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ALTIS, founded in 2005, is one of the seven Postgraduate Schools of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. By 2015 the postgraduate school intends to become the principal European center for the development of high social impact entrepreneurship in Africa, India and Latin America, serving local development and the internationalization of Italian companies.

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ALTIS - Alta Scuola Impresa e Societa Profile 2011

  1. 1. ALTIS profile, 10th July 2011 1
  2. 2. Index1. An Original Identy2. Breakdown by Divisions3. Activities in Brief4. A Look at the Divisions5. ALTIS For Enterprises 2
  3. 3. Origin & Mission ALTIS, founded in 2005, is one of the seven Postgraduate Schools of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. RESEARCH EDUCATION PROJECTS Entrepreneurship and Management for a sustainable development 3
  4. 4. Vision ALTIS was created to be the reference point in Italy for entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs and managers seeking to achieve simultaneously high economic and socio-environmental performance. By 2015 the postgraduate school intends to become the principal European center for the development of high social impact entrepreneurship in Africa, India and Latin America, serving local development and the internationalization of Italian companies. 4
  5. 5. Win-win approach “Every single social and global issue of our day is a business opportunity in disguise.” Peter Drucker “If love is wise, it can find ways of working in accordance with provident and just expediency.” Caritas in Veritate, n. 65 5
  6. 6. ALTIS, a bridge between… Research / Action Education University Business Socio- Economic environmental performance performance North South of the world Profit Non Profit 6
  7. 7. Index1. An Original Identy2. Breakdown by Divisions3. Activities in Brief4. A Look at the Divisions5. ALTIS for Enterprises 7
  8. 8. The Eight Divisions of ALTIS Finance & Globalization & Development New Markets Corporate Welfare & SMEs & Social Innovation CSR & Industrial Districts Sustainability Public Social Management Entrepreneurship Non Profit 8
  9. 9. Organization Chart Director MOLTENI Executive Director CINQUE ALTIS AFRICA ALTIS INDIA ALTIS PERU Staff GEORGE VARMA PORTUGAL CSR & Corporate Social SMEs & Public Globalization Non-Pprofit Finance & Sustainability Welfare & entrepreneur- Districts Management & New Markets Development Social ship Innovation GRUMO ORIANI MOLTENI GUIDOTTI ANTOLDI ZUFFADA MORAMARCO MARSEGUERRARESEARCHEDUCATIONPROJECTS 9
  10. 10. Index1. An Original Identy2. Breakdown by Divisions3. Activities in Brief4. A Look at the Divisions5. ALTIS for Enterprises 10
  11. 11. International alliances for research projects ALTIS is engaged in research and collaborative projects with leading universities around the world. USA EUROPA • Boston College (Boston) • University of Bath (UK) • Miami University (Ohio) • Cranfield University (UK) • HAAS School of Business, • University of Warwick (UK) University of Berkeley (California) • Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium) • Mendoza College of Business, • Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (Germany) University of Notre Dame (South Bend) CINA • Zhejiang University (Hangzhou)LATIN AMERICA• PUC – Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (São Paulo, Brazil)• Fundação Dom Cabral (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)• UCSS (Lima, Peru) INDIA AFRICA • LIBA (Chennai) • Uganda Martyrs University (Nkozi, Uganda) • XIMB (Bhubaneswar) • Tangaza College (Nairobi, Kenya) 11
  12. 12. Three formulas for the Masters ProgramsInternational • Full time • Taught in EnglishMBA • For Italian and foreign students interested in an international career • Faculty excellence • An exceptional price/quality ratio designed to attract students from developing countries • Diploma: MBAExecutive • Mixed approach: Taught classes + e-learning • Taught in ItalianMaster • For entrepreneurs and managers • Strong practical orientation • Mixed Faculty: academics + professionals • Diploma: Masters degreeMaster • Master’s program carried out abroadAbroad • In partnership with leading local institutions • Taught in the local language • International faculty: ALTIS + local teaching staff • Aims and contents consistent with the ALTIS mission • Internationality and excellence available with affordable tuition fees • Where appropriate, mixed approach: taught classes + e-learning • Diploma: Double degree 12
  13. 13. Our Masters’ Programs PARTICIPANT PROFILE VENUE AS OF FAC.INTERNATIONAL MBA • Global Business and - Italian and foreign BA students MILAN 2007 MI Sustainability with work experienceEXECUTIVE MASTERS • SMEs and competitiveness - Italian SME entrepreneurs MILAN 2006 MI-PC - Their children and/or BERGAMO 2011 MI-PC collaborators • Management and innovation - Public sector managers and MILAN 2011 PC in the public administration officials • Non Profit Management - Managers, employees and MILAN 2012 MI collaborators - Recent graduates (BA)MASTERS ABROAD • Master’s in Local - Civil servants in Peru LIMA 2009 PC Development • MBA Social Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurs and potential NAIROBI 2011 MI and Management entrepreneurs in Africa 13
  14. 14. MBA Social Entrepreneurship and Management (Kenia) • Nairobi, Kenya – Tangaza College, Catholic University of Eastern Africa. • Aim: train new entrepreneurs, from both profit and non-profit enterprises, to become agents of socio-economic change in the Sub-Saharan African countries. • Partner (design, teaching staff and internship): UCSC-ALTIS + Tangaza + LIBA(India). • Students enrolled at the UCSC (Master’s level), with possibility of double degree. • Period: January – December; full-time, English language (1st edition in progress) • Approximately 100 applicants 38 participants:  35 from14 African countries + 3 Italians (new frontier of international cooperation);  16 women and 22 men. • Selection is made according to CV + Business summary. • Industries of business summaries: Agribusiness 10, Production/Commerce 10, Education/Research 8, Energy/water 6, Microfinance 2, Health 2. • Teaching methods: on-site, video conferencing, e-learning. • Financing: CEI + Vodafone Foundation + students fees • At completion: presentation to Social Venture Capital Funds. 14
  15. 15. Master in Public Governance and Management (Perù) • Lima, Peru – Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae. • Aim: train managers and officials of the central, regional and local administrations of Peru, in order to contribute to the process of administrative decentralization and modernization of the public sector. • Essence: a project of action/research designed to transfer good practices with regard to local development and subsidiarity, commissioned by the Ministry of Industry of Peru and financed by the Lombardy Region. • Double degree: first-level university master’s degree from UCSC + Maestría en Administración Pública from the Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae in Lima (Peru). • Duration: one year. • Part-time, Spanish-language. • Participant profile: civil servants and managers of central, regional and local administrations. • 32 participants 15
  16. 16. Euro-Mediterranean School• The Euro-Mediterranean School is promoted by Promos, a foundation for the development of international activities, and ALTIS. 5th edition 2010-2011.• Aim: train new entrepreneurs from the Middle East/North Africa region and the Balkans in order to develop new entrepreneurial activities within their own countries and Italy.• The program takes place in two phases.• Phase 1: ‒ On-line training for 1.5 months; ‒ Participants: 100 from the Middle East/North African region and the Balkans, who will remain in their own countries continuing their working activities; ‒ Contents: development of business plans and internationalization strategies; ‒ Output: business plans to be submitted to the Milan Jury.• Phase 2: ‒ The 20 best students, based on the quality of their business plans, will be invited to Italy; ‒ One month full-time (February-March), in English language; ‒ Lessons, meetings with business experts and representatives of the institutions; ‒ Intense networking activities in Milan and other cities with the support of a number of Chambers of Commerce and entrepreneurial associations (Genoa, Naples, Calabria Region, Salerno, Varese). 16
  17. 17. Main Projects in Italia • The Italian association of sustainability professionals. • Professionals involved in enterprises, entrepreneurial foundations, consulting companies, public administration, non-profit entities. • Mission: promote the professions and professionalism of CSR managers. • Workshops, research, conferences, knowledge centers. • Strong international linkages. • Virtual window that helps non-profit organizations to locate financial, human and material resources within enterprises and grant-making institutions. • Consultancy for carrying out bilateral and trilateral partnerships (non- profit entities, enterprises, public administration) for social purposes. • Social cohesion projects. • ALTIS plays an important role in the Scientific Committee of the Fondazione Welfare Ambrosiano (FWA). • FWA offers support to individuals working in the Commune of Milan, and to their respective nuclear families, who find themselves in temporary conditions of distress. • The FWA’s endowment Fund offers loans to individuals and for start-ups of micro-entrepreneurial initiatives. 17
  18. 18. National and International Awards • Italian Round of an international competition to reward the best business plans with a strong social value. • Promoted by the Haas School of Business of the University of California, Berkeley. • In partnership with leading international business schools: Columbia Business School (New York), London Business School, Indian School of Business, ESSEC Business School. • Italian jury consisting of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, representatives of banks and academics. • European semifinals in London, finals in California. • With the participation of Banca Intesa Sanpaolo and the Associazione San Michele Valore d’Impresa. • A competition to highlight the best work/family reconciliation programs in enterprises, public administrations and non-profit entities. • The reference event in Italy promoted by the Lombardy Region and ASAG. • Jury made up of the best Italian reconciliation experts. 18
  19. 19. Activities in rapidly-developing and emerging countries INDIA Generali Millennium Development of micro- insurance in India in partnership with the Generali Group Country Project Activities for entrepreneur development with FEM, PERU financed by the Cariplo Foundation Master Desarrollo Master’s for the decentralization of the Dalit Women Public Administration, Entrepreneurs aimed at senior officials International research on new activities developed by womenMaster’s in Teaching belonging to the poorest segment of the population Two-year Master’s to provide advanced BACINO DEL qualifications for KENYA MEDITERRANEO UGANDAmanagement teachers at the university level Euro-Mediterranean School Microcredit in Kampala MBA Social Distance-training for 100 students Microcredit projects carried out Entrepreneurship & CSR projects from the Mediterranean Basin, with in collaboration with the Spe Management Corporate Social a one-month residence in Milan for Salvi Foundation and with the Master’s for development of Responsibility projects participation of the Banca social entrepreneurs in Sub- with leading Peruvian the top 20 students Popolare di Vicenza Saharan Africa companies 19
  20. 20. Index1. An Original Identy2. Breakdown by Divisions3. Activities in Brief4. A Look at the Divisions5. ALTIS for Enterprises 20
  21. 21. CSR and Sustainability DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Mario MolteniThe Division is the reference point in Italy for the development of CSR/sustainability policies conceived asan essential element of a business strategy designed to combine economic success with a high level ofsocial and environmental performance. EducationResearch • Frontiers of CSR management• Skills of CSR managers • CSR Modules in the Masters• Responsible Supply Chain Management • Series of workshops on sustainability• From Social Accountability to Integrated Report• Stakeholder Engagement Projects• Responsible HR Management • CSR Manager Network Italia• Corporate Foundations • Policies and processes of responsible supply chain management• Responsible Consumers • Preparation of sustainability report • Development of sustainability policies for businesses • Collaboration with Expo 2015 21
  22. 22. Corporate Welfare and Social Innovation DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Giovanni MarseguerraThe Division studies the role of businesses in the promotion of human development (economic, social andintergenerational) with reference both to the overall change in the social system and to the development ofindividuals who work and interact in it. Research • Social policies towards dependents Projects • Innovative forms of work/life reconciliation • Work/Family Prize • Conditions and values favoring social • Development of corporate welfare system in leading innovation Italian companies • Interaction between human and social capital • Monitoring systems of reconciliation requirements of co-workers and of the company’s implementation ability • Monitoring system for the effectiveness of reconciliation initiatives Education • Network of “Work-life balance companies” • Course on Work/Family Reconciliation • Optimization of costs for corporate welfare (gap analysis, needs analysis, consultancy on tax and • Module on CSR Profession social security reductions, etc.) 22
  23. 23. SME and Industrial Districts DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Fabio AntoldiThe Division is concerned with the evolutionary processes of small and medium enterprises (SMEs),with support to entrepreneurs, and with development of networks and clusters of SMEs in both Italy anddeveloping countries. This in the belief that small-scale entrepreneurship, notably when organized innetworks, can represent a sustainable manner of promoting both the international competitiveness ofregions and the development of populations.Research• CSR practices adopted by SMEs in the Education industrial districts of the Lombardy Region • Executive Master’s SME and Competitiveness• Comparative research on the formation and • Specialized course on governance systems in functioning of SME networks in a number of Italian industrial districts industrial districts in Italy, Peru, China and India • “Value to the firm”: seminars for training small-• Observatory of SMEs in Milan scale entrepreneurs member of Confapi MilanoProjects • Courses on management of Italian industrial districts given in Mexico (Guadalajara) and• Analysis of management systems of SME export Brazil (Curitiba) consortia promoted by UNIDO in Peru, Uruguay, Morocco and Tunisia • Course “Strategic management of SMEs” for• Analysis of the potential for economic American university students in Milan (twice per development of an Argentine province, with annum) particular attention focused on local SMEs • Summer school “Strategic management of• Analysis of international benchmarking in five SMEs, family businesses and industrial clusters” industrial districts (APLs) in the state of Bahia, for foreign students Brazil 23
  24. 24. Social Entrepreneurship DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Stefano GuidottiThe Division is dedicated to the promotion of entrepreneurship in the emerging and developing countries,with particular attention to Africa, India and Latin America. The Division seeks to promote the creation ofnew companies – both profit and non-profit – having a strong social and environmental impact. Education • MBA Social Entrepreneurship and ManagementResearch in Kenia• Scalability of social-entrepreneurship projects • Social Entrepreneurship module within MBA• Social entrepreneurship and open innovation Global Business and Sustainability• Female entrepreneurship among the Dalits in • Social Entrepreneurship Workshop in East India Africa, India and America Latina (Peru & Brasil)• Social entrepreneurship in rural areas in Africa Projects• Models of social entrepreneurship linked to NGOs • Generali Millennium (India)• Social businesses based on IT • FEM Project, Cariplo Foundation• Venture capital and social enterprises • Global Social Venture Competition • Collaboration with I-LAB: scalable projects in the developing world • Platform for immigrant entrepreneurs in Milan 24
  25. 25. Non profit DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Marco GrumoThe Division has been set up as a place of research and investigation of innovative managementtechniques for non-profit organizations: associations, foundations, social cooperatives, voluntaryorganizations, associations for social advancement, social enterprises, ONLUS (non-lucrative socialorganizations), religious entities and related organizations. Research Education • Observatory of Social Report of non-profit • Project managers in non-profit organizations and organizations social businesses • Reintegration of detainees into the labor force • Administration, accounting and reporting for non- profit organizations • Accountability of non-profit organizations • Summer School in marketing and development of • Innovative forms of financing for non-profit non-profit organizations organizations • Summer School in management of non-profit organizations “Drafting the Business Plan” Projects • Innovative management, administration and • Social Report Guidelines for non-profit development: organizations  for Superiors and Councils members of religious • Social Responsibility of the Enterprise: work, institutions in Rome and Milan prison, enterprise  for the new leadership of Catholic schools • Drafting of the Social Report for a number of  for the heads of parochial nursery schools entities (San Francisco Opera, Educatt, • Executive training course for religious institutions in Scuola Aurora, etc.) innovative management and development 25
  26. 26. Public Management DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Elena ZuffadaThe Division focuses on management themes of particular importance and timeliness for dealing with thegreat challenges facing the public sector as a whole, working in close contact with institutions. Education • First-level university master’s degree in Public Government and Management – in partnershipResearch with UCSS Lima (Peru)• Governance structures and instruments for the • Executive Master MIPA (second-level Master’s public-private partnership degree) in Management and Innovation of the Public Administration• Accountability, performance evaluation and reward structure Projects• Intermuncipal cooperation • Local development and subsidiarity: transfer of• Subsidiarity, participation and stakeholder best practices (Peru) involvement: towards new governance models • Tools for social accountability of public enterprises (social and sustainability reports) • Laboratory for administrative simplification to enhance SME competitiveness • Organizational models and tools for innovation and quality of public services 26
  27. 27. Finance and Development DivisionAIMS of the DIVISION Director: Marco OrianiThe Division focuses on the study and analysis of the instruments used by financial intermediaries tosupport new entrepreneurial initiatives and/or the development of those already existing, in Italy andthroughout the world. Education • Courses on the impact of the financial crisis on individuals and businessesResearch • Finance modules in the ALTIS master’s• Strategies and policies of “responsible lending” programs in the Italian banking system • Real estate courses• Venture capital in the emerging markets • Courses on financial planning• Microcredit and financial inclusion Projects • Microcredit in Uganda • Asset management and conflicts with clients • Financial behavior in private banking 27
  28. 28. Globalization and New Markets DivisionAims of the Division Director: Vita MoramarcoThe Division seeks to contribute to the development of Italian businesses in the major emerging markets,training Italian and foreign managers according to the specific requirements of business clients. In additionit carries on a systematic reflection concerning regional competitiveness and labor market trends EducationResearch • MBA Global Business and Sustainability• Competitiveness and globalization • Euro-Mediterranean School• Competitiveness and investment in human capital• Policies for growth in development countries and Projects field studies • Labor market observatory: focusing on the dynamics of employment in the Lombardy Region with particular reference to: • Microbusinesses • Development Cooperation and non-profit • Districts and metadistricts • Analysis of career opportunities for new graduates 28
  29. 29. Index1. An Original Identy2. Breakdown by Divisions3. Activities in Brief4. A Look at the Divisions5. ALTIS for Enterprises 29
  30. 30. ALTIS for enterprises: value proposition ALTIS for Enterprises makes available to enterprises (profit, non-profit, public and private) its wealth of skills and international connections developed in the fields of research, education and field work. We support our clients in the definition and execution of business strategies that take into account sustainability, in order to promote the success of the company and to contribute to improving quality of life for society as a whole. 30
  31. 31. Interventions at the enterprise level ALTIS for Enterprises carries out projects in the field and ad hoc training programs on typical subjects of postgraduate schools:• CSR and sustainability policies and practices• Sustainability report according to GRI standards• Compliance with ISO 26000• Monitoring chain of production and “cluster development” interventions• Work/family reconciliation policies and corporate welfare• Support to new initiatives of internationalization in developing countries• Strategic and business plans• Development, internationalization and generational transition plans for SMEs• Market analysis with particular focus on emerging countries 31
  32. 32. The cycle of interventions in terms of sustainability • Analysis of CSR initiatives in operation, points of weakness, possibilities for improvement • Definition of scenarios, strategy and an action plan for the CSR • Development of a “dashboard” for top management on socio- environmental performance • Compliance with ISO 26000 • Training projects • Development and implementation of a code of ethics • Development of systems to measure socio-environmental Strategy performance • Incentive systems linked to Formulation of a strategic plan sustainability on the perspectives of the Accountability CSR and sustainability Culture Measuring??, reporting and Development of a CSR communicating CSR and and sustainability sustainability initiatives corporate culture Functional Projects• Preparation of a sustainability Implementation of CSR and balance sheet (or report)?? sustainability systems,• Supporting the definition of an programs and practices Internet site dedicated to sustainability• Relations with rating agencies and • Production (e.g., reduction of pollution emissions) fund managers • Supply (e.g., definition of socio-environmental criteria for purchasing) • Human resources (e.g., development of work/family reconciliation procedures) • Finance (e.g., definition of responsible investment policies) 32