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Military Presentation


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"Hell is of the Mind, Heaven is on Earth", is the message from those who need immediate assistance from Military caught in Narcotics Trafficking, Nam Bordello & Blood Diamond Activity.

Population Programming not of Government & Not Western & East Royal Activity, not "State Sponsored Terrorism", activity only of Anthony(Tony)Blair FRAUD & Gay & Entertainment Community using UKGB PM's office & Publicity Circus as way to control Skull & Bones members, claim dominance & status as though Military Agents. Hollywood programming was designed to capture the attention of War Aficionados, Skull & Bones Members, Racists, collect personal information & then use information in Movies as a mode of control/Gay Entertainment. IndiaPaki expats of any Citizenship reportedly using access to Hollywood Movie Stars as "power" in India with Kiddie Porn Artists, desperate Russians & Eastern Europeans ("Borat"). IndiaPaki reportedly tried to participate in White House politics with this information, thereby eKidnapping all Native Americans, Native Indigenous set to benefit from the Organic & Natural revelations of Life of Earth, living on Earth as Symbiotic Homo Sapients, & from Pharmaceutical Company Implosion.

India is the origin of >70% of Non Western Problems.

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