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Cambodia's Kanha Keourm Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation


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Cambodia's Kanha Keourm Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation

  1. 1. Keourm KanhaA Mighty Girl from Battambang,Cambodia
  2. 2. With billions of fans around the world,football is the planet’s most popularsport…
  3. 3. … it creates global sportsicons.
  4. 4. … and it can be used to tackle social issues EnvironmentHIV/Aids prevention Intercultural understanding
  5. 5. But what only few people in Cambodia know:Women are football champions, too!
  6. 6. SALT Academy forms champions on and off the pitch Community ownership Football festivalsSALT Youth Young leader League training Life skills sessions
  7. 7. Our focus on women: The Mighty Girls Pioneers in Cambodian women’s football Girls between 13 and 18Safe dormitory in Battambang
  8. 8. Since 2010, Kanha is part of the Mighty Girls team. YouthHigh level Leadershipeducation Healthy Safety net meals Professional against human football trafficking training
  9. 9. They are role models to other girls in Cambodia.Coaching Teaching life skillsRefereeing International tournaments
  10. 10. The Mighty Girls Team are Cambodian National Champions 2012!…with Kanha as the youngest player in the tournament.
  11. 11. All Mighty Girls improve their school scores after joining the programme.…Kanha is now first in her class.
  12. 12. 90% of Cambodia’s women’s national team is made up of Mighty Girls.…Kanha is the key defender and vice captain of the team!
  13. 13. The Mighty Girls pass on their skills to the next generation as mentors.…Kanha is one of the youngest female coaches.
  14. 14. Football helps girls to grow confidenceand become leaders.
  15. 15. Let the boys watch… We play!!
  16. 16. SALT Academy forms strong girls for a brighter future.Kanha is one of them!