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What can GLIIF do for you ?


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GLIIF 100% lead generation and a direct messaging platform connecting brands to consumers. GLIIF versus a QR code is the hands down favorite of companies world wide looking to establish themselves and industry leaders.

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What can GLIIF do for you ?

  1. 1. Connecting the world around you
  2. 2. The Problem 2% conversion at website
  3. 3. The Solution 100% lead generation, direct messaging and logo distribution
  4. 4. Plans Sign up today
  5. 5. Interactive Packaging Scan for Video Scan to Register Scan to Re­Order Scan to Install Print Advertisement Scan to Buy Scan to Download Scan for Video  Scan to Book Retail Scan for Rewards Scan for Map Scan for Wifi  Scan for Menu Events Scan to Register Scan for Info. Scan to Win  Scan to Order GLIIF