GMIA - increasing you online digital music sales


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GMIA Workshop
Increase your digital music sales online
Linton Beckles gives an overview on digital music sales in the UK.

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GMIA - increasing you online digital music sales

  1. 1. Increasing your Online Digital Music sales Linton Beckles – Linton Charles Media
  2. 2. New Future The Emerging Digital Landscape  20 years ago; CD, DAT, MP3 (new) Mechanical media devices  10 years ago; no “google”, “my space”, “twitter”, “facebook”, “you tube”, now “vimeo” and lots more…  10 years from now we will be transcending “social network” “search engines” “desktops” “smart devices” as we know it.  Where will you be with your music in 10 years time?
  3. 3. A New Industry Model Users - Facilitators The Industry Internet New Landscape New Technology! With all credit to the Internet & advancing Warning or Dawning technology Music Creators will afford to make & own their music, pushing Record For the Music Industry Companies & Music Publishers to move Downloads,MP3, Napster, towards Software development in addition i-Pod, P2P, Bluetooth to reinventing themselves to play new facilitating roles between Artists and Fans© 2004 Linton Charles Media
  4. 4. A New Landscape Old Landscape;  Creators, Owners, Facilitators, Users  Was understood by all as the way the industry runs, everyone stayed in their roles and set place. New Landscape (New frontier)  Creators (Owners) and Users (Facilitators)  Today the landscape looks blurred as the market forces of technology, marketing and social media
  5. 5. Myths and Fears about Online Music On line is killing the music industry  Record companies loose billions YES a wealth shift is happening Sales cant be traced  That is not the case if you register UPC, ISRC coding Free Music on the Internet  Free to listen for now but coming soon Pay to Play You Tube* Loss of Royalty Earnings  Rights collection slow on the uptake, royalty streaming is coming Counter-feiters, Pirates and Cyber squatters field day  Only true for the really clever ones
  6. 6. New Frontiers New Challenges  Music Rights blurred on the Internet; Monitoring and Payments  Forces and Trends; Technology and Social Media impact  Music Contacts force to face 360 Deals  Shift in Retail Outlets to Online  Shift in Facilities and Tools for creating music  Providers force hand on pricing Music Sales and Distribution  Law in need of review on Online Digital Rights and DRM  Users having a time of their lives with FREE and CHEAP music  Shift in Marketing Trends; Web, Social, Viral, Branding, Sponsors, Investors
  7. 7. Monetising your Online Music Downloads  Your music in digital formats; MP3, WMA etc. Streaming  Your music on play lists, online broadcasts etc. Subscriptions  Your music in libraries as play lists, streaming or downloads Fulfilment Deals  Your music in physical CD’s, DVD sold in stores by demand Merchandising  T-Shirts, Caps, Badges etc. sold online via Fulfilment sites
  8. 8. Online Music DistributorsDistributor Price UPC Price Price Price Sign Up/ % Taken CODE Single EP Album MaintenanceCD Baby $20 $35 $35 $35 Per release* CD(P) 9%Ditto Music 0 $41.81 $41.8 $41.81 £25 0%Tune Core 0 $29.97 $41.76 $51.66 $19.98 pa per release 0%Orchard 0 $29.97 $41.76 $51.66 $19.98 pa per release 0%DMD 0 $82.35 $197.65 $329.41 Per 6 months 0%Emubands 0 $41.09 $57.65 $82.27 0%Musicadium $41.10 $101.79 $101.79 $101.79 0%RouteNote 0 0 0 0 10%The Gene Pool 0 $9.87 $49.33 $49.41 10% MP3, Ring Tones, Licence Sales Orchard; multi-platform licensing
  9. 9. Top 10 Online Music StoresStore Single Album Play/ Format Options Account/ Prices Prices Download SubscriptioniTunes $0.99 $0.99 MP3 $25 StartAmazon $0.89 $0.89 $25 StartRhapsody $0.99 $9.99 MP3-DRM(R)/CD Burn $25 Start/12/99/14.99WalMart Music $0.74 $0.74 $25 StartZune Marketplace $0.98 $0.98 MP3-DRM (F) $5 /400 Points/ $14.99 pmeMusic $0.33 $0.33 30 Songs* MP3-DRM (F)/CD Burn $11.99 pm*Puretracks $0.99 $0.99 WMA/MP3-DRM (R) $25 StartBuy Music $0.79 $0.79 WMA $25 StartPay Play FM $0.77/0.88 $7.77/8.88 MP3-DRM (F) $5 StartLegal Sounds $0.09 $0.89 $25 Start/AppProduct/Services Downloads, Playlists, Radio, Jukebox* Subscriptions, Full Preview
  10. 10. 10 Must Do’s for your Online Sales1 Sign a record deal – for record sales and marketing  To a major or independent label they will record your songs2 Set up your own record label – for record sales  You record your songs, Label name, as a Trading or Limited company, letterhead, Bank Account, Contract of Assignment3 Get your music professionally mastered  For full sonic quality for reproduction, broadcasts, downloads,4 Register your music – for collection and representation  PRS, MCPS, PPL, VPL, MU, AIM5 Register your music – for chart sales and placing  Official Chart Company, Millard Brown for Barcodes and ISRC
  11. 11. 10 Must Do’s for your online sales6 Sign up to an online distributor – for online sales  Online stores; iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Ditto, Absolute, Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo,7 Subscribe to a online marketing – for PR and Promotion  To key media coverage, Radio, TV, Press on your releases8 Use all available mobile, internet and social media  Email, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Vimeo, FRAN’s, WOM, Apps, File Sharing  Podcasting, Now casting, Tools and techniques, Go Viral10 Be available – to Promote your music  News, Reviews, Interviews, PA’s, Shows, Ministry, Tours  Talk to Sponsors, Investors,
  12. 12. Thank You for attending