GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair Review


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This document contains a review of the GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair.

The GLOBE Trade Fair is so much more than a conventional exposition. Discover and explore the very latest in clean technologies and advanced environmental solutions presented by over 400 exhibitors from North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Take in specialty showcases, product launches, workshops, and special presentations. Visit International Pavilions where you’ll meet exhibitors from around the world and learn about business opportunities abroad. Everywhere you turn, you’ll see cutting-edge technologies, learn about new sustainable business practices, and interact with influential leaders of today’s diverse business community.

The 2014 trade fair will highlight the most advanced environmental solutions in three critical areas: Energy, Green Building and Sustainable Cities, and Water.

2014 Trade Show Hours:
Wednesday March 26 10am – 6pm
Thursday March 27 10am – 6pm
Friday March 28 10am – 5pm


This global marketplace for environmental innovation draws nearly 10,000 potential buyers, partners and investors to Vancouver for 3 days of leading-edge exhibits, visionary conference sessions, and prosperous business opportunities. Make your presence felt internationally at GLOBE 2014.

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GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair Review

  1. 1. Building Business Resilience Through Sustainability Innovation
  2. 2. 2012 Trade Fair Review
  3. 3. GLOBE 2012 FAST FACTS 9000+ Total Participants 3100 Participating Organizations 1800 Conference Participants 650 Attending CEOs & Presidents 400 Exhibiting Companies 220 Media 157 Conference Speakers 58 Countries Represented
  4. 4. “GLOBE has been a great show for us to forge new connections and keep current connections. It offers exposure to high- profile clientele, potential clients, and partners. Compared to other trade shows where you are mainly looking at the end customer, here you start making connections at the level of the specifiers, multipliers. This show is for us not a single-client show but a multiplier show.” Maik Gehloff, Manager, Technical Support, SHERPA Connector, Austria
  5. 5. International Participation • All participants: - 36% Asia - 27% Europe - 28% US - 5% Americas - 3% Middle East - 1% Africa • Exhibitors Only: - 48% Europe - 23% Asia - 22% US - 6% Middle East - 1% Americas 58 countries represented, including 18 exhibiting countries
  6. 6. Participation by Sector All participants: 40% Corporate 18% Environmental Service/Technology 13% Education/Training 9% Federal Government 6% Provincial/State Government 5% Municipal Government 4% Association 2% NGO 4% Other Exhibitors Only: 43% Corporate 22% Environmental Service/Technology 11% Federal Government 10% Provincial/State Government 6% Education/Training 4% Municipal Government 4% Association 1% NGO
  7. 7. Participation by Industry All participants: 21% Energy 18% Consulting/Engineering/Professional Services (specific sector not given) 8% Construction/Real Estate/Green Building/Architecture 6% Finance 4% Transportation/Automotive 4% Trade 4% Forestry/Pulp & Paper/Printing/Publishing 3.5% Utility 3.5% Waste Management/Recycling 3% Manufacturing 3% Oil & Gas 3% Water/Wastewater 3% Mining/Minerals/Metal
  8. 8. Participation by Industry Exhibitors Only: 25% Energy 17% Consulting/Engineering/Professional Services (specific sector not given) 9% Trade 6% Forestry/Pulp & Paper/Printing/Publishing 6% Utility 5.5% Waste Management/Recycling 4% Carbon Management 4% Water/Wastewater 3% Construction/Real Estate/Green Building/Architecture 3% Transportation/Automotive 3% Finance
  9. 9. Quality of Visitors GLOBE 2012 exhibitors were happy with overall visibility for their products/services, as well as the quality of visitors. Ninety per cent of exhibitors surveyed thought that the quality of visitors to their booth was either good, very good, or excellent. Good 31% Adequate 28% Poor 9% N/A 3% Very Good / Excellent 29% Overall Visibility for Your Products/Services Good 61% Adequate 3% Poor 7% Very Good / Excellent 29% Quality of Booth Visitors
  10. 10. Business Opportunities Exhibitors were also very satisfied with the quality and amount of sales leads they made at the Trade Fair. Good 45% Adequate 15% Poor 7% Too Soon to Tell 26% Very Good / Excellent 7% Amount of New Business Generated Good 40% Adequate 17% Poor 7% Too Soon to Tell 21% Very Good / Excellent 15% Quality of Sales Leads
  11. 11. Overall Satisfaction The vast majority of exhibitors (87 per cent) said that GLOBE 2012 either met or exceeded their high expectations. Exceeded Expectations 31% Did not meet Expectations 13% Met Expectations 56%
  12. 12. Exhibitor Feedback • Booth provided strong visible presence • Very diverse traffic; mostly good quality with good questions • Extremely accommodating planning and event staff; high visibility exhibit location; opportunities to engage a variety of perspectives • Networking, research, leads • Clearly focused and targeted audience • Good opportunities to showcase our company and educate delegates/guests about our industry • Great International exposure • The visitors were excited and enthusiastic and the trade show coordinators were very involved • The quality of the attendees and the venue • Professional approach of trade show staff • Ability to interact with a variety of businesses • The quality of leads and the type of individuals that came to see the exhibitors What exhibitors liked best about their experiences at GLOBE 2012:
  13. 13. “At the end of the show we ended up with in excess of 200 enquiries, alliances already made with companies in America, Ireland & Canada. Test sites for BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan for frac water and serious enquiries from virtually around the globe. It genuinely is The GLOBE Show!!!” Nigel Bosworth, CEO, Pointsource Processing, Canada
  14. 14. Book your place now for a preferred spot at one the world’s most well-known environmental business development events.
  15. 15. Building Business Resilience Through Sustainability Innovation