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Gmmc pp presentation


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We are Educational Marketing Consultants for Chinese Universities offering MBBS & Engg Programs for Foreign International Students.
We are based in Mumbai, India.

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Gmmc pp presentation

  1. 1. Welcome toCopyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 1
  2. 2. Global Management & Marketing Consultants is a Multifaceted,Multidimensional Company, having Business Interests and Operationsin various FieldsWe are engaged in: Student Counseling and Enrolments Educational Institutes Marketing / Sales Promotions Marketing & Project Consultancy Immigrations Visa Counseling HR Consultancy – Inland & Abroad International Trading / Indenting ActivitiesStaff TrainingGMMC was started in the year 2003 With 11 GMMC was started in the year 2003 WithEducational Institute from Canada. Today GMMC Educational Institute from Canada. Today GMMCrepresents more than 50 Educational Institutes from represents more than 50 Educational Institutes fromall over the world all over the world Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 2
  3. 3. OUR SERVICES OUR SERVICESEDUCATIONAL : Student Counseling and Enrolments Educational Institutes Marketing / Sales Promotions Immigrations Visa Counseling Placements Abroad Services Offered to enrolled Students:  Unlimited Counseling  Application / Documentation  Visa Documentation Guidance  Educational Bank Loan Assistance  Foreign Exchange Procurement  Travel Insurance  Travel Assistance / Ticketing  Airport Pickup at Destination  Campus Accommodation Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 3
  4. 4. OUR SERVICES OUR SERVICES BUSINESS RELATED:  International Trading / Indenting Activities  International / Inland Project Consultancy  International / Inland Marketing Consultancy  Event Management  Seminars  Press Conference  Public Relations Assignments Staff TrainingContd. Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 4
  5. 5. OUR TEAM OUR TEAM The Company is managed by a Highly Qualified and Professional Core Team, comprising of :Dr. A. G. Pathak Dr. (Ms) P. R. Mr. Chetan Raje (MDS) Ranganayaki (MBA), C.E.O (MBBS) Highly Experienced and Widely Traveled International Marketing & Management Consultant Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 5
  6. 6. COUNTRIES WE PROMOTE COUNTRIES WE PROMOTEWe represent various Educational Institutes from: China Russia Ukraine Switzerland United States Of America (USA) United Kingdom (U.K.) Canada Holland Singapore Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 6
  7. 7. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL BUSINESSChina & India are slowly becoming Economic Giants.Our Services includeDirect MarketingAdvertising, Public RelationsPress Conferences and Press ReleaseTrade Fairs / ExhibitionsMarket Research and Representation of our Foreign Clients in India, as their Marketing Consultants / India Regional OfficeStaff TrainingWe also offer focused service to : Importers / Exporters / Distributors We have Resident Representatives in USA, U.K., Germany, France, Austria, We have Resident Representatives in USA, U.K., Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, China, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Switzerland, China, Russia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, etc. Kenya, etc. Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 7
  8. 8. CONSULTANCY CONSULTANCYDo You Want to Import Goods From China ?If you want to import products from China you need the services we offer: We have gained a lot of experience in sourcing products in China. Our India Operations Office is based in Mumbai, the Commercial Capital City of India. We are linked up with our China Representative Office all the 24 Hours, all the 7 Days Our Main Operations Office in China, is in Shanghai, the Commercial Capital We Source the Reliable China Product Suppliers - not just any Tom, Dick and HarryManufacturers, whose credentials regarding quality of goods and timely shipment arenot known, and who is found by just surfing on the Internet China Sourcing Directory. Then we negotiate in Chinese with these suppliers to achieve the best price / quality ratio possible. Most Internet based China sourcing directories only show a fraction of the suppliers we have access to. We dig much deeper to find the right China suppliers for you.All our Chinese Counter Parts are trilingual (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) Copyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 8
  9. 9. STAFF TRAINING• Global Management & Marketing Consultants conducts Training Seminars / Camps for Foreign Companies.• The Training Division has been established with the Exclusive Aim to train people from Small Scale & Medium Scale Companies from the Asian Countries, such as China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, etc., who deal with the Indian Market. After studying the Product and the Requirement / Expectation of the Company with regard to the Indian Market, Mr. Chetan Raje, our CEO, personally visits the Company, and conducts the Seminar / Training Camp, as per the Clients Requirements.• His 30 years of Hardcore, Hands On, All India Level Marketing Experience, of both Urban as well as Rural Marketing, is thus available to the Clients. The Charges are most reasonable and easily affordable.• A must if you want to enhance the productivity & profitability of your Company, with relevance to your Business in India
  10. 10. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTE’S CONSULTANCY DIVGlobal Management & Marketing Consultants, having more than 30 years of All India Level Hardcore Marketing Experience, and comprising a team of Management Qualified and Highly Experienced people, is coming closer to it’s aim of becoming a Market Leader in the field of Educational & Marketing Consultancy.It caters to the needs of it’s Clients, by providing them with Pioneering and Innovative Cost Saving Educational Solutions, as per their requirements and prepares Marketing Plans / Solutions as per Individual needs, after a In-Depth Study and Analysis of the Institutes Strengths and WeaknessesIn short, Global Management & Marketing Consultants, builds up the Brand Name & Product Recall of the Institute.Once this is achieved, Regular Student Enrolments Automatically follows.Global Management & Marketing Consultants also advices / assists it’s Clients, to formulate a program / Course as per the prevailing Market Demands and ConditionsGlobal Management & Marketing Consultants services comprise of preparing Project Feasibility Report, Setting up Complete Marketing Infrastructure, Sales Promotions, Advertising, Event Management like Press Conference, Seminars, Road Shows, Spot Enrolments, Press Write-ups, Market Feedback, etc.
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL PLACEMENTS (Singapore & Malaysia)We have direct tie up with leading Placement Consultants from Singapore & Malaysia.As Placement Consultants, we meticulously screen all the aspects of suitability, between both the prospective employer and employee.We match and merge the aspirations of both the Employer and Employee, and seek theirmutual satisfaction.As such, we never rush our clients into anything. Only when both parties are happy with eachother do we close the case. Till such time irrespective of the time and efforts we keep onstriving for a perfect match.Our Principals abroad undertake the responsibility, to assist / complete all such documentaryformalities, as required, so that the employees can settle down peacefully. Till such time weare in constant touch with our Principals, on a case to case basis.Both the Employer or Employee, can rest assured that their trust in Global Management &Marketing Consultants will not be misplaced.The Employer or the Employee just needs to Contact and Confide in us, and we will do therest.
  12. 12. OUR REPRESENTATIVES OUR REPRESENTATIVES Ms. Wu Shu Mr. Shiny Wong Shanghai Shanghai Ms. Sissi Zhang Ms. Tracy Beijing GuanghouCopyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 12
  13. 13. CONTACT DETAILS CONTACT DETAILSCopyright: Global Management and Marketing Consultants 13