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  • The top-5 chronic diseases driving this crisis are heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes.
  • We are in a state of a global health crisis!Chronic diseases are getting out of control. 35 million people are impacted globally and at the current rate – they are going to impact 41 million people by 2015. In fact the incidence of chronic diseases is growing faster than the population itself…The problem has become so large and foreboding that the WHO published a special report on chronic diseases impacting the world populations.In that report they sound a strong alarm….pointing out that the problem is huge…and we NEED to do something about it or we are in big trouble…
  • Challenges and objections_-_powerpoint_2012_-_nada_st._germain

    1. 1.  You have to have the right attitude. You have to have a burning desire. You have to truly believe in the products. You have to want to make a difference in peoples’ lives. You have to understand and accept that it takes many “Nos” before you get a “Yes”. Dance with people who want to dance.
    2. 2. “If you are asking if our products are expensive,- not at all. In some cases, I found they costmore than the health food store brands andsome were comparable in price. Also, manypeople I talked to were not getting results withthem. As soon as they tried the GNLDproducts, they found they really work. They’rereally worth it.
    3. 3. I took the time and researched what was missing fromour foods, even if we ate a healthy diet. Then I learned howmuch we would have to eat to get all the nutrients weneeded to stay healthy. The challenge was eating healthyevery day. With food processing, a lot of our foods justdon’t have the nutrients in them.Have you looked at the Canadian Food Guide and what theWorld Health Organization is saying?
    4. 4.  Supplements are a “fad” and unnecessary. Supplements are a waste of money. How to convince people when they have a negative outlook?
    5. 5.  Sometimes just saying the words is not enough. Remember, we are not in business to convince people . We are here to share and educate. Some people are visual. Prepare some packages, photo copies showing some research proving that you need to supplement your diet. Share and ask, “ If you truly believe you don’t need to supplement your diet then why is chronic disease on the rise?”
    6. 6.  Heart disease Stroke Cancer Chronic Respiratory Diseases Diabetes Arthritis
    7. 7. 45 Chronic Diseases4035 35 million impacted → 41 million by 201530 2005 2015
    8. 8.  Do you know anyone with any of these conditions? Do you believe that diet plays a big role in any of these conditions? Do you believe people are eating 9 – 13 servings of fruits and veggies every day? The key is every day!! There is a need for supplementation.
    9. 9.  “When people show you the book that was published by “USANA” or “TRUE STAR” showing GNLD low in ranking on supplements, how do you handle that?” I always go back to all the independent research as we have access to several medical studies. Only use when you have extreme challenges, or dealing with professionals.
    10. 10. Published Research
    11. 11. Chronic Disease Report: Heart Disease / Cancer / Diabetes The strategy for prevention:1. More omega-3 fatty acids from fish or plant sources;2. More fruits vegetables, nuts and whole grains;3. Maintain healthy weight.
    12. 12. When I took the time to look at some of theresearch the World Health Organization had, itmade sense. It made me realize why I hadallergies, and why I was tired all the time. I waseating healthy but learned certain nutrientswere not there because of food processing.Also, the amount of food I had to eat in eachfood category was really hard to do.
    13. 13. I was using other products too. So many people I knew were taking supplements and not really getting the results they were looking for. I, too realized that I was not getting the best value for my money and not really getting the results. I was introduced to GNLD, and what a difference!
    14. 14. That’s where I used to buy my products too, but I couldn’tget reliable information about what to take or how much.And they were not making a difference in my health.My Mom was taking supplements for years from health foodstores and they did not help her. One month on GNLD - andshe was getting results.
    15. 15.  Do you see the importance of getting together and doing a one on one? Do you see the importance getting them to come to a wellness meeting and feeling the emotion, and hearing the testimonies? Do you see why tasting, and experiencing the products is important?
    16. 16.  Getting people to come. People cancelling at the last minute. People don’t show up or call to cancel. WHAT DO I DO???
    17. 17.  “NO” does not mean “NO”!!!, It means “I don’t know enough”. Let your friends who are skeptical watch you for a while. Work with people who are interested and others will come around eventually, or NEVER!!! It’s OK. Sometimes you need to back off, and wait till they are ready; things change in peoples’ lives.
    18. 18.  Who do I share GNLD with now that I have exhausted my friends and family? -You have to find ways of meeting new people. Kids are a perfect way, with a new baby coming, you will meet new moms and babies, toy library. Mom and Baby groups everywhere. Find out what is going on in your area. - Join networking groups in your area. -Ask for referrals. -When invited to other in-homes, like Pampered
    19. 19.  What do I do when people want to return product? -Products are money-back guaranteed. Need to be done with the up-line Director. You can give your client full refund, or give them something else comparable in price. The reason this is done with up-line Director is, if PV has been generated, you have been paid on that volume.
    20. 20. What do you mean by pyramid? (Let them talk). Then letthem know that pyramids are illegal in Canada, and only theperson at the top makes all the money. Companies do not lastlong when operating like that.GNLD believes in Direct Selling because it is a people- to -people business; people sharing stories and buildingrelationships. The products truly need an explanation andthat is why our founder decided to market the products thisway.(Make sure they view the Brilliant Compensation Plan!!!)
    21. 21. Absolutely! That’s the best way for me to havecontrol over my time, my money and my future. Ican decide who I work with and when I work. Theonly difference is there is no retail store, butsomeone to explain the products one-on-one.Plus, we can purchase directly from thecompany, and build a business with no overhead.
    22. 22. Absolutely! Networking marketing just meansthe products are shared by word of mouth.There is no retail store front. This is becomingone of the most respectful ways of marketingproducts. There are even courses now at theUniversities teaching students all about MLM.
    23. 23. Use the time chart again…8 hours sleep, 8 hours work,8 hours your time!!! They control that.Then say… “You have 8 hours that you control. I alsofound that everywhere I went - school, church, sportingevents, and even being around family and friends, peoplewere complaining about their health. They complainedabout being tired, or having sore joints, tummy troubles…and even not having enough money. So I just shared.That is when I realized I did have some time.”