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Bangladesh's Shah Vashwati Madhurima Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation


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Bangladesh's Shah Vashwati Madhurima Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to the Presentation Of International Day of the Girl Child (Asian Campaign)Date: 12 October, 2012Presented by: Shah Vashwati MadhurimaBangladesh
  2. 2. Self Introduction…..I am Shah Vashwati Madhurima, 17years old, the younger daughter ofmy parents and student of gradeeleven (11) at the GovernmentGurudhayal College, Kishoregonj.My father is the president of thebar association in KishoregonjDistrict, and also the publicprosecutor (district law attorney) ofKishoregoni. I am the GeneralSecretary of Nari Uddug Kendra(NUK)’s led Students Forum (YouthClub), for defending young girlsand women against violence. Ilearned karate for several years. Iam also a debater and singer. I amrisk taker who promised to protectand promote girls’ rights.
  3. 3. …….Self IntroductionAs a graduate of Karatetraining of NUK, I had joined1st South Asian Goju-RyuKarate Championshipcompetition in 25-26October’09 held in Nepalorganized by Goju-RyuKarate-Association atKathmandu, Nepal andachieve bronze medal.Karate skill helped me todevelop my self confidenceand self security skill, whichenhanced my leadershipability.
  4. 4. Involvement with NUK’s ProgramSince 2009, I joined in NUK’s Sports andPhysical Activities for Women’s Empowermentproject. During three months of KarateTraining, I received 5 days gender equality andWomen’s human rights training provided byNari Uddug Kendra (NUK).I am also involved as a active beneficiary andpartner of the NUK’s Girls Power Project led byStudents Forum (Club) for defending younggirls against violence and women’sempowerment). I serve as the GeneralSecretary in Kishorganj.
  5. 5. Relevant activities of NUK..NUK has been working for women and adolescent girls and youthunder different situation covering both urban and rural areas.Some of the activities are as follows:Gender and Human Rights Training to the Girls: I have got 5 days ofgender & human rights, as well as leadership training. I acquired basicconcept of rights and empowerment , as well as learned how to protectmyself from eve teasing and violence.Student Forum – There are 64 districts in Bangladesh, and each districhas a student forum containing about 50 students each at school level. Iam an active member of that forum.Career counseling: I attended a day long career counseling meetingand I understood that I am a human, not only a girl.
  6. 6. ..Relevant activities of NUK Self Esteem Development Training – NUK organize KarateTraining, Football Training and Cricket Training to girls todevelop their self Esteem. I have received 3 months Karatetraining in that program. Livelihood Development Training is provided to vulnerablegirls. Women and Girls Platform: Marginalized and vulnerable(ethnic society) girls for their empowerment and 10 platformshave been established. Girls and Women Empowerment Network – We work toprevent and protect girls and women against violence. Girlsand young women also seek support from this network forprotection of danger and for empowerment.
  7. 7. My involvement….• I am involved with NUK facilitated girls student forum(Girls Club) for women’s empowerment in Kishorgonj asGeneral Secretary of the Students Forum. I undertooksocial justice and legal actions against different kinds ofdiscrimination, sexual harassment and other forms ofviolence faced by women which are committed in thefamily and community.• I received awareness and leadership training on genderequality and human rights for protection and promotionof girl’s rights.
  8. 8. My AchievementAs a young community leader, I ◈Protection against Evegenerally don’t face any problems but teasing (4 persons)there was 2 incidents that is worthmentioning below: ◈Protested and ◈ Harassment: Once on the way back successfully preventedfrom school, a delinquent boy followed 4 child marriagesme doggedly and passed bad through the studentcomments. I chased after him a longway and got a hold of him. I bought him forumback my home, then my mother called ◈Prevented poorpolice and handed the guy to police. Hewas finally released by the police. families of 3 girls from ◈ Eve teasing : Once in my college paying dowry prior tocampus a group of boys entered in the marriage through thecollege ground and badly teased us intervention of the girlwhen all friends were sitting and forums.discussing. I complained to my principaland necessary action was taken againstthose boys.
  9. 9. RelevantPictures
  10. 10. Karate Competition at NepalReceiving award (bronze medal) at Nepal
  11. 11. Karate team of NUK after landing in Bangladesh Executive Director of NUKcongratulates the team after landing in Bangladesh
  12. 12. With NUK Karate team, holding trophyWith NUK Karate team receiving certificate
  13. 13. Discussion with a family to prevent child marriageSuccessful discussion withhusband and his family on dowry reduction
  14. 14. Presiding over student forum meeting on prevention of Eve teasingPhoto with 10 year old Fariha who was saved from early marriage
  15. 15. Thank You