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2012 Vendor Session, ArcGIS Online for Organizations, Jeremiah Lindemann


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ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content management system for maps, apps, data, and other geographic information. With recent enhancements to ArcGIS Online, organizations of all sizes now have the ability to manage their geospatial content and publish their maps, apps, data, and hosted services online. Both hosted and on-premises implementation patterns will be covered in this session. Other topics include: 1. ArcGIS Online’s value to an organization, 2. Implementation patterns: hosted and on-premises, 3. Types of data that ArcGIS Online can use, 4. Publishing capabilities, 5. Administration of content and users, 6. How to customize ArcGIS Online for your organization, 7. Security, terms of use and service level agreements, and 8. Resources for learning more.

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2012 Vendor Session, ArcGIS Online for Organizations, Jeremiah Lindemann

  1. 1. ArcGIS Online for Organizations • Jeremiah Lindemann- Esri - - @jer_lindemann • GIS In the Rockies, September 20 2012
  2. 2. The Mapping Platform for Your Organization • Create interactive maps • Share with your organization • New opportunities and insight • Quick & easy
  3. 3. Phones Tablets Browsers MS Office ArcGIS Online Users Groups Maps SpreadsheetsEmbedded API ArcGIS ArcGIS Web Server / Services Desktop
  4. 4. Web Maps Can Be Used EverywhereEnhancing access and collaboration Smartphones Social media Tablets Websites Desktop Browsers ArcGIS Online One map, many devices
  5. 5. ArcGIS Online’s Value to an Organization • Unlocking geospatial assets via secure sharing and collaboration • Works with existing investments in the system • Organizing and managing data • Documenting ownership • Cross platform & multiple device support • Expanding infrastructure needs • Works as enterprise software Organization • API’s Executives, Knowledge Managers Workers • Ready to use content and apps Field Personnel ArcGIS Online
  6. 6. Demonstration Useful Information Products – example sites – UDOT, Model City Organizational Home Page Groups Web Maps Hosted Services Mobile and editing
  7. 7. ArcGIS Online Implementation Configure Organizational the Site Assessment Create Useful Map Products
  8. 8. Organizational Assessment Knowledge Managers Workers Policy Makers Field Personnel Maps GIS Professionals Data & Apps Services for Users Citizens
  9. 9. ArcGIS Online Resources • Product Info • Help System • Video’s • Blog • Forums • 30-day trial • SWUC conference Sept 17-19
  10. 10. Q&A