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Mongolia's Erdenetuul Batkhuyag Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation


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Mongolia's Erdenetuul Batkhuyag Asian Girl Ambassador Presentation

  1. 1. Mongolian Youth Development Services CenterERDENETUUL BATKHUYAG from MONGOLIA
  2. 2. Self Introduction Name: ERDENETUUL BATKHUYAG Age: 14 Grade: 9th grade of school No.49 in Ulaanbaatar Family members (6 people): Parents, two sisters and a brother Dream: I want to become a Prime Minister of Mongolia because I can help all kids in Mongolia to have developmental opportunities at their schools and in the communities. I am member of “Youth club” at my school and a youth worker of “E-Smile” Internet and Training Center. I and my club friends (about 25 youth) organize many community services at my school and in the community. I have lead and involved awareness raising campaigns and drawing competitionagainst smoking and drinking alcohol, and promoted to take care and help elderly and people with disabilities.
  3. 3. Achievements and Awards September 2010 – became a member of “Youth club” at my school and successfully completed first year of enrollment by getting involved in number of community services projects i.e. helping school janitors, July 2011 – Participated “Youth IT empowerment training” and actively participated in the initiation and establishment of “E-Smile” Internet and Training Center August 2011 – Became first “youth worker” of “E-Smile” Center and continuously worked for more than year In June 2012 - Awarded a Certificate for “Best club member of the year” for the active involvement in the club meetings and community services projects at the school and in the community June 2012 – Initiated renovation plan of the youth club meeting room and advocated and managed to find funding July 2012 – Participated “Entrepreneurial skills training” to contribute in the development of “E-Smile” as youth enterprise.
  4. 4. Brief about MYDSC MYDSC is a non-government organization and promotes youth development in Mongolia. Currently, we implement youth life skills development program with community service learning for over 500 youth aged 12 – 17 as a Replication Partner of Wyman in the States. MYDSC pioneered youth social entrepreneurship program in Mongolia since 2010. Youth in the „ger‟ communities operate community based „internet and training center‟ where youth and the communities access to internet, computer based trainings e.g. photography trainings and writing clubs. We work in two rural mining villages in Mongolia to promote youth and community development through integrated and asset based development approaches within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibilities.
  5. 5. Brief about MYDSC• MYDSC works to provide developmental opportunities for girls and boys in Mongolia like Erdenetuul, so that they will have increased life skills, healthy behaviors, and sense of purpose. For example: – Erdenetuul says: “My communication skills improved so much because I have to greet our customers and I also teach them how to open up an email account and how to find information they are looking for”. – Two months ago, she encouraged one of her sisters to join the team of youth workers at E-Smile. She is positively influencing her siblings and peers in this respect. Her self esteem has improved dramatically that she is capable of conducting computer and internet skills to her peers and the community members.
  6. 6. Situation of Girls• Almost 60% of the capital city population live in the ger communities. The girls in Erdenetuul‟s community face following challenges. – There is very limited developmental opportunity for girls living in ger communities. – Education system do not integrate life skills developmental aspects into curriculum – Girls are traditionally involved in household help and they are expected to do so especially in the ger communities – Inadequate access to information and technology and IT based educational and developmental opportunities
  7. 7. What I will do next…• Help more girls in the ger communities becoming media literate e.g. skills to work on the computer and internet skills. I will establish a „Girls‟ Internet Club‟ where group of girls will help their peers and younger girls having a computer and internet training at E-Smile.• Promote girls involvement in community services in Mongolia by educating girls because it is not really common.• There are many girls who suffer from physical and emotional abuse and these kinds of abuse are not seen as a problem. I would like to change this attitude in Mongolia and other countries in Asia by working together with other girls – be creating a girls blog on the internet.
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