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Christian's GK Trip


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Christian's GK Trip

  1. 1. + GawadKalinga a case of patient capital by Christian BlancoERH Village Bacolod
  2. 2. + Contents  Bacolod Island Ampalaya  ERH Village (5 years)  Handumanan Village (3 years)  Banago Village (3 years)  Cabug (Under construction) Papaya  Ateneo University  Center for Social Innovation  Bulacan (North of Manila)  Future Directions  Others
  3. 3. + First Stop: Bacolod Island  Bacolod Island is the largest producer of sugar cane in the Philippines. Meet my host: Tito George Ascalon He took care of me during my entire stay!
  4. 4. + Bacolod is also known for their special Chicken Inasal Yes – I was very hungry. Now off to the GK site!
  5. 5. + The Kabana  This is where I stayed for the duration of my visit.
  6. 6. + The ERH Village EncarnacionRegaladoHernaiz 3 hectares 120 families The ERH village is the pioneer village for the Bayan-Anihan program. ERH Village was established in 2005, and is the most stable rural village.
  7. 7. + ERH Village GK has been with ERH for five years, and this village has already seen significant changes compared to other rural farms and newly adopted sites. Other villages are not yet at par with ERH, but ERH has served as a model village for other programs to follow.
  8. 8. + ERH VillageNotice the strips inland?This plot is solely forvegetables. Eachfamily is given a smallflat where they aregiven instructions howto plant vegetablessuch as kangkong,ampalaya, kamatis(tomatoes), and okra.
  9. 9. + ERH VillageEach family is givena 10 sq meter plot toserve as primarysource of food.The main goal ofBayan-Anihan is forfood sustainabilityon the householdlevel.The long run goal ofBayan-Anihan is toconvert smallhousehold farmersto large-scaleproducers.
  10. 10. + ERH VillageIt just started rainingwhen I arrived. If I hadarrived a monthearlier, there would nothave been anything tofarm due to thedrought.They experienced a2.5 month longdrought! Luckily, theyhad water when Iarrived, so I was ableto witness how theyplant, and I even got achance to work thefarm!
  11. 11. + ERH Village Ill explain how the vegetable garden works in a bit, but let’s get to know the villagers first.
  12. 12. + GawadKalinga Residents
  13. 13. + Meet the families of ERH Village Helen: the wife of the president of Kapitbahayan Kapitbahayan is the counterpart of a home owner’s association. They oversee that the village is functioning properly and peace and order is maintained at all times.
  14. 14. + Nanay iloy (mother) Kristy Pamaybay – treasurer of the coop
  15. 15. + Bata inday toto (son or daughter)
  16. 16. + Tatay amay (Father) Jonathan: the president of kapitbahayan
  17. 17. + Sanggol lapsag (Baby) Loda Flores – wife of block leader (block 7)
  18. 18. + “Carinderia” – she sells lunch for the men who go to work Mercy sells lunch for Php10
  19. 19. + The Cooperative Store tianggeKapitbahayan memberspay Php 20 monthly forthe store, and at the endof the year they splitprofits depending on howmuch you’ve invested inthe beginning.They hire an outsideaccountant and pay himPhp 4,000 to do the auditand the dividends.
  20. 20. + It’s a sachet store! I’ll return to this topic later with some insights
  21. 21. + She is paid by the co-op to maintain the store Edna Gomez
  22. 22. + Morning Market
  23. 23. + The Village Entrepreneur LiselNueba (not a beneficiary)
  24. 24. + Village Store tindahan  I interviewed the owner of the village store.  She started when her youngest child was in first grade. She borrowed money from her cousin so she can start selling candy, chips, and softdrinks in her son’s elementary school.  When GK started building more houses in her area, she stopped selling at the elementary and started her own store in the village.  Now she has fully repaid her debt, and her two youngest children are both in high school.  Lisel is not a GK beneficiary