Tha brass tacks of cataloging


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What should every cataloger know before they start their first professional job? Presented by Linh Uong and Jolanta Radzik at the 24th annual COMO 2012 conference in Macon, GA.

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Tha brass tacks of cataloging

  1. 1. The Brass Tacks of Cataloging by Linh Uong and Jolanta Radzik What should every cataloger know before they start their first professional job? They should know how to catalog all print and non-print formats, in theory and practice. Hand in hand with that, they should have a firm understanding of current cataloging standards and practices, and also be aware of emerging technologies and how they affect the field. New catalogers should understand that every library is different, with its own local cataloging practices. Cataloging is an art. There isn’t a wrong or right way to catalog and cataloger’s judgment often comes into play to determine what is best - for a library and its users. The following is a checklist of cataloging rules, standards, practices, and handy links that new catalogers may find useful their first year on the job. A ACR2 les, 2nd edi tion, a re available in n to MARC 21 The Online C omputer Lib Catalo ging Ru ough subscriptio created in 19 67 and its m rary Center ( http://www.o The Anglo -American ndex .html or thr o p / ). now number ember librar was :// www .go v/cds/deskt The MARC formats are maintained by the Library of Congress and the almost 25,90 ies, archives and museum print at http sktop (http://www.loc Library and Archives Canada, and are updated annually in October. 0 worldwide . Features in s De rpre- clude: Cataloger ’s ongre ss Rule Inte The formats for: Connexion ( res the L ibrary of C RI updates are via Browser or Client) featu ut LC D esktop also sc ontinued, b html). http://www.o Cataloger ’s ersion has been di loads /lcri/index. /connexion/d tations (the print v gov/cd s/PDFdown Bibliographi c Formats an efault.htm http: //www.loc. d Standards available at ns to http://www.o y of C ongress pla R2. 2013 , the Librar eplace AAC Dewey Serv /bibformats/ default.htm h 31, A) to r ices, includin izo n: On Marc ption and Access (RD g WebDewe On the hor scri http://www.o y and print e R esource, De ditions implement Training Por /dewey/defa ult.htm tal as well as MARC 21 Concise Formats and the Code Lists for Countries, http://trainin Geographic Areas, Languages, Organizations, Relators, Other Value Lists, and Sources - are all available in print or at marc/. On the horizon: The Library of Congress will launch its Bibliographic Framework Initiative ( to transition from MARC to a Linked Data Model. Su bject Access ating t Headings (including free-flo Call Numb The Library of Congress Subj ec ings and childrens subject he adings) are ers subdivisions, genre/form head available in print as “The Red Books” (http://www.loc. gov/cds/ ongress Dewey Decim ID =209), online at Library of C al products/product.php?product h subscription to Dewey Decim Authorities (http://, or throug al Classificati OCLC’s WebD ewey at http:// on is available in print or via Classification Web (http://classificaRDA Toolkit is available in print or via subscription at subscription to /dewey/defaulTo learn more about changes from AACR2 to RDA, access Adam Schiff’s Dewey Decim t.htm. ailable in pr int or through al Classificati on: Principles The Subject Headings Manual is avpresentations at Chan and Joan S. Mitchell (D ublin, Ohio: O and Applicatio n by Lois Mai Catalogers Desktop. 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Shawne Miksa and William Moen, 3000 Macon Rd. http://www.r University of North Texas - for teaching us what we needed to know. Columbus, GA 31906 Phone: 706-243-2669 x2608 RDA-L To Amy Eklund and Jarvis Sims, E-mail: UNT alumni and consultants extraordinaire. erly Jou rnals Classification Quart Ca taloging and and Te chnical Servi ces Libra ry Resources In memory of R. Neil Scott (1952-2012), Librarian, mentor and friend.