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Super b feb_2012


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Super b feb_2012

  1. 1. GNLD PRODUCTSBased in Nature – Backed by SciencePeople Empowering People
  2. 2. SUPER-BAll 10 members of the B-vitamin family inbalanced ratios, now with sustained released technology
  3. 3. •B vitamins not made or stored in sufficientquantities to meet daily nutritional needs•B vitamins are water-soluble so must bereplenished regularly• Most people consume inadequate amountsof key B vitamins such as folic acid, andVitamin B₆• Supplementing with single B vitamins cancause deficiencies of others
  4. 4. •B vitamin requirements increased withstress, infection or other conditions•Larger amounts of B vitamins are neededduring growth, pregnancy and nursing•B vitamins destroyed in the body bymedications, alcohol, caffeine and oralcontraceptives
  5. 5. Vitamin B1 - ThiamineVitamin B2 - RiboflavinVitamin B3 - NiacinVitamin B5 - Pantothenic acidVitamin B6 - PyridoxineVitamin B7 - BiotinVitamin B8 - InositolVitamin B9 - Folic acidVitamin B12 - Cobalamin and CyanocobalaminCholine
  6. 6. •Thiamine – Heart and nervous system health;aids appetite, carb metabolism, digestion, energyand growth•Riboflavin – Aids metabolism, resistance toinfection, muscle and nerve function•Niacin – Important for circulation, growth andmetabolism; helps lower cholesterol levels;involved in synthesis of fatty acids, protein andDNA
  7. 7. •Pantothenic acid – Skin, liver, adrenal andnervous system health; required for metabolismof carbs and fats and production of energy andantibodies•Pyridoxine – Cardiovascular and nervoussystem health; aids in synthesizing antibodiesDNA and RNA, hydrochloride and key nutrientutilization•Biotin – Healthy skin; Aids in metabolism oflipids, glucose, amino acids; necessary forgrowth, B vitamin utilization and energyproduction
  8. 8. •Inositol – Major component in cell membranes;helps brain neurotransmitters and nerve cells;important for fat metabolism•Folic acid – Helps prevent heart attacks, stroke,birth defects; important for cell growth, DNA, liverhealth, protein metabolism and red blood cells•Cobalamin – Nerve and red blood cell health;critical for energy production and metabolism ofcarbs, fats and proteins•Choline – Heart health, liver metabolism and lipidtransport; critical to cell membranes and brainneurotransmitters for memory and thought
  9. 9. •Help prevent birth defects •Folic acid•Support heart health • Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid part of the homocysteine cycle•Help regulate mind and mood •Folic acid, B6, B12 manufacture neurotransmitters• Support immune systemfunction •Ample vitamin B6 and folic acid essential for immunity
  10. 10. •Boost energy •Help cells burn fat and glucose & supports a healthy metabolism•Support healthy skin and muscle tone• Assist with the production and repair of cellular DNA• Promote cell growth anddivision, including that of redblood cells that help preventanemia• Help to relieve PMS
  11. 11. • Threshold Controlled Sustained Release Technology to ensure 6 hour bio-availability• Complete with all 10 members of the B-vitamin family, all essential in the diet• Exclusive whole-food source biologically-bound yeast in naturally-occurring ratios• High potency formula provides maximum metabolic support
  12. 12. SUPER-B’s Key Benefit: Sustained ReleaseTechnology• When the body receives more B-vitamins than can beutilized, the excess is rapidly excreted• GNLD‟s Threshold Control process creates a slow releaseof nutrients over 6 hours for minimal nutrient waste andmaximum B-vitamin utilization
  13. 13. • Whole-food sourced, special strain of nutritional yeastSaccharomyces cerevisiae• Unique „biologically bound‟ process of growing,harvesting and drying creates natural, high potency B-vitamins with other natural nutritional co-factors innaturally-occurring ratios
  14. 14.  · Very few foods are rich in B complex and easily destroyed by food processing · help the body transform the food we eat into the energy we need to live. · B vitamins are water soluble and not stored in body – must be supplied daily in the diet. · Requirements may be increased by stress, infection & other conditions which elevate metabolism or interfere with absorption. · Can be destroyed by medications, alcohol, caffeine and oral contraceptives. · Play an important role in reducing the risk of heart disease and birth defects. · Crucial to immune response and mental acuity.
  15. 15. -More Energy- Supports heart health – decreases homocysteine levels.- Helps to prevent birth defects – defects of spinal cord and brain.- Regulates mind and mood – “the happy vitamin” Supports strong immune system- Assists in making new cells and tissues
  16. 16. Based in Nature, BACKED BY SCIENCE!*These Statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.