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Tastes Great, More Satisfying!


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Tastes Great, More Satisfying!

  1. 1. Home Brewed Beer:Tastes Great, More Satisfying! Jim Peterson, Brewmeister “Hogeye Brewing Company” Franklin, KY
  2. 2. Who Is Jim Peterson? Librarian-Geek in Simpson CountyDirector of Information Technology for Father of 4 great kids Home Brew Hobbyist
  3. 3. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes!
  4. 4. I gotta tell ya....Im not a lawyer,This is not legal advice,For informational purposes only!
  5. 5. 18th Amendment Prohibited the sale & transport of alcohol in the U.S.
  6. 6. December 5, 1933 Saw the ratification of the 21st Amendment, which repealedThe 18th Amendment, making it legal once again to manufacture and transport Alcohol in the U.S.
  7. 7. It was left to the states to legislate
  8. 8. Nothing! KY Law defers to United States Code of Federal Regulations Title 27, Part 25, Subpart L, Section 25.205 and Section 25.206 Basically, you must be 18+ years old,Can brew up to 100 gal/year single, 200 gal/year for 2+ adults Cannot sell your brew
  9. 9. Why Home Brew?Better taste than cheap beerMore satisfying because you made it!Less expensive than imports & micro brews!
  10. 10. How Do I Get Started?Be a Realist, do your homework before anything else!
  11. 11. Not Required Reading, But...
  12. 12. Local support for hobbyists Builds a stronger community Can get discounts from suppliers* Collaboration on brewing & growing
  13. 13. Basic Equipment
  14. 14. Basic Process #1 – Sanitize! No Compromises!! 2 – Ingredients – Barley, Water, Hops, Yeast 3 – Boil – Length depends on recipe 4 – Cooling – Important! 5 – Fermentation 6 – Storage – Bottle or Keg? 7. Serving!
  15. 15. Books1. The Complete Joy of Homebrewing 3rd Edition, by Charlie Papazian2. Brewmasters Bible: The Gold Standard, by Stephen Snyder3. Brew Your Own MagazineClubs1. B.O.C.K. - Brewers Of Central Kentucky – www.bockbrew.com2. A.H.A – American Homebrewers Association – www.brewersassociation.org3. Your Hobby –
  16. 16. Computer SoftwareBeersmith – Widely considered the best – www.beersmith.comProMash – Also highly-regarded – www.promash.comBeer Labelizer – Online label creator – www.beerlabelizer.comBrewheads Calculators – Tablet & Smart Phone Apps Too many to list, range from recipe formulators to food pairing to festivals! For iOS and Android
  17. 17. Contact InformationJim