程度、職業、安 置期間 2. 訪談內容:家園生活經驗與影響、獨立生活的決 定歷程及挑戰
  6. 6. 研究分析文獻資料顯示:受暴婦女要脫離暴力環境 的阻礙是多重複雜的。庇護經驗影響婦女走向獨立的內在趨力: 1. 反思親密暴力的影響 2. 子女的束縛與支撐力 3. 自我認同與決定:確認下一階段的目標與 方向 4. 個人特質與之前獨立生活經驗
  7. 7. 研究分析庇護經驗影響婦女獨立生活的外在動力: 1. 庇護機制功能與家園管理:(1) 環境調整的適應(2) 休養生息的地方滋養身心靈(3) 庇護家園的定位督促思考未來方向(4) 家園管理培養獨立生活能力(5) 家園環境友善與同儕的支持(6) 家園的資源拓展了生活經驗,增加了生 命的可能性
  8. 8. 研究分析2. 工作人員的支持與陪伴3. 工作人員的專業協助:(1) 生活重建歷程的引導:消除對未知的恐懼(2) 司法處遇的協助(3) 子女的安頓(托育)照顧(4) 經濟力的補充
  9. 9. 結論與建議( 一 ) 結論:庇護服務確實有效協助受暴婦女脫離暴力 環境,提供獨立生活的重要支持與資源。走向獨立之路的內在趨力,包括對親密暴 力的反思、子女的支持力、尋找自我認同 、個人特質與生活經驗。走向獨立之路的外在動力,包括庇護服務 的機制、工作人員的專業協助與支持陪伴 。
  10. 10. 結論與建議( 二 ) 建議:提供有意願走向獨立之路的受暴婦女適當 的庇護期提供受暴婦女生活重建資源,發展社區多 元支持服務就業服務發展多元住宿資源外籍配偶的相關倡議宣導反思目前庇護所的服務定位
  11. 11. 感謝聆聽敬請指教
  12. 12. Towards the Road to Independence: The Affect of a Shelter Experience on DV Victims Case Study of Taipei City’s Lan Hsin Shelter Shu-Fen WANG, DirectorGarden of Hope Taipei City Branch
  13. 13. Research MotivationOversee Lan Hsin Shelter since 2001Questions of Interest:  How does a shelter experience changes occupants’ lives?  Does it affect their choice to lead independent lives?Supervisor’s approval/support & Foundation’s research funding
  14. 14. Lan Hsin ShelterSheltered Individuals: 2001 Statistics, 102 persons (64 women, 38 children)Settled Cases in 2001: 85 persons (55 women, 30 children). 45% of women returned to original r’ship, 55% led independent lives or lived with family/friendsServices provided:  Case management service: Supportive counseling, Legal advice, Financial assistance, Accompaniment (court appearance, retrieval of valuables from home, hospital visits)  Group project service: Women’s support group education, De- stress workshop, Children education counseling, Parent-child groups  Life counseling service: Life management, Recreation & Entertainment, Spiritual Care
  15. 15. Research ObjectivesResearch of how a shelter experience affects:DV victims’ personal effectiveness, including strengthening ego function, increasing capability for independent living & self- fulfillmentDV victims’ management of subsequent intimate r’ship & violenceDV victims’ choice to lead independent livesProposals on how to develop & improve future shelter services
  16. 16. Research Design Literature Review/Analysis In-depth Interview  Subjects of in-depth interview: Victims of violence in intimate r’ships, who have stayed in Lan Hsin Shelter for more than three (3) months, & have left the Shelter within one (1) year  Number of Interviewees: Four (4) persons  Content of Interview: 1) Basic information: Age, Level of Education, Profession, Length of Stay in Shelter 2) Interview Content: Shelter experience & its influence, Process of choice to live independently & its challenges
  17. 17. Research Analysis Literature review: DV victims meets complex challenges when trying to leave violent environments How a shelter experience helps DV victims establish inner drive to build independent lives: 1. Reviews the influence of violence in intimate r’ships 2. Enable them to discipline children & support them 3. Build self-identity & independent decision-making skills-Determine the goals &directions of the next stage of life 4. Personal characteristics & previous experience of independent living
  18. 18. Research Analysis How a shelter experience helps DV victims establish external drive to build independent lives:1) Function of shelter structure & shelter management (1) Ease occupants’ ability to adapt to new environment (2) Provide resting place for spiritual rejuvenation (3) Guide in thinking about future direction (4) Cultivation of independent living skills through shelter management (5) Offer of friendship & peer support in shelter (6) Broaden life experiences, increasing possibilities in life
  19. 19. Research Analysis2. Support & accompaniment of shelter employees3. Professional support of shelter employees(1) Guidance in life rebuilding process: Eliminate fear of unknown future(2) Legal assistance(3) Arrangement of child care/education(4) Financial assistance
  20. 20. Conclusion & Suggestions(1) Conclusion:Shelter services can effectively assist DV victims to escape violent environment, providing vital support & resources to build independent livesInner drive to lead independent lives includes review of violence in intimate r’ship, support for children, finding self-identity, personal characteristics & life experiencesExternal drive to lead independent lives includes system of shelter services, professional assistance received, & support/accompaniment.
  21. 21. Conclusion & Suggestions(2) Suggestions: Provide DV victims willing to progress towards independent lives suitable length of living in shelter Provide DV victims resources for rebuilding lives, develop multiple kinds of community support services Provide employment services Develop multiple kinds of housing resources Publicity & advocacy of foreign spouse related issues Reflection of the shelter’s service positioning
  22. 22. Thank you for your time. Feel free to share yourideas/suggestions with me.