Mobile Marketing for Challenger Brands


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Mobile Marketing for Challenger Brands

  1. 1. Mobile Marketing for Challenger Brands
  2. 2. Jet TrucksClient: Independence Air – Low fare carrier serving 35 markets that operated out of DullesWhat: GKV created 20 Jet Trucks – Silverado Pickup Trucks with custom fabricated airplane tail sections mounted in the bed.Where: The fleet of Jet Trucks was sent to each of the 35 marketsIndependence Air served to raise awareness of the new low fare airline andincrease ticket sales.
  3. 3. Coolest Feature: You are cleared for departure. The coolest feature has to bethe custom fabricated tail sections which were built to the exact specificationsof the real jets and if “tweaked” only slightly would have actually created “lift”at a certain speed.Results: Turned literally millions of heads at community events and streetfestivals and while driving on highways in over 35 markets including ournation’s capital and got people thinking about the new airline when and wherethey least expected it…
  4. 4. Healthy GrooveClient: Maryland Physicians Care – Leading Medicaid health provider in MarylandWhat: GKV created the Healthy Groove – Take Steps to Live Well grassrootsoutreach campaign. The centerpiece of the Healthy Groove program is acompletely branded mobile marketing unit. The Healthy Groove campaigntravels to community events and festivals all throughout Maryland andengages participants in activities designed to encourage healthy and activelifestyles.Where: The Healthy Groove campaign travels to key markets all throughoutMaryland focusing on popular, high traffic events and venues.
  5. 5. Coolest Feature: You smell something? The Healthy Groove mobile unit hastoo many cool features to mention them all. One of the most popular is thehealthy cooking station that is constantly providing free samples of grilledchicken, vegetables and great things like grilled bananas to get visitor thinkingabout fun/easy ways to lead a healthier lifestyle.Results: Healthy Groove has helped the MPC membership begin to recognizethe very easy things they can do in their lives to lead a healthier more activelifestyle and has helped the health plan increase market share and blow pastits competition – not to mention create great smells wherever they stop…
  6. 6. Shine ArizonaClient: United Healthcare — Arizona Physicians IPAWhat: GKV created the Shine Arizona grassroots outreach campaign to helpthe health plan increase the rate of members who completed key annualhealth metrics such mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, well-childexams and dental screenings. In order to “create a scene” at health fairs andstandalone events GKV created the Health on Wheels tour, which featuredfun, engaging activities and delivered key health screenings in thecommunity.Where: The Shine Arizona Health on Wheels tour traveled to every region ofArizona to deliver much needed preventive health screenings to APIPAmembers and members of the community.
  7. 7. Coolest Feature: Save the ta-tas. While the Health on Wheels mobile unithad many, many cool features, we think the coolest part of this effort wasactually the completely self-contained mobile mammography unit thatattended virtually every Health on Wheels tour event to delivermammograms to the event’s attendees much sooner than the bricks andmortar health system could.Results: The Shine Arizona Health on Wheels tour delivered more than 450mammograms, 650 other preventive health screenings and 5.3 millionimpressions in a short 3 month period. The campaign has helped the APIPAmembers begin to lead healthier more active lifestyles.
  8. 8. Maryland — Pretty. Close.Client: Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development – Tourism DivisionWhat: GKV develop a branded grassroots outreach program designed to encourage and entice individuals and families to visit the many vacation locations and attractions in and around Maryland. GKV developed a branded mobile vehicle and interactive event activities to reach potential visitors at community events and high traffic areas.Where: The Pretty. Close. Tour traveled to highly trafficked events and festivals all throughout Maryland and its feeder markets.
  9. 9. Coolest Feature: O! say can you see. It’s a tossup between the life-sized femalerock climber (no real female rock climbers were harmed) attached to the back ofthe mobile unit promoting the exhilarating activities in Western Maryland andthe use of longtime American hero Francis Scott Key as a member of our rovingstreet team at the events.Results: The Pretty. Close. Tour was just one of the elements of the integratedmarketing campaign that drove Maryland’s tourism numbers through the roof.With GKV’s help, Maryland Tourism completed its best year ever in 2007delivering a $34.18 in tourism revenue for every marketing dollar that was spentto attract tourists to Maryland.
  10. 10. Want to learn more? Contact: Kevin KempskePartner, EVP, PR and Grassroots Outreach 410-234-2439