Beyond the Bestseller List: Filling Patron Demand for Great ebooks Without the "Big 6 Publishers"


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Finding books patrons will love, outside the big 6 - it's not just possible, but patrons will love what you find! Presented by Marlene Harris at the 24th annual COMO 2012 Conference in Macon, GA.

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  • I could go further and add audiobooks.
  • Charlie Stross and the 50/150 books per year for genre readers
  • Beyond the Bestseller List: Filling Patron Demand for Great ebooks Without the "Big 6 Publishers"

    1. 1. Beyond the Bestseller ListFilling patron demand for great ebooks without the ‘Big 6’ publishers 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 1
    2. 2. Recognize these? 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 2
    3. 3. 2012 RITA Winner for RomanceNovella  I Love the Earl by Caroline Linden  First time an ebook only title won  All the other nominees were print  Avon Impulse is an ebook only division of Avon 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 3
    4. 4. 2012 RITA Winner for ContemporarySingle Title Romance Boomerang Bride by Fiona Lowe First time an ebook only title won All the other nominees were print Carina Press is the ebook only division of Harlequin 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 4
    5. 5. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 5
    6. 6. Not those guys, these guys. Hachette Book Group Harper Collins Macmillan Penguin Group Random House Simon and Schuster 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 6
    7. 7. Not that there isn’t a lot to sayabout the “Big 6” problem… But that’s not all there is to ebook collection development. Formats do have slightly different audiences. In architecture (and engineering) the principal is “form follows function” 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 7
    8. 8. Print books, Large print,audiobooks, ebooks Same content but different format serves different purposes for different people The same title will have differing levels of popularity depending on format. Would we expect this to be any different with a new format? 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 8
    9. 9. Your patrons will tell you whatthey want. Statistics are your friend! Reports show that patrons who read ebooks read a lot. Figure out what are they reading! Then buy more of it! 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 9
    10. 10. Books beyond the bestseller list Ebooks are different! Sometimes that’s a good thing. You can collect the set. You can collect all the sets and never worry about shelf space. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 10
    11. 11. Two most popular ebook genres, generally speaking Romance  Mystery/Suspense/ Thriller 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 11
    12. 12. At my LPOW (Last Place ofWork) 1.Romance (double-plus) the circulation of the next largest category, month in, month out, still true) 2.Fantasy (Game of Thrones probably has a lot to answer for) 3.Non-fiction (the pundits are not always right) 4.Thriller 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 12
    13. 13. YOUR MILEAGE MAYVARY 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 13
    14. 14. Some rules of thumb for selecting ebooks2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 14
    15. 15. What’s hot and what’s notEBOOK HOTS EBOOK NOTS Genre fiction, not  Literary fiction just romance  Books with lots of Novellas and short pictures stories  Including kids Biography books Self-help  Books with lots of deep research 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 15
    16. 16. Mysteries are series based One complaint libraries often get is that we don’t have the whole series. Ebooks don’t take shelf space, they don’t wear out and they can’t be stolen. Go ahead and collect the set. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 16
    17. 17. The “Teaser Novella” is Hot! Odd Thomas looks  And did patrons like triplets, doesn’t ask for the he? prequel? 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 17
    18. 18. And the book.5 series Book 3.5Book 1 Book 2 Book 3 Book 4.5 Book 4.6Book 4 Book 5 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 18
    19. 19. Romance, ereaders and privacy  When you read on an ereader, no one sees the cover.  No embarrassment on the train, at the sales counter in the store, in the lunchroom, or on your bookshelf at home.  Readers explore boundaries they might not otherwise.  And yes, there’s an irony here. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 19
    20. 20. Discoverability 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 20
    21. 21. Ebook-only imprints onOverDrive, etc.  Supply met demand, and there are tons of ebook-only romance publishers.  Many are available on OverDrive and from other library suppliers.  The books are usually less a paperback  Sometimes a LOT less 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 21
    22. 22. Romance fiction and the problemof reviews Romance readers have taken to the internet like ducks to water. Romance readers probably read more books faster than any other genre readers. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 22
    23. 23. And the reviews are, where? Library Journal  Romance Blogs Xpress Reviews Goodreads  Ebook Review Amazon Central 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 23
    24. 24. How do people find good booksto read? 96% because they’ve read the author before 79% because a friend recommended the book 58% saw it at a bookstore 54% saw it at a library (Statistics from Goodreads May newsletter) 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 24
    25. 25. About those book blogs.. Readers passionate about their genre Ready, willing and able to write reviews Courted by publishers and authors to be that “friend” that recommends an author’s first title Niche genres that get little to no coverage in traditional reviewing media get tons of blog reviews 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 25
    26. 26. Book blogs worth looking at Book Lovers Inc The Book Pushers Dear AuthorSmart Bitches,Trashy Books 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 26
    27. 27. Why ebooks matter1. Ebook is the dominant sales format for adult fiction in the U.S. Right now.2. Publishers make more money per copy on ebooks than on mass market paperbacks.3. So do authors. This is true for traditional publishing, not just self- publishing. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 27
    28. 28. Following what’s happening Dear Author (best summary of the DOJ suit ( Passive Guy (terrific info aggregator about the book business ( Mike Shatzkin (he’s been in the book business forever. His dad was in the book business ( 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 28
    29. 29. In case you’re wondering… I am a Librarian (MSLS, Univ. of Kentucky)15+ years Collection Services experience atPublic Libraries, including digital collections As Technical Services Division Director at the Alachua County Library District (Gainesville, FL) I fostered the growth of the digital collection from circulation into the system’s 4th largest branch At Reading Reality, I publish Ebook Review Central, a service that collects reviews of titles from major ebook publishers available on OverDrive and from other library ebook providers. 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 29
    30. 30. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!Marlene HarrisReading Reality, LLCmarlene@readingreality.netTwitter: 2012 SELA/Georgia COMO Conference 35